Empress Running Away With The Ball Chapter 855

Chapter 855: Internal fighting

One faction were the girls born into families with noble statuses and the other faction were civilian girls without any backing.

The noble young girls were filled with disdain for the civilian girls, they could not understand why the Empress Dowager had invited these lowly girls into the palace. Could they become the empress that ruled the world with their status?

In their dreams!

But when they saw that the civilian girls werent wearing dresses as bright as theirs and the beads in their hair were just normal, they couldnt help feeling happy. They were thinking that they were lucky the Empress Dowager invited these pieces of dirt into the palace. When they stood next to them, it would be like a phoenix in a group of black crows!

With the comparison of these civilian girls, they would look more magnificent and eye catching.

When the civilian girls saw these noble young girls who raised their noses into the sky, they didnt feel good either.

They used to feel envious of these noble girls, but seeing how each of them arrogantly held their noses high up, they seemed quite annoying. They thought: It doesnt matter how good you look or how pretty youre dressed. With this terrible attitude, it would be strange if the emperor fell in love with you!

In the large royal gardens, the noble girls and the civilian girls would meet each other eventually. As long as they met, they would match each other in terms of insults.

In the pavilion on the false mountain, there was a table of refreshments and Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan sitting there. They were looking unobstructed at the royal gardens below.

The delicate and clear sounds of the girls below passed through their ears occasionally. Hearing those girls quibble with each other, Mo Chuan felt indifferent. There was no expression on his calm face and his eyes swept over the young girls, as if he had no interest in them and had a bit of interest in all of them.

Empress Dowager Zhou felt like she couldnt sit any longer. Although she showed no expressions, her eyes couldnt help revealing an annoyed look.

It had to be known that the girls here were all carefully picked by her, with each one being checked three times over. It had to be known that they either had outstanding talent or a good character. Of course there was no lack in beauties as well.

But she never would have thought that before the selection began, these girls would start fighting amongst themselves.

There were two girls who came close to the false mountain at this time. One was a famous noble girl in the capital, who had the best talent and was Empress Dowager Zhous choice for empress. The other was a young girl with a common birth that was famous for being able to compose poems, sing, and dance.

The two girls were fighting bitterly, exchanging words one after the other. Their faces were red and their words were sharp.

The reason was very simple. It was because the common girl had accidentally stepped on the noble girls dress, leaving a black mark on the snow white dress. The noble girl already looked down on the common girl and now that something had happened, she didnt let it go. She wanted the common girl to repay her for her dress.

How could the common girl afford it, she could buy half this dress even if she sold everything her family owned. She could only helplessly apologize in a low voice.

Who would have thought that when she apologized and only said a few words, the other side would still be arrogant. She couldnt help getting angry.

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