Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King Is Wife Chapter 993 3

This is what I want. I want her guilt and uneasiness. Since I cant kill her, I will forever make her live her life in guilt for another man.

Furthermore, how can Ye Wu Chen as her husband be able to stand his beloved woman constantly thinking about another man? I will make it so that she will never obtain happiness due to her abandoning stepfather!

Mu Er, Ye Wu Chen smirked as he gently embraced the girls body. We had already crashed our way through countless places. It is just hell. If you want to save him, I can barge into hell for you to bring him back

Xiao Jings laughs suddenly came to a halt in her throat as she stared at the mans handsome face in disbelief.

He is choosing to save his love rival for his beloved woman?

How much love and tolerance does he have for her to choose to do such a deed?

Xiao Jings body stiffened as she closed her eyes in sorrow. Her long and delicate eyelashes were trembling slightly as she said, Mu Ru Yue, I originally thought that Stepfather was the one that loves you the most. He had kept his chastity for you all these years, turning a blind eye to all the girls he had come across. You are the only one that can enter his high eyesight. Yet, you just fail to see his outstandingness. Thus, I felt indignation for Stepfather. Why do you keep hurting him over and over again when he loves you to such an extent?

Xiao Jing gradually opened her eyes and continued with a bitter smile, I tried killing your son so that your husband will leave you. This will provide a chance for you to choose to go back to Stepfathers side. Moreover, it will make you understand that nobody except that man will be able to protect you. Nonetheless, I just realized I was wrong. The person that loves you the most isnt Stepfather but the man beside you instead

Stepfather is a domineering man. He will unquestionably be unable to tolerate in helping Mu Ru Yue save his love rival no matter how much he loves her.

It is only true love when a man choose to do such universally shocking deed for his woman.

I know that you wont let me off. But I will beg you for the last time. Please spare Stepfathers life. He had done everything out of his love for you. Even though I dont know what happened between all of you and accidentally know the past life, Stepfather didnt completely annihilate the Zi family. He just transported their souls to another dimension but made you misunderstand that they had already died.

It is hardly believable as with Stepfathers personality as a ruthless and heartless man, he chose to have mercy in the end. If it was others, he certainly would choose to rob them of the chance in reincarnating! Moreover, he withdrew his hand at the final critical moment for you

I am not asking you to forgive everything that Stepfather had done. But I just hope you will spare him his life

Even though Xiao Jing had done many bad deeds, it was all due to her loving a man that she shouldnt have fallen in love with

She wouldnt cower even if it would lead to her body and bones shattered for him.

More importantly, Xiao Jing understood that the woman before her would definitely surpass her Stepfather one day. Perhaps her Stepfather would really die under her hands at that time

Bitch, go and die!


Shi Huns fist struck on Xiao Jings chest, instantly making her chest dent inwards.


She spat out a mouthful of blood with her face flushed red.

She slowly closed her eyes with a slight smile on her face.

I will never regret loving that man!

If theres a next life, I am still willing to follow behind him. I will also live or die for him no matter if he is unwilling to even glance in my direction

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