Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Taking Her Away2

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Yin Shaojie turned his head to look outside.

The weather was fine today and the sky was azure in color. It was good weather.

But why did he feel uneasy?

When Mu Xiaoxiao woke up, it was already afternoon.

She stretched her back and neck.

She felt much more energetic after her nap.

Just when she got out of the bed, the door opened. A maid came in, smiling at her as she said, Miss Mu, youre awake. Its tea time now. Do you want any dessert? There is Italian tiramisu and French souffl. Or perhaps you would like the Hong Kong milk tea?

Mu Xiaoxiao was a little dazed after just waking up. Hearing the maids words she started to salivate.


So tempting!

On a side note, the helpers in the castle were really attentive in their service. It was as if the maid knew that she had just woken up.

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded without hesitation and said, Okay, I want Hong Kong milk tea. I want to add pearls and I want the tiramisu. Oh yeah, I want macaroons as well.

Alright. The maid retired with a smile.

With so many delicious desserts to eat, Mu Xiaoxiaos mood was suddenly brightened, and she went to the bathroom with a big smile.

After freshening up, she was reminded of Yin Shaojie just as she stepped out of the room so she called him.

The sound of Yin Shaojies magnetic voice reached her ear. Youre up? Ill go to your room to find you.

No need. Im just coming out of the room. Lets meet in the living room. They prepared a dessert for me. Lets eat together.

Afternoon tea?

Yeah, I just woke up and a maid came in to ask me what kind of dessert I wanted to eat for afternoon tea. Its so nice here. I dont want to leave. Mu Xiaoxiao lamented. She closed the door and walked along the exquisitely designed carpet toward the stairs.

Yin Shaojie said in a strange tone, If you cant bear to go, then stay for a few days.

I want to but Eh, oh yeah. Did the doctor say how long Ye Sijue has to be hospitalized for? Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly asked.

She walked down the stairs with light, graceful steps.

Yin Shaojie just happened to walk in from outside and they saw each other.

Seeing him, Mu Xiaoxiaos little face suddenly wore a big smile. She put down her phone and ran over to him. You went out? For what?

Seeing her running toward him, he reached out to hold her steady lest she collided with him.

Nothing. I was just taking a walk outside. Cant you be more lady-like? Your hair is messy, Yin Shaojie said as he ran his long fingers through her her.

Mu Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue at him, Lady-like? Do you think that word exists in my dictionary?

She suddenly narrowed her eyes, seemingly unhappy with him as she said, Do you prefer a girl who is more lady-like? This is the way I am. Accept it if you want. If you dont accept it Hehe, you have to accept it!

When did I say I wanted a girl who is more lady-like? You think too much! Yin Shaojie pushed her forehead.

Their intimate interaction roused envy in the eyes of other people watching them.

His Royal Highness, a voice called out, drawing the twos attention.

Yin Shaojie and Mu Xiaoxiao looked over at the same time and saw Chris walking down the stairs.

His eyes were set on Mu Xiaoxiao.

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