Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 168

Mu Xiaoxiao's was so enraged that her chest rose up in anger. Thinking about Yin Shaojie bringing Bai Meijiao to their place and doing that on her bed

She wanted to murder someone!

Bai Meijiao glanced askance at Mu Xiaoxiao and saw that her word had had the desired effect. She was even more pleased than before and said to the rest on purpose, "Aiyoh, how can I describe such an embarrassing situation? But anyway, Young Master Jie was with me last night."

Her acknowledgment caused an uproar.

"Slam!" A loud noise rang out. Mu Xiaoxiao had shockingly slammed the table and stood up, her delicate face twisted into a dark and scary expression.

No way. She had to interrogate Yin Shaojie and get to the bottom of this!

If that b*stard really brought Bai Meijiao home to do that

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes reddened, and she tried to hold her tears in.

Nearby, Bai Meijiao patted her chest coquettishly as she shot her an annoyed look and said, "Mu Xiaoxiao, be angry all you want, but what did you slam the table for? Even if your hands don't hurt, you've scared the heck out of me."

Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao was acting unnaturally, Yu Zhe frowned and bellowed at Bai Meijiao, "Shut up!"

Mu Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth. Glaring at Bai Meijiao, she was about to leave the class.

However, just as she moved, Yu Zhe pulled on her hand. "Xiaoxiao! Calm down for a bit!"

He seemed to realize what she wanted to do.

Mu Xiaoxiao's glared at him angrily, her gaze brimming with grievance. How could she remain calm? She wanted to grill Yin Shaojie on whether Bai Meijiao was speaking the truth right now.

She absolutely didn't care if he had done anything with Bai Meijiao at all!

However, how could he bring her into their condominium? That was her home!

He had really gone overboard if he had done so!

Bai Meijiao felt as though she was an actress in a drama. She laughed mockingly and provoked her purposely, saying, "Yeah? You want to look for Young Master Jie to ask if this is the truth, don't you? Go on, hurry up and go on ahead. I'm afraid you won't dare to!"

All of Young Master Jie's women were not only docile and obedient, but they would also never question him about such things.

Bai Meijiao had confidently predicted that Mu Xiaoxiao wouldn't dare to do so either.

Even if she dared to, that would be even better. If Young Master Jie flew into a rage, she would be able to be rid of Mu Xiaoxiao without even lifting a finger.

Yu Zhe abandoned all niceties and, not sparing Bai Meijiao's feelings one bit, hollered ferociously, "I told you to shut up! Did you hear!"

Stunned, the crowd looked at him, speculating if he had gone mad by daring to shout at Young Master Jie's woman like that.

No matter how things were, Bai Meijiao was Young Master Jie's girlfriend. If Bai Meijiao were to complain to Young Master Jie that he had been so rude and bellowed at her like that, he would be very sorry for it!

However, Yu Zhe had dared to do such a thing in order to stand up for Mu Xiaoxiao. If he wasn't mad, then it would mean that he liked Mu Xiaoxiao a lot.

Bai Meijiao felt that her dignity had been trampled over by being shouted at like this. She thought to herself that it had been a bad idea to have already made an enemy of someone when she had just been transferred over here.

Just then, the bell rang for the start of class, and the teacher entered the room.

Yu Zhe hurriedly pulled Mu Xiaoxiao down to her seat and comforted her softly, saying, "Don't be provoked by this woman. Who knows if what she said was the truth anyway! Calm down a bit and think things through, okay?"

He only felt relieved when he saw her nod slightly.

He said softly again, "Personally, I don't believe what she's said, you know? Even though Young Master Jie has had many girlfriends, I've never heard of him staying overnight at a girl's place or bringing a girl home to sleep over."

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