Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 170

Under the shade of the tree was a European-style bench. Han Qiqing parked herself onto it and smiled. "That's simple! Those of us who are close to Yin Shaojie know all about his affairs."

"What affairs? Why do I not know about them?" Mu Xiaoxiao blinked in confusion, settling herself down beside her.

Han Qiqing gave a cry of realization and said, "Oh yeah, you've been out of the country for the past few years and haven't interacted with us for a while. It's normal that you don't know."

"Just hurry up and tell me what's up!" Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't stand the suspense she was putting her through.

"Aiyoh, stop squeezing my hand! It hurts!" Han Qiqing yelped and hurriedly retracted her hand from Mu Xiaoxiao's hand. "AIright, alright, I'll tell you now. Don't attack me anymore," she said.

Mu Xiaoxiao ceased her attack and stared at her with a serious face.

Han Qiqing said, "Actually, Yin Shaojie seems like he has mysophobia."

"Mysophobia?" Mu Xiaoxiao thought that she had misheard, and she even picked at her ears. In a tone of disbelief, she asked, "How can he have mysophobia? His house is messy as heck!"

Even though it wasn't as dirty as a pig sty, his room had never been clean enough to hint at him being a mysophobe before she had moved in.

She couldn't tell that he was mysophobic in any way.

"It's not that kind of mysophobia!" Han Qiqing rolled her eyes at her. "I'm talking about emotional mysophobia."

"Huh? That seems even more far-fetched!" It sounded like a fantastic story, and this time, Mu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at Han Qiqing. "His exes could line up and fill up an entire street. How can such a flirt be emotionally mysophobic? Then wouldn't I be the Holy Virgin?" she scoffed.

Han Qiqing was stuck between laughing and crying. "It seems right if you put it like that"

Mu Xiaoxiao frowned in frustration. "What do you mean though? I really don't get what you're trying to say. What's this got to do with Bai Meijiao lying?"

She felt that she should just question Yin Shaojie herself.

Just as she was about to stand up, Han Qiqing grabbed onto her fiercely and looked at her with her eyes widened. "Don't go so fast! Are you still trying to look for him?"

"Duh? I don't understand what you're trying to say. Little Qing, aren't you bad at language arts? Your sentence structure is atrocious, and even though I've been in America for so long, it still isn't as bad as yours," Mu Xiaoxiao said gloomily.

Han Qiqing felt the deep disdain rolling off of her and felt a little hurt. Boohoo, was she really that bad at language arts? She had been exposed.

"Okay, I'll paraphrase. Just hear me out first, alright?"

"I'll give you another chance." Mu Xiaoxiao sat back down.

Han Qiqing put some serious thought into her words before saying, "Let's put it like this. How did I know that Bai Meijiao was lying? It's because Yin Shaojie has mysophobia and has never kissed a girl before, let alone done it with them, even though he's had so many girlfriends. It's just like this!"

"I don't believe that!" Mu Xiaoxiao had a poker face on and harrumphed.

"It's true!" An anxious Han Qiqing nodded her head vigorously. Staring into Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes, she reiterated, "Xiaoxiao, I have no reason to lie to you about such a thing, okay?"

Mu Xiaoxiao was still a little doubtful about this. "How do you know about this then? Yin Shaojie wouldn't have told you himself."

Han Qiqing replied, "How could he have told such a thing to me? It was Shijun and his friends who did. They teased it out from Yin Shaojie's own lips at a birthday party held by our circle at a bar.

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