Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 10

9 Finally A Mission

- In the car -

"Urghh..." Nathan wake up, he is currently lying down in Tiffany's lap.

"You're awake?"Tiffany said.

"Where are we?" Nathan ask.

"In the car, where heading home! You don't have serious injuries so you can sit now! Or perhaps do you enjoy sleeping at my lap? Then I wouldn't mind letting you sleep for a while more."Tiffany said teasingly.

"No thanks I don't feel hurt or something" Nathan said then quickly rise up and sit then lean his back comfortably.

'Hmmp! Do you even know how many people will even die just to touch me? And here you are! I will even let you sleep at my lap but you declined it? Hmmp!'Tiffany thought, This is what Tiffany wants to say but just pouted. (A/N:Hays Tiffany I feel you! Just find another person that can appreciate your value! There's really someone that will deserve someone like you! Not Nathan though...)

"So what happens after I pass out?"Nathan ask.

"As usual I send them to the hospital!"Tiffany replied.

"Hehe they don't really know what's good for them!"Nathan said, he actually pitied them.

"When we we're young you always protect me! But now I am protecting you instead!"Tiffany said quite angered.

"How many times did we talk about this? Like I said before, when we we're kids before the people's that we know are just the same age as us and just easy to beat and they don't have that much power so I can protect you! But now we are teens and people at the same age of us have much power and reflexes also they big body, compared to me skinny and frail body, don't have much power, and I don't even know how to fight, one last thing why would I protect you when you can protect yourself?"Nathan said.

"Hmmp and how many times did I tell you to practice martial arts so that you can grow stronger and protect me?" Tiffany said and pouted.

"Why would I practice martial arts just to protect you? It's too exhausting and troublesome?"Nathan said.

"Of course you need to protect me!"Tiffany said. (A/N: So Tiffany is the Stundere type huh?...)

"What do you mean by of course?"Nathan ask, he thought Tiffany is acting weird today.

Tiffany turned her head then look at Nathan with an angered expression. Seeing the expression of Tiffany, she only looks like this if she is really angered. But Nathan didn't know why is she like this, little did he know he is the reason of all of it.( A/N: Im done with you Nathan!!! What's wrong with saying "I'll try?" or at least tried to learn a little bit? It's not like you're handsome you know? F*ck Dense OVERLOAD LVL999!!]

Tiffany then pinch Nathan in his belly if there is.

"Urghh!! Stopppp!" Nathan shouted a bit.

"What's wrong with you?"Nathan ask, but he received no response.

'Tiffany is really acting weird today! Is it the legendary menstruation? ? I heard that if girls experience this, they will get angry out of nowhere right? Or is she mad because I didn't have the strength to protect her? But why would I protect her? Were just friends right? If a girl wants to be protected by someone then she is not looking at that person as a friend but as a potential lover right? But in my case it's impossible so maybe the answer is the legendary red tide!'Nathan thought.(A/N: NATHAN!! Your freaking second guess is right you idiot! F*ck this I will not comment anymore! I will just help you! No need thank me! I can't stand you! Don't be like Yun Che or Nie lie...)

[ Ding.... Mission triggered...]

[ Mission: Learn any kind of martial arts from Tiffany tomorrow,

Completion: 12 hours of teaching.

Completion Reward: 10 AP, 10 SP.]

[ Accept! (Y/N)]

'What the! A mission finally! It's about martial arts? Sh*t 10 of both Ap and Sp I can have an average appearance after I complete it! Let's do this! Let's goooo!'

[ Ding... Mission accepted..]

"Tiffany? Forget what I said earlier I actually want to practice martial arts!"Nathan said.

Tiffany upon hearing this feels like dreaming, for how many years she force him to learn martial arts but now he gave in finnaly,

"Do you know that practicing martial arts is not just playing right? You must have passion for it and a dedicated heart! So what's your reason on practicing?"Tiffany said.

Nathan hold Tiffany's hand he really need to go all out now on his acting to let Tiffany teach her.

Nathan hold her hands then look at her eyes sincerely before saying."I really want to protect you and I don't want dangers to befall upon you! I feel pathetic to myself at the thought that I can't protect you so I want to learn martial arts that badly also I would want the one to teach me is you!"

Tiffany is stupefied right now unable to think clearly, he didn't think that Nathan will say these words coming from his mouth, Tiffany can feel Nathan's sincerity in his tone. Tiffany can't help but her cheeks started to swell and her face started to change in the color of beet red. She thought that this is somewhat a confession.

"Are you confessing to me?"Tiffany ask.

"Yes!" Nathan said with confidence but didn't really heard what Tiffany said and just agree to it, but upon recalling his thoughts on what Tiffany said.'did she just say that I am confessing or something? F*ck im doomed.'

When Nathan is just about to say 'NO' what he expects is Tiffany disgusted to him and saying 'I'm just treating you as a friend! You can't achieve someone like me' or 'Sorry but we can just stay as friends!' or a slap.

But when Nathan is about to open his mouth he instantly feel in his lips a soft and tender flesh and also warmth at that he can already taste some high-quality sweetness and a scent that can't be explained by scientific method. Overall the feeling can't be described by just mere words.

It was at this moment that he realized it. 'Holy shit!!'

Then the two lips break apart."If you say it like that, then I have no choice but just to teach you. "Tiffany said charmingly and laughed slightly at Nathan's dumbfounded expression.

"Go to our house tomorrow in the morning if you have nothing to do."Tiffany said.

Nathan didn't answer and still at his dumbfounded expression.

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