Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 11

10 Let Me Tell You A Story. Warningdrama Alert

~ 10 years ago ~

It all started when they were just about 4 years old. Tiffany is the daughter of some wealthy family, no one wants to play with her, other kids avoid her because of their parents warning to them, the parents are scared of their child if they accidentally offended their family by making the girl cry for some kids misunderstanding or the girl being hurt if they play.

Not just their parents, the kids don't like her because she's different from them, she always practices martial arts and always playing at the playground alone. The kids feels like they don't want to get associated with some weirdo.

Amidst of all this things there was also one child who do not have friends. Well this is the first time he goes out of their house. There he saw a girl crying while hugging her teddy bear, so he approached her.

"Hello? Are you okay? Why are you crying?"The boy ask with concern. This is the first time he saw someone at his age.

"Are.... are you talking to me?"The girl pointing at herself.

"Huh? Yes, there's no anyone here other than you."The boy said quite curious what the girl mean by that.

"Uwaaa!... Uwaaaa.."The girl out of nowhere burst out and cry more instead.

A shock from the boy's face all over his face.'Did I make her cry?'

"Hey why are you crying?"The boy said starting to panic. Then he remember something. 'I remember my big sister if I cry she will hug me, maybe if I do it she will stop, will it work?'

The boy hugs the girl who is hugging her teddy bear, and he said."Don't cry, I'm here now! I will protect you, I will not go anywhere!"The boy said while thinking.' Did I say it right? That's what my sister always tell me! Did I forget something?'

The boys eyes flash, it seems that he remembered something. His mouth is near at the girl's ear and said."I will be with you forever and ever!"The boy didn't know the full extent of this words but for the girl, it is the most soothing words she ever heard.

The boy Notice that the girl stop crying, he will just about to say something when he get interrupted.

"hic....Really? ....hic..."The girl said while looking straight at the boy's eyes and still sobbing with teary eyes and watery nose.

The boy also look at her eyes, the boy just realized that the girl is actually kind cute. The boy instinctively wiped the girls teary eyes with his shirt.(A/N:Really? Is there such an instinct? Too suspicious...)

The girl can't describe her feelings right now, she feels warmth inside in her heart which she only feels whenever she is with her parents.

The boy ask."What do you mean?"

"That...Hic..You will....Hic...Forever be....Hic....With me?"The girl said.

"Of course! I mean it!"The boy feels like he should said these words out of instinct. (A/N: Hays... If only you didn't grow up dense...)

Then the girl cried again and lean her head at his chest. The boy didn't really know how to make her stop, out of options he can only hug her until she stops.

After a few moments she stops, then the boy ask. "Are you okay now?"The girl nodded then they sit down at the bench.

"So why are you crying before when I see you?" He ask.

"My teddy.."She shows the cut arm of the teddy bear and the teddy bear itself.

"What happen?"

"The other kids!..."She said and just about to cry again.

The boy pat her head and say." It's okay I'm here! What did they do?"

"Usually they don't care about me, but when they saw that I have a teddy bear they tried to take it away from me, I don't want to give it, but they have forcefully taken it away from me, after they take it, they are now trying to take it away to each other which leads to my teddy's arm get ripped, when I see this I instantly cried then the kids run away leaving my precious teddy bear without arm."She said while looking at her teddy bear.

After hearing this the boy also feels bad about it, naturally he wants to help, after thinking for a while, he have an idea.

"Do you want it to be fixed?"He ask.

The girl's eyes lit up." Yes Can you?"

"Of course! Follow me!"The boy said proudly then he start to walk away. The girl nodded and follow him.

After a few minutes they arrived at a good looking house.

"This is my house!"The boy said.

"This is your house?What are we doing here?"The girl said looking at the simple looking house.

"You will know once we go inside!" After he said that, he pass at the door which is already open and shout. "MOM!!"

A footsteps is going near them until they say a really pretty young woman.

"Oh? You already have a friend? Both of you come here inside."Her mom said.

After they go inside they quickly sit at the couch.

"Give me your teddy bear! My mom knows magic she can fix it!"The boy confidently said.

"Really?"Without hesitation the girl give it. After the boy grab it he called again his mom, after his mom arrived, he say,"Mom! Fix this!"

After his mom look at it for a few seconds, she replied. "Hmm this should be easy, this is yours right?" She looked at the little girl and the girl nodded.

She pat the little girl's head and say. "Don't worry I can fix this! Just play with my son at the moment!" Then she walks away.

At the side the boy looks proud at his mom.

15 minutes later, his mom backs with the teddy bear along with its arm intact. When the little girl saw this she looks really. After his mom gave it to her, the girl cannot express her joy.

"Auntie! Thank you so much!"The girl said.

"It's just small matters! I hope you can come here again!"She said.

"Can i?"The girl look at the boy beside her still looking proud at his mom magic

"Of course you can go here again we are now friends after all!"The boy said.

"Friends? Are we really friends now?"The girl ask and about to cry again.(A/N:Who knows that the tigress is actually such a cry baby before... .)

"Of course! Don't cry now."The boy said.

His mom looking at this can't help but to think," Kids this days... "

She ask the little girl."Hey little lady do you want to marry my son?"

"Marry? What is that auntie?"Obviously she didn't know that at her age,

'Oh right! They are just kids they don't know what does it mean' She explained it a bit."To put it simply do you want to be with my son?"

The girl process for a moment then say,"Of course I want to be forever with him!" She said with eyes full of resolution.

'Woah! Kids these are really getting bold' She smiled and say. "Hehe then I'm really looking forward to it." After that they play for who knows how long until it's getting late. The boy's mom tell her to send her off at their house.

The girl also noticed that it will start to go dark so she understands it.

The boy accompanied her until they arrived at the very huge house.

"Is this your house?"The boy ask her while looking amaze at the house.

"Yes! "She replied.

"Are you sure? This is more of like a mansion than a house for me!" The boy said, the girl can't help but to just chuckled.

A voice from a far can be heard saying,"Young mistress!! Where did you go? Have you eaten yet?"

"Im going now! I will wait tomorrow at the playground!" The girl said then walk away

The boy just nodded while reluctantly sending her off.

"Young mistress? Where did you go?" The servant ask but didn't get any answer.

The boy can already saw the girls silhouette getting away, the girl occasionally look behind her, seems to wait for something.

It was at this moment that she heard some running footsteps behind. Her heart beats for unknown reason. (A/N: What do you mean by unknown reason? It's beating because it keep us alive!!)

Then a warm sensation envelope her hands upon looking at it she saw a small hand, then she looks back,

"I forgot something to say!"The boy said.

"It's Tiffany what's yours?"She smiled warmly at the boy in front of her.

"Nathan! Uhmm you and I, From now on we will gonna be best friends forever! Promise?"Nathan said raising his right hand and showing his pinky finger.

"Yeah! It's a promise!"Tiffany said, they then cross each other's pinky finger

~ Present ~

Nathan has just arrived at their home, opening their front door with a face brimming with smiles.

Nathan's mom seems to notice her son's happy self.

"So.. What happens? Something good?" Her mom ask?

"Nothing."Nathan is still smiling then goes inside of his room.

~ 30 minutes ago ~

"What was that for?"Nathan ask with astonish face.

"Hmm.. a kiss of course!"Tiffany said.

'Seems like I should just go to the flow, she didn't do anything that I expected though? Should I ask her if she likes me? Or should I take her out first?'Nathan is in a state of myriad thoughts right now. He touch again his lips remembering the feeling just now, he just can't get over it.

"Why? Do you like me?"Nathan ask.

"Do you like me?" Tiffany ask the same question.

"Yes!"Nathan said.

"Why did you just say it just now?"Tiffany look at Nathan's eyes seriously.

"Because I'm scared that if I tell you, I will lose you! I'm scared that if I tell you we will not be the same anymore! I'm scared that if I tell you we will not be friends anymore. Also I'm scared that all this time you look at me as just a friend! I'm just scared of rejection! One last thing we promised each other that we will gonna be best friends! "Nathan honestly said.

Tiffany really didn't know that Nathan feel this way towards her. Of course she also likes Nathan, she likes Nathan back when they were just some little kids, Nathan didn't know how long she waited for this moment. Nathan is always dense. For how many times she gives signs Nathan can't even feel it.

"Why would you care about our promise? We are different from before! Do you think there is someone there who will like you other than me? Do you think with your ugly looks you can get a girlfriend? If you are so stubborn then you will really end up dying single! Even how much effort you will put on other girls they will not appreciate it other than me! Do you think you can attract girls without any talent? Of course not! So about our promise just forget about it! We were just kids before! We're in high school now!"She replied honestly. Actually Tiffany is kind of frustrated how did she fallen in love at this jerk!! Not just in love she is madly in love with him. (A/N: Damn Tiffany Go Go Go....)

Upon hearing this Nathan's heart ache a bit, what she said is true, I'm ugly without talent who like someone like me? But Nathan feels like there is something amiss on what she said, 'Other than me?' that's what she said right? 'do you think there is someone there who will like you other than me?' that's what she said, then that means she also likes me? It's also real that if I don't make a move to her? Then I'm bound to die without a girlfriend! I saw from some social media platforms that a girl and a boy being best friends are impossible because they will eventually fall to each other, at first I didn't believe it because just thinking of her in love with me? I didn't put it on my mind! But now I believe it.

Upon thinking for a moment Nathan didn't ask if Tiffany likes him because she just said it, so Nathan find the best question to ask,

"Tiffany?"Nathan said in a somewhat nervous voice.

"En."Tiffany look at him.

"U...Uh do you have boyfriend?"Nathan ask.

"None! Why would you even ask such an obvious question? We've known each other for years! You know too well that I don't have any male friends except you! Just get to the point already can you?" Tiffany said pretending to be irritated.(A/N: Tiffany is really eager huh?...)

'F*ck how should I said this? Can I be your boyfriend? No! How about, Will you be my girlfriend?No! That's too plain.'

"So.....uh....mm...do...you?...you know..." Nathan said stuttering a lot and clearly nervous and he can't look at her eyes and instead looking down.

But then a delicate and gentle hands hold Nathan's hand.

Nathan look at the hands then look at Tiffany. What he saw surprised him, this is the first time he saw Tiffany tear up again, Nathan saw her watery eyes, upon looking at this scene Nathan decided that he will never ever let Tiffany cry again.

"My answer is Yes!"Tiffany said then the first droplet of her tears drop, She continued,"You idiot! I've waited for so long! Do you know? all of the marriage proposals from almost all of the wealthy family all over the country! I reject them all because of you! Even though my family is angry at me, I chose to pursue you over my family! Do you know of all the hundreds and hundreds of men that tried to get me? I turned them all down! Out of all the thousands of letters and chats from different people? I didn't reply to all of them, You know what's more? all of them are better than you in all aspects, handsome, wealthy, talented, almost all you can think of! But I still pursue you over them! And then I realized, I'm so stupid right? I'm dumb right? I thought love is supposed to bring people happiness? But why do I feel hurt instead? If that is love I don't want it! You know what? I'll still pursue you, I willing to get hurt just to love you, I don't expect you to love me, I only just want to be with you forever! Do you know?on how did I always protect you in front of my family? I'm willing to get hurt instead of you!But do you know what hurts me more? It's that I'm getting hurt without you get to notice it and appreciate my efforts! And what hurts me the most is that, You don't know that I'm madly inlove with you even when I'm just in front of you! So I'm asking you? Did I give my heart to the wrong person? "Tiffany's voice is trembling her face is full of tears, in her tone there was deep sadness and sorrow, but you can feel the hope in it. (A/N: F*ck Tiffany don't be like that! I'm just about to cry here! Nathan is a complete jerk! You deserve someone better! Sh*t I hope I have someone who will love me like Tiffany did....)

Nathan upon hearing all of this can't help his tears flowing out from his eyes. He never thought that this is what Tiffany feels upon hearing all of this, he feels that he really is a jerk an idiot a scumbag a bastard! From now on he will give Tiffany all of his love, she suffers too much, it's now payback time.

Nathan didn't say anything but instead put his hands in her cheeks. Then he slowly move his face near Tiffany's face, then he planted his lips over her lips. Given that Nathan is inexperienced it didn't hinder him, after all he already watched a lot of movies so he already have enough knowledge to execute a proper kiss, after a full minute Nathan finally let go, a strand of saliva can be seen between the parted lips. then they gasp for air at the same time.(A/N:Aren't you people just some 14 year old youths? At that age I'm still watching DBZ....)

Nathan finally say something, "Don't worry you didn't give your heart to the wrong person!" He said smiling then hug her.

~ Drivers POV ~

'Why are the kids these days are so into this kind of stuffs? F*ck why my young mistress kiss you before but it's just okay because she initiated it! But now you kissed her for so long? If I'm not driving I've already killed you! Honestly speaking I don't know what the young mistress see in him, what I see is an Ugly piece of sh*t disgusting! I don't believe that he is the one that our young mistress tried to protect, Our young mistress doesn't deserve someone so pitiful like him, just you wait I will report what happen here!'The driver thought angrily. He thought that someone like him cannot bring anything to the family.(A/N: Noooooo... Be careful!)

~ Present ~

Clay started to workout real hard but there's no change in his attributes, so he decided to wait for his dad to ask some tips on how to exercise efficiently and also some tips on how to handle a girl.....not that one..... On how to handle a relationship with a girl.


(Readers possible response: F*ck you author I don't give a damm about your love story sh*ts, just make him super famous already...
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