Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 13

12 About To Train 2

"So what do you want to learn? Taekwondo?judo?wing chun?Taiji?jeet kune do?"Tiffany said.

Nathan is stunned."So many? Do you know all of them?" Nathan ask.

"Of course I've already learned a lot of martial arts and can be considered somewhat skilled at them."Tiffany said in a proud manner.

Nathan think for a bit then ask,"What is this dojo teaching anyway?"

"Karate!"Tiffany said.

"Then why didn't you mention karate earlier?"Nathan ask.

"It's because..."She pause for a bit and somehow hesitantly to say.

"It's because?"Nathan ask curiously.

Tiffany continues to say anyway,"It's because if I teach you karate the practitioners there will issue a duel with you! But if you're not a karate practitioner and learning other martial arts then you can have an excuse to not be beaten into a pulp!"Tiffany straightforwardly said.

Nathan think that she has a point,'But why they would issue a duel with me?'

"But why would they care about me anyway? I'm not that special to get their attention you know?" Nathan said.

"It's because we're together earlier and also you are holding my hands, so they must have been already plant a grudge on you!"Tiffany said.

'What do you mean I hold your hand? You are the one that holds my hand and now I'm getting into trouble because of you!'Nathan thought.

"Look I'm in trouble now! We can just normally walk side by side but you hold my hand. If you know already know the outcome you shouldn't have hold my hands! "Nathan said.(A/N:Don't tell me that you people will start arguing about holding hands? Gezz youth these days just a small matter and making it big.)

"Hhmp! Why couldn't I? You're my boyfriend now! besides it's totally normal for couples to hold each others hands!"Tiffany said then pouted.(A/N:Go beat him with your cuteness..)

When Nathan heard this, his mind goes blank for a second then he remembers something, 'F*ck I just remembered she's my girlfriend now! Why would I argue her about this?It's totally normal for us!' Nathan thought.

"What would you say if they ask you about who am I to you?"Nathan ask

"I'll tell them we're lovers!"Tiffany said while not looking at Nathan and looking at the ground instead with a slight blush in her face.

'She's really insisting that we're lovers! I'm really gonna die at this rate if she tells anyone that we are dating! What if her family knows it? I know that they don't want me you know?'Nathan thought.

"If you tell them that, then I'm sure all of them will get angry, forget the duel thing I'm sure they will just beat me up right on the spot."Nathan said.

"Why couldn't I tell them that? You're really my boyfriend! Also that's why I'm teaching you another martial arts so that they will not challenge you! Even though they will be angry they will not beat you up! At least they have some virtues inside them! if you will practice karate they will beat you for sure! But I'm here what are you afraid for? Are we practicing or argue about this?"Tiffany started to get angry.

'Shit I shouldn't say anymore! So if I practice other martial arts, the chance of me getting beaten up will be low but if I practice karate it will be high? Hehe who cares I have My system the moment I got my skill points I'll put it on my karate! They must be thinking that I'm just easy to oppose with! Heh I have my system why I am even afraid at the first place?'Nathan thought.

Nathan put his hands at Tiffany's shoulder then look straight into her eyes and said,"Teach me karate!"

Tiffany startled for a bit then upon hearing what he said she shook her head.

When Nathan see this he know should do it in a more intimate way to melt her heart. Which then leads her to teach him.

Nathan walk closely near at her and open his both arms wide then hug her tight.

Nathan saw her face flushing red, Tiffany is also shock by this,'Wait! What is he doing? Did he turn crazy or get mental breakdown because I get angry? Or is he just taking advantage? I'm not ready yet! Aiya!'Tiffany thought a lot of things in jus a fraction of second.

When Tiffany is thinking a lot of things on what will happen next, Nathan move his mouth near at Tiffany's ear."Teach me karate! I want them to know that your boyfriend is not to be trifled with! I'll make you proud of me and also I'll let them shut their mouths about us getting together! I will beat them in their own shitty games!"Nathan said with a serious voice after that he released her. Which then make Tiffany back at her self.

"If you just said so earlier? Then I must be already teaching you now!"Tiffany said and seems to be in good mood.

Nathan knows that it will work,"My dad said that if you want to make the girl submit to you then just do it in an intimate way. I've experienced it first hand my dad throws a shoe at my mom then mom suddenly gets angry but then dad goes near at her then he kiss her at her forehead, after that mom never brought up about the shoes then she just ask if dad already eat, then dad look at me showing his thumbs up.'Nathan thought.

"So you will teach me now?"Nathan ask.


"Okay I'm ready!"Nathan said
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