Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 14

13 Operation Training Starts 1

"Now let's start with stances, look at me! *Doing the stance* this is called heisoku dachi or can also be called formal attention stance! Now do it!"Tiffany said while Nathan is focusing on watching.

"Got it!"Nathan said. While doing what she just did."Is this right?" Nathan ask.

"Move your feet a little bit to right!"


"More! Oops that's OK! Now your arms! Do it like this!"


30 minutes later.

"Your so hard to teach we're not even doing the actual training and we are just only doing the stance! Your body is stiff! How bout let's stretch first?"Tiffany ask.

"Im okay on everything you decided!"Nathan said.

"Okay then stretch your arms like this.... Then this.... Your legs like this...."

After stretching for about 30 minutes, Nathan is now panting and out of breath while Tiffany doesn't even have any kinds of sweat in the surface and breathing normally.

"Do you need to take a break?"Tiffany ask.

"No! Let's go on!"Nathan said.

"OK then let's proceed to that stance before!" Tiffany.

"Ok!" Nathan.

"Why are you stop on your tracks? Do the stance before."Tiffany.

"Uhhh I forgot it!"Nathan,

"What? Urghh! How can you forgot it? We just did it not long before! Now do it like this!"Tiffany.

Nathan finally realized why is his INT so low.

After an hour Nathan finally learned the stance.

"Yeah that's okay! Don't forget this! I'll picture you now then send it to your phone just in case you forgot it again!" Tiffany.

"Really??" Nathan.

"Now let's proceed to a new stance! Look*Doing the stance*Do it like this your both heels must touch and feet at 45°angle. This is called musubi dachi or informal stance!"Tiffany said while Nathan is focus on watching again.

"Like this?"Nathan.

"Not that! I said 45 degrees!"Tiffany.

"Ermm how can I do that degrees or something?"Nathan.

"Nathan!!Urghh!"Tiffany shout at Nathan.(A/N:Tiffany hang in there!)


12:00 PM

Nathan is now showering in his own sweat while laying at the floor and breathing hard.

"Let's eat for now!" Tiffany.

Nathan wondered how the hell can Tiffany do this without breaking a sweat.

"Tiffany aren't you tired?"Nathan ask.

"How can I get tired? We're just doing the stances besides we are not doing the actual practice! Even normal people will just get tired a bit! It's just a stance you just need to imitate me! Your body is so pitifully weak so that you're getting to tired."Tiffany said truthfully.

'Ouch! Do you really need to be that honest?'Nathan thought that what she said makes sense. His fitness is really low after all so it really makes a whole lot more sense.

"Let's go! You need to eat healthy foods! It is essential for practitioners!"Tiffany said.

After eating, Nathan rest for a few minutes while organizing his thoughts, he already learned heisoku dachi(Formal stance) and musubi dachj(Informal stance) even though he learned it now, it can just be considered barely passable but it is already alright in his standards. Also they are now halfway done on a new stance called hachiji dachi(Outward stance), after this they will proceed on learning the actual basic techniques.

Nathan really sucks at martial arts if normal people do this they can easily learn a few stances in an hour.

"Let's go now!"Nathan said.

"Why are such in a hurry we just finish eating!"Tiffany.

"I really want to learn martial arts!"Nathan.

"Okay then!"

After 30 minutes Nathan learned 3rd stance and about to proceed on actual attacks.

"OK now we will proceed to some basic kick techniques, first is front kick! This is the basic of basics practically you just need to kick using the ball of your foot it's better if you directed it at the groin of you enemy."Tiffany said then walk near at the heavy bag.

"Now this tool is necessary to practice your kicks and make it more powerful!"Tiffany said. Then she stands at the front of the bag and raise his foot then just simply kick, it looks really simple but when you really look at it, it looks like when she raise her feet you can even see wind that materialize in the air and turned visible. After that she move her feet forward creating a sound of an Howling wind.


"Holy shit!!" Nathan exclaimed in shock or to be precise his terrified. The heavy bag fly in the air the rope that holds it get torn, what's more a hole that perfectly sculpt Tiffany's feet can be seen and sands all over the place.

"Now did you see it clearly?"Tiffany look at Nathan's shock face then giggle.

'Are you even human? Even the worlds strongest person will probably not achieve such a feat like this! Is this even possible? Isn't this too much for a human being' Nathan thought.

Nathan quickly ran at the lifeless heavy bag then tried to poke it, but it is actually hard, it's really hard, there's no way.

"How did you do it? Are you lying to me this clearly not just some basic moves there's clearly something more in it!"Nathan said.

"I know you're really talented at martial arts but not to this level! This is clearly beyond human limits!"Nathan exclaimed in awe while looking at Tiffany.

"Ohh really? Then work hard maybe you can also do something like this."Tiffany said then laughed slightly.

Tiffany have a remote and press something in it then the floor on which the heavy bag is in place open then the heavy bag falls off, following is some kind of vacuum from the hole and clear all the sands all over the place.

'I've seen too much today! It's really too much! It doesn't make sense! How can a hole have some vacuum but it's really weird that the sands goes to it even the positions is really weird. Think about it can you clean something using a vacuum if you're not in front of the dirt? Right? You must be in front of it to clean the sands. The hole is facing the ceiling so it's range must be towards the ceiling and 1 meter around it! But it's not, even the faraway sands get sweep off!'Nathan thought.

"Let's proceed now! Don't overthink things!" Tiffany said. Then Tiffany press something again and a new heavy bag appeared.

'I've really seen too much today.'Nathan.

"Do a front kick!" Tiffany.

"Ok!"Nathan stand in the front of the heavy bag he then raise his feet like what he saw earlier then kicks forward like what he saw earlier.

After he kick, he feels something in this feet, yeah he feels.... Pain!

"Ouch!!"Nathan yell in pain while holding his feet and jumping up in down.

"Pfft!...Hahahahha.."Tiffany laugh hard at the scene in front of her, she can't help and nearly teared in laughter. And she thought.,it's been so long since we have fun together. I wish we will be forever like this! How good would that be.'

"Hey don't just laugh there!" Nathan said.
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