Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 15

14 Operation Training Starts 2

5:00 PM

Nathan is clearly out of breath now, his body feels numb, but he still pushes himself, why you say? Because the mission is not done yet.

"Hey Nathan? Let's call it a day now!"Tiffany said.

"No teach me! I am not tired yet!"Nathan.

"What are you talking about? Your complexion is not good, your skin looks pale, and any second from now you will collapse from over exertion."Tiffany said in worry.

"I don't care, I know I don't have talent but I will beat it with hardwork! I want to do this for both of us! So that I can protect like what you say! Aren't you forcing me to practice martial arts! Then it is what I'm doing now!"Nathan said while panting.

Tiffany is quite touch on what Nathan said, but she is worried because he might be harming himself.

"I know, but you can't take it anymore! Look at yourself! Let's continue this tomorrow!"Tiffany said then starts to walk away when Nathan grab her hand.

"Please teach me! Don't worry about me! I can do it! I know my limits!"Nathan said sincerely while thinking, 'Sh*t it's my first mission I can't fail it! I need to passed this! Who knows when will the next mission will triggered? It's better to finish this mission!'

"Tsk.. Okay! but if something happens to you don't blame me!"Tiffany said.



8:30 PM

"Nathan it's really late now! Let's go home you can practice it at your home!"Tiffany said.

"No!"Nathan said breathing really hard and his clothes soak in his sweat. He looks at the mission.

[ 27 minutes and 45 seconds left in order to complete the mission..]

"Last 30 minutes then its done! Please! Just this once!"Nathan said while thinking that why would this mission be so hard.

"Okay... 30 minutes more! I've already taught all of the basic kicks, then let's proceed on basic striking techniques..."Tiffany.


8:58 PM

When Nathan is focusing on his training, he suddenly heard the most beautiful sound ever in his entire life.

[ Ding... Mission completed!]

[ Ding... User has been awarded 10 AP and 10 SP for completion rewards and an another 10 AP and 10 SP bonus rewards for completing the mission despite of the user's miserable stats.]

'Finally!'Nathan thought then he passed out, the last thing he remembered is Tiffany shouting his name.


October 24, 2018

7:00 AM

Nathan woke up in a room but not his, then suddenly the door open revealing Tiffany with a small basket in her hands.

"Ohh? Have you slept well?"Tiffany ask.

Nathan nodded then ask," Where am i? What happened?"

"We are still here in the dojo, there are guests rooms here, you fainted yesterday night due to over exertion, don't worry you just need to rest then you will be okay, but don't move for now, you have a fever,"Tiffany said, then put a towel in his forehead.

Nathan feels comfortable, Also he notice that Tiffany is not behaving like her usual, well it does make sense because they are not friends anymore.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to eat now? Do you want me to cook for you? "Tiffany ask.

"Nah.. Maybe later just stay here for a while."Nathan said then he Notice that his clothes is not the clothes he wore yesterday.

"Wait! Where's my clothes??"Nathan ask.

"Your clothes is drenched in sweat so I change it for you."She said not looking at Nathan's eyes and clearly embarrassed.

Upon hearing this he quickly take a look at his underwear and sigh in relief,'Thank God my brief is the same as yesterday.'

But Nathan is really curious so he ask anyway,"Did you see it?"

"Ehh..wha..what d..do you m..mean?"Tiffany startled at his question then she started to blush.

"You know what I mean."Nathan said looking at her but she is avoiding his gaze.

"Don't spout nonsense! I didn't see tha...that small thing!"Tiffany said then run and slam the door.


Nathan take a look at his junior, and mumbles," How did she know that it is small?"Nathan thought but upon focusing he saw some substance in his thing," What is this?"Nathan touch it and it feels slimy.

"Is... Is this a saliva??"Nathan exclaimed. (A/N:Oops... Something feels off...)
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