Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 16

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8:30 AM

"Nathan! Wake up! Breakfast is ready!"Tiffany wakes up Nathan, She holds a tray with foods in it then put it on a small table with small wheels in the feet, then he slowly push it near at Nathan's bed.

"Urghh."Nathan opened his eyes, seeing Tiffany and the foods in front of him, he still feels sick.

"You need to eat on time and healthy foods so that you can't get sick easily,"Tiffany said at Nathan while she puts a thermometer in his armpit.

"En!"Nathan nodded then think,'Tiffany is really caring lately, in the past she will not really care that much though?could it be because we're dating now? Or it's because she just doesn't show it in the past because we are not lovers? Whatever I think i should pay her back,'

"Look your temperature is 39 degrees! It's because you don't listen at me yesterday!"Tiffany said slightly infuriated, then she saw Nathan going closely at her and kis her forehead, Tiffany startled for a second.

"W-What are you doing?"Tiffany said with a red face.

"I just want to do it! Also we're lovers and it's just a normal thing aren't it?"Nathan said.

"Hhmp! Don't give me reason, you're just taking advantage when my guard is down,"Tiffany said then continue,"Your fever did not go down, I'll call auntie that you can rest here for an another day!"

"No! I'm okay now! Besides my house is just near here and they can take care of me."Nathan said while thinking,'I can't waste another day, I'm eager to find the effects of my system,'

"But I can also take care of you!"Tiffany said reluctant to release Nathan.

Nathan knows that the only way to make her agree is by using other means.

Nathan pulled Tiffany into his embrace, in just a moment Tiffany's head is now resting at Nathan's chest, she put her feet at the top of Nathan's feet, and now she is laying down at Nathan. While thinking other things.

"I know you can take care of me, but I don't want you to be tired because of me, I don't want to show any weakness in front of you, I love you and I don't want to bother you,"Nathan said in a low voice.

Tiffany heard it then said,"Nathan why are you acting weird lately?"Tiffany look at Nathan's eyes.

'Crap! Did she figure it out?'Nathan thought then ask,"How can you say that?"

"It's because in the past you wouldn't say something like this and I know that you're a dense person straight to your core."Tiffany said.

'Ho, I thought she figured it out, then I should just bullshit my way through. 'Nathan thought.

"Well it's because in the past I've already like you but I don't know if you like me, but when you said that you like me too, I just want to show you my feelings,"Nathan said then Tiffany nodded seems that she buys it.

"So can I go home now?"Nathan ask.

"You can!"Tiffany said while her head laying on his chest.

Nathan tried to get up but Tiffany push him down,"Let's stay like this for a while!"Tiffany said.(A/N:Nathan! It seems that your luck is way too good!)

"U-uh okay?"Nathan stuttered, he can't even retaliate, Tiffany is just too strong.

After a while Nathan really feels that something is off, his heartbeat pumps faster, he can also feel Tiffany's heartbeat and he just notice that her developing breast is laying in his body he can already feel that softness.

While Nathan is sniffing the scent of her hair and enjoying the moment, he heard Tiffany saying,"Nathan?"She said softly.

"Yes?" Nathan replied.

"I love you!"Tiffany said while looking straight at his eyes.

'Crap! What is wrong with her? Should I say'Yeah I know' or 'you've already said that before''Nathan thought.(A/N:Nathan don't say stupid things, you will ruin the mood, I'll help you just this once.)

"I love you too!"Nathan said then smiled at her.

"Do you mean it?"Tiffany ask.

"Of course! I really love you!"Nathan kiss her forehead to be more believable.

"Don't kiss me at my forehead!"Tiffany pouted.

'Shit did she figured out it now?'Nathan thought then he heard her say.

"Lips."She said lightly.

"What do you mean?"Nathan ask.(A/N:Stupid!!)

"Kiss me at my lips!"She said while staring at him.

"Okay."Nathan thought for a bit then kiss her lips but only a smack.

"So fast?"Tiffany frowned.(A/N:Tiffany just say what you really want.)

Tiffany initiated it then kiss Nathan's lips, at first Nathan don't really care but he noticed that she does not seemed to stop at any moment. Nathan tried to push her but he doesn't have any force, Tiffany Notice that Nathan tried to push her then she tried kissing with her tongue in it, Nathan feels it, he can't really retaliate so he just go to flow anyway. Tiffany feels happy when she feels that Nathan cooperate. Then they started to intertwined their tongues together.

After a full minute she finally let go, they both gasp for air. Then she sit at the top of Nathan and tries to get rid of her shirt.

Nathan's eyes grow wider upon seeing this, he instantly grabbed her hand then say,"What are you doing?"Nathan ask.

"Undressing?"Tiffany said.


"Aren't we doing it?"Tiffany said.

Finally at this time Nathan knows what she meant by that. He of course want it but he thinks that they are too young for this besides his shy because his junior is not big and maybe it cannot pleasure her.

"No! You're taking this too far! At most we can just kiss, what if your family knows this? Also I respect you, I want to do it when we are already married! Beside we're not even a month yet!"Nathan said his reasons or to be precise excuse so that he can't show his small thing.(A/N:Nathan!!! You're so freakin dumb!)

"First no one will know this! Second by the time we're grown ups you cannot probably even touch me, my parents will be overprotective at that time, third, we might not be month yet but we've known each other now for so many years!"Tiffany pause then continued,"Besides all this time I can already feel your thing getting hard."

When Nathan heard her first sentences he find it reasonable but when he heard that last thing she say, Nathan feel embarrassed, it's true that his junior is standing up, way back from the very beginning.

Nathan didn't say anything then he saw her quickly undress her shirt, Nathan saw her pink bra so girlish, also this too tempting perfect body, so flawless, Nathan can't react properly because it happens so fast, the next moment he remember she tried to pull his pants.

Nathan reacted at the last moment and stop Tiffany's hand.

"What are you doing?"Nathan ask.

"Im doing it, I'm helping you so that you will feel better!"Tiffany softly said.

"No! Dont! We're too young for this!"Nathan said, even though he's hard now, he doesn't want her to see his small thing because for men that is their dignity, Nathan thinks that when they grow up maybe it will get bigger.

"Why?"Tiffany starting to feel sad, she thought of why he is stopping her again and again, she thought,'Doesn't he want to do it with me?' Tiffany's eyes started to go watery.

"I thought you love me?" She ask about to cry.

Nathan saw her eyes started to get teary while looking straight at his eyes.

'Sh*t will she cry? F*ck this! I will just do it! I don't care if it's small.'Nathan thought.

"I love you! OK fine!"Nathan said then he quickly pulled down his own pants showing an almost 5 inches dick, Nathan is really embarrassed to look at her so he Clos his eyes."Do it!"

Tiffany's tear goes back in his eyes,"Really?"She ask.

"Yes!"Nathan said.

Tiffany heard him. She looks at Nathan's thing, she have already seen it before when he is asleep, not just seen but more than that. Tiffany hold his hot dick then starts to stroke it with care. .

Nathan feels a soft hand holding his dick then it started to goes up and down,.

"Uhhh!"Nathan groaned a bit, comparing the feeling with his own hand, it's not even half as good as Tiffany's hand.

"Does it feel good?"Tiffany ask, Nathan finally opened his eyes and looked at her before saying."Will you do it with your mouth?"

"Do you want?"Tiffany said, she did not wait Nathan's answer and slowly bringing his head near at Nathan's dick, opening his small mouth and lick the tip of his cock.


Tiffany keep on licking it, Nathan can't suppress it anymore and he grab the back of her head, Tiffany knows what he is doing and she quickly suck it. While she is giving a blowjob she is also using her tongue to explore around his dick which also adds more pleasure

"Ahhhh!"Nathan moan slightly, he felt an indescribable feeling, that warm and soft tiny mouth of her.

Tiffany move her head up and down sucking all of his dick. Nathan felt that he is already at the climax.

"Im cumming!"Nathan said lightly, he don't want to get caught. So he lowered his voice.

Tiffany feels his dick throbbing then at the next second she feels some hot and slimy liquid filling his mouth. 'I'm so happy! I make him cum!'


Tiffany swallowed all of Nathan's semen, Nathan look at her in disbelief.

"It doesn't taste that bad!"Tiffany said. actually she is also embarrassed by what they are doing now, but she really wants to do it with him.

Nathan feels like she's really cute and pretty at this moment so he quickly pulled her and kiss, while trying to undone her bra, Tiffany Notice him she stops kissing him then undone her bra, showing her adorable breast with cherry colored nipples. Nathan saw her face so red like a tomato , she must be embarrassed right now.

Nathan take his shirt off then he pulled Tiffany and then they exchanged positions Nathan is now at the top, he completely take off all of his clothes while Tiffany only at the top.

Nathan suck Tiffany's breast while massaging with his other hand her left breast.

"Ahhhhhhhh!"Tiffany moaned a lot. Her hands holding Nathan's head.

Nathan's dick get hard again, while he continued sucking her nipples and licking it.

He stops then he pulled Tiffany's pants and panty, Tiffany startled for a moment then she covered it with her hands not looking at him.

"I thought we're doing it?"Nathan said.(A/N:Now you're showing your true colors!)

Tiffany slowly take back her hand showing a virgin and wet pussy. Then Nathan not even saying a word lick her pussy then started eating it. Then he push his tongue inside of her cave which makes her moaned a lot.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!"Tiffany moaned.

Nathan didn't let her to cum, he quickly stands up then he pulled her, Tiffany know what he will do so she spread her legs in M position exposing all of her.

Nathan touch her vagina with the tip of his dick. He hesitated for a second, Nathan ask her one last time.

"Do we really need to do it?" Nathan ask.

"We've already come this far! We might as well just do it!"Tiffany said.

"this is my first time!" Nathan said.

"This is also mine! So gentle on me please! You've already taken my first kiss! So I'll give you my first also, just do it already! Don't be a coward,"Tiffany said.

"Okay then I'll do it now!"Nathan said then slowly pierce his dick at her vagina. Upon putting a part of his dick he feels something blocking so he Thrust hard and broke her hymen which makes her to scream in pain, He feels the tightness and hotness of her pussy and it feels so fucking good, he continue to pierce when all of his dick is inside, blood spurts out in her vagina and, when Nathan saw her in pain he quickly kiss her and pinch his nipples to ease the pain.

"I'll move now!"He said then Tiffany nodded biting her lips.

Nathan slowly move back and forth until it became faster, they both moaned in pleasure while Tiffany's moan is the loudest. Nathan feels that he is about to ejaculate so he said,"I'm cumming! I'll take it out now!"

But when he is about to take it out, Tiffany lock his waist using her legs before saying."Shoot it inside! Let's make a baby!"She said while looking at him lovingly.

Nathan can't reside her beauty so he pound her again and more faster making her to moaned in pleasure, a few moments later they are now about to cum.

"Im cumming!"They said at the same time. Nathan released it inside her, and Tiffany feels like there is a hot liquid filling her womb, which makes her really happy, Then Nathan kiss her one last time before taking out his manhood from her cave, after taking out his dick her cave overflows with both of there cum and mix with love juices with a little bit of blood.

Nathan is now breathing hard, He then lay at her chest.

"It really feels good! Thank you for taking my virginity!"She said while looking at him and caressing his hair.

"But is it really okay? You know? On what we are doing?" Nathan said.

"If I get pregnant you should take responsibility of it or I'll kill you!"Tiffany said smiling but a smile with killing intent.

Nathan knows that he really needs to take responsibility of it so he said."Okay, I get it! I still can't believe that we really did it!"

Tiffany just nodded then she hear Nathan's stomach grumbled, she just realized that he haven't eat yet. Nathan also feels hungry now so he get up but Tiffany pulled her again.

"Last round!"She said. (A/N:Damn Tiffany is a sex addict! Aren't you people forgetting something? You two are just 14 year old minors! At that age I don't even know what Cum means!)

After doing it one last time he then proceeded to eat, after eating he thought of his training yesterday, he learned 3 stances, he learned front kick, side kick, knee kick, foot sweep, and straight punch. These are some basic techniques.

After saying goodbye to Tiffany he quickly goes home, her mom checked his temperature and it's normal now, looks like what they do really helps, after that he goes inside of his room and lock the door before saying,"Now let's see on what this system of mine is capable of?"Then he check his status, to look at his AP, SP and if he has the karate skill.

[ Nathan Ford ]



Appearance :1


Intelligence: 1


Agility: 3

(Attribute Points:20)

[ Skills ]





(Skill Points:20)

"Just looking at it, I already feels good!"


(Readers possible response: Author! Where the fuck is that super famous thingy? I didn't come here for this nonsense!) - - now calm your shit, just wait...
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