Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 17

16 The Prowess Of The System And A New Mission

Nathan is now standing in front of a mirror with wide eyes and mouths agape.

"What sorcery is this??"Nathan said while looking at himself.


A few minutes ago.

"Now let's see how can I put to good use my points? Even though I want to increase my appearance I really thought it's necessary to increase my fitness first, I'm weak so I'm putting it in fitness, or is it on strength? I'm also skinny so I want to gain some fats, should I put it on fitness or health?this is really hard!"Nathan think for a few minutes, finally decided,"My fitness is 2 so I think I should make it 10 first then let's see the results, I have a lot of leftover points so let's experiment the fitness first!"Nathan said but then he remembered something really crucial.

"How do I add?"Nathan panic a bit and tried to touch anything in the screen but there's no response, then he touch the attributes points, after he touch it a plus symbol appeared besides of the stats, then breath a sigh of relief.

"So should I touch this?"Nathan touch the plus button besides the text Fitness, then after he touch it, it showed how much he wants to add," Since I have 2 then I'll add 8 to make it 10 right?"Nathan not entirely sure so he counts in his hand just in case, after confirming that 2 plus 8 is equals to 10 he immediately put 8 points at the fitness.

[ Ding... Do you want to save the changes?(Yes/No)]

Nathan tap the word Yes to confirm the changes then after that his heart pumps hard then he felt that his blood feels like boiling and circulating rapidly inside his body which creating a hot and weird feeling, it last for a moment, but he knew something really change.

[ Ding... Natural increase of stats occurred, due to being related to them!]

"Natural increase?"Nathan look at his hand, which stunned him, his skinny hands before, now consist of fats it looks normal now, he look at his arms he really not skinny anymore. Then he put his hands on his face, it feels weird.

Nathan quickly ran at his human sized mirror, he didn't look first and started to take his shirt off, after taking it, he then look at his self with wide eyes and mouths agape

"What sorcery is this??"Nathan look at his face, his cheek that is sunk deep because he is skinny, it now inflates and his eyes which has really big eye bags dissappear, his eyes that also deep in its sockets, it now looks normal, before his face looks like a skeleton in human form, but now? He don't even know if this is really him? Overall he looks a little bit handsome now, not really a bit, a little bit more and more handsome.

"Is this even me?"Nathan look at his body, the skinny body before, now buff up although his body proportion looks average now at least his abs started to form, his belly has a little bit of fats. Nathan is quite curious what is that natural increase about.

"Display status!"

[ Nathan Ford ]

Fitness:2>>10(Distributed points)

Health:5>>8(Natural increase)

Appearance :1>>4 (Natural increase)

Charm:0>>1 (Natural increase)

Intelligence: 1

Strength:2>>7 (Natural increase)

Agility: 3>>7(Natural increase)

(Attribute Points:12)

[ Skills ]





(Skill Points:20)

"No way! I just put 8 points but it gave me more than that! Is this real? I'm not dreaming right? If I'm dreaming then I don't want to wake up anymore! I now understand why did I look more handsome, my appearance increased by 3!"Nathan said with a hint of determination in his eyes, he can now almost see his successful future, he didn't even bat an eyelid about the other natural increase he just directly look at the appearance.

"Now then where should I put the rest of them?"When Nathan just thinking on where will he put the other stats, a different notification rings in his mind, it sounds familiar like when he first got a mission.

[ Ding... Mission triggered...]

[ Mission: Dominate Tiffany Daniel's Karate dojo, Beat anyone as long as you can...

Completion: 1 week

Completion reward: 0.5 AP, 1 SP for 2 years or below disciples, 1 AP, 2 SP for 2 Years up disciples!]

[ Accept! (Y/N)]

Nathan look stunned for a second then a smile slowly filling up his face.

"I don't know how far my 20 points can take me but I think I'm confident to beat disciples 2 years and below, they should have average karate skills!"Nathan of course accepts it, free points knocking on your door who would not want it? (A/N: By saying 2 years below and up It means the years you've been disciple..]

[ Ding... Mission accepted!]

Then Nathan saw the timer starts, but first he need to distribute his points, after thinking for a while he decided to make his strength, Agility and health average. And his appearance which is 4 he adds 1 point to make it 5. Then the rest of his points he put it in his intelligence leaving him 0 AP, lastly on his skills he put all of the 20 points in Karate.

[ Ding... Do you want to save the changes?(Yes/No)]

Nathan save the changes then the same phenomena happened, pump hard, fast heart beats, boiling blood and fast circulation, when he thought that it is over, a large of information flood in his head, it's all about karate techniques, after the flooding of information Nathan smiles then laugh hard, why so? Well not just he knows a lot of techniques its because it's like he's been training karate starting when he is only a child, all of the techniques is engrave in his brain, with this there's no way he will forget it. He notice some techniques and styles of fighting that is different than your typical karate,

"With this I really confident that I can beat even an experience karate practitioner!"Nathan said then take a look at his new status.

[ Nathan Ford ]







Agility: 7>>10

(Attribute Points:0)

[ Skills ]





(Skill Points:0)

After nodding at his status Nathan decided to practice first to get used in his new body, when he punch casually, he just realized how weak he is before, now his punch feels like there's power in it now, which makes him feel good coupled with his techniques, he then performed a combo in his memory, after performing it he is quite shocked at his speed and stamina, it's in a whole new level, he don't know if he needs to be happy even though it's just average, but even it's really average, it's something that he thought he will never achieve.

Nathan continues his training to also make his body engraved with the techniques and not only just his Brain. He continues for hours, whenever his mom call him to go downstairs in order to eat, he didn't go, he just tell his mom to bring the food here, and whenever his mom will open the door he will have a mask and a lot of clothing so that no one will know for now about his change, he knows for sure with his appearance no one will like know him in one glance.

His change is just too tremendous, he plan to show himself about next week, he told his mom that he is exercising and bring her only healthy foods in the course of one week, so that if they see him it's not too suspicious, even though it will be kind of suspicious at least not too much, what if he shows himself now, when they just met in the morning? Right?

After Nathan decided that he will go at the dojo tomorrow. He trained again and again and again....


~Next morning~
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