Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 18

17 Domination Begins 1

*October 25, 2018


*7:00 AM

Nathan woke up from his ringing cellphone because of someone calling him.

"Urghh..so early in the morning!"Nathan pick up the phone, and a familiar voice comes from the other side.

[ Good morning My Husband! How are you? Are you feeling well now? Will you continue practicing karate? Are you going here?*Giggle*]

"Im well now but I'm trying to do a self teach session for this whole week, I'll try to exercise as much as I can also I'll try to eat at least 7 times a day so that I can gain weight!"Nathan say this even though he will go their later.

[Ohh? Really? Then good luck for that my husband!So when will I see you again?]

"About a week or so I think? I'll just call you If I want you to teach me again!"Nathan said.

[Okay! I can't wait to see you*Giggle*Bye!]With that Tiffany ended call.

"*Sigh*well I think she will believe that, but still I feel bad lying to them! Whatever I should prepare now!"Nathan said and started to wash after washing he wear a training suit that Tiffany gave him so that he can act as a disciple then start to challenge every one. But he hid it under a jacket and pants so that her mom will not know where will he go, also he put on a surgical mask and sunglasses, overall he is in a Protective mode.

After he goes out of his room his mom ask him where will he go, which Nathan said that he will just buy something, his mom felt suspicious on why would he need to wear this much, so his mom ask her which Nathan said it's cold outside, which also added more suspiciousness as it's not cold outside, well overall his plan has a lot of flaws, thanks to his intelligence which is half of a normal person.

So yeah he is now outside of their house checking the time.

"7:45? Then I will arrive there at about 8:00 with my bike."Nathan thought then starts to go there, while Nathan is on the way he starts to think of ways on how to beat them all, or to be precise on how he can gather as much points as he can.

After brainstorming for about 15 minutes he haven't come up of any plan yet, when he arrive he decided to eat on a restaurant near here.

While eating and thinking at the same time he saw some people wearing training outfit occasionally pass him, but he pay no heed right now what important is the plan, after eating he ordered a coffee so he can sit for a while, and finally for fucks sake he already come up of a decent plan, after disregarding a lot of trash ideas,

"So first I just need to piss them off! Sounds good, but I'll start for the weakest first, because when they see me beating a stronger one right off the bat, then the weak ones will not dare to oppose me! But if I start at the weakest they will find someone stronger than them a bit, because they will think that I just won by luck and will not accept the reality, then the cycle will repeat, weak finds the stronger ones then the stronger ones will find a more stronger ones,"Nathan murmured to himself. Then a bell rings inside his mind.

[Ding.. Intelligence stat increase by 1 due to host decision making way beyond his own intelligence!]

Nathan nearly vomit blood,'What? You can even do that? This is the first time time I got an increase without points and natural increase! Which means I can really increase by stats by doing things like exercising for fitness and maybe strength, Agility and health, but I've exercise for days now? And I didn't get any increase, maybe it's need more time.'Nathan thought.

Nathan Notice that it's already 9:00 AM so he quickly get out of the the restaurant and go to his destination,

Nathan arrives at the gate, he saw a lot of practitioners, maybe at least a hundred of them.

Nathan can only say words like,"Hello my beloved points! Come to daddy!"Nathan said lightly while looking at them.
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