Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 19

18 Domination Begins 2

~Nathan's POV~

So I just pass the gate right now I notice there's really a lot of people here, but that doesn't intimidate me. It's about 9 AM right now so I started to gather information first, I'm still flabbergasted as no one is criticizing about my looks, well that just prove how great the effects of the system, normally if I go to some public places I will always get notice because of my looks, but now I seems to blend in.

So yeah I gathered some info and I just discovered that the time for training sessions are 7 to 11 AM after that there's a 2 hours break, they will go back when it reached 1 PM after lunch, which means I will attack in the span of 11 to 1 when they're free.

I'm done collecting information now, all of that take 30 minutes, actually the disciples will choose if they want to practice or not some people don't really train because they thought they are good enough, so they are just all over in this place, doing nonsensical things, others are bullying, which I like, I'll have victim even its not break time yet.

So yeah I just applied right now to be a new disciple, I need a belt which represents that I'm a newbie, that way there's more people who will bully me because I'm new here, it's just that I hope they will not team up against me.

So there is a facilities for each of difficulty, there's a facility for the basic karate, intermediate and advance they also have their respective teachers. Well yeah since I'm logically a newbie, I go to the basic karate training, since my belt will not let me train to a higher degree because the teacher will give you a certificate if you are really qualified to the next part of training.

The moment i enter the basic karate facility, they look at me, I don't if it's because I'm late or because I'm new here and they want to try me? I hope it's the latter. Damn bit by bit I'm starting to be a masochist ill refrain myself.

It's 9:45 when I start to follow their routine, I try to fool them by acting that I do not know anything, I tried asking to the man beside at my right, how to that move so that the believable rate wile increase, but shit the one right beside me is a good person so I did not ask him again I tried to switch to the one at my left and... Bingo he looked at me with disdain, so I kept pestering him haha his veins in his head and neck are protruding, I kept asking him till the end of training session.

And finally the moment I've been waiting, I do not know if he is the weakest but they all have the belt of beginner so they must have not too far of karate achievements.... Well like I said the moment I've been waiting for.

"Hey kid? Are you pickin a fight?"This is the man that I've pissed off, he got some muscles, I think he's already 20, he is taller than me, I'm only at his shoulder but I don't care, let's call him victim 1.

"Ermm? No mister its just that I'm new and I don't really know a thing."As I said this I tried to act scared, because if you act vulnerable they will keep pushing you.

"What? But why do I feel like you doing it on purpose?"Victim 1 said, he tried to volume up his voice, then we started to gather attention. And there's already some people sorrounding us and it's look like he have some subordinates in his back. Looks like this is favorable for me hahahaha.

"No sir! I really don't know anything about karate!"I said as I tried to look up and down so that they will have an impression that I'm guilty. then I hear a ring in my mind.

[ Ding... The acting skill increase by 1 due to host for doing constant acting that seems to work!]

Well I don't care about it right now. I'm waiting on what will they say.

"Hmm? Then how about you proved it that you don't know anything by having a spar with my bro here? Hoho, my brother here just started today so he wants to test his learnings today! How about it?"Victim 1 said as he pat the man beside him he is half head taller than me and look like they are just the same age. But I don't expect that he will make the first move, is this plot armor? phew then it gives me less trouble.

"No, no sir I really don't know anything... But if you insist then I guess I can try to spar a bit then, you also teach me a lot!"So yeah I said that, you need to let them think that you are really in the corner and you don't have any choice but accept, by doing this they will have more confidence fufufu that confidence will bite you later on...

"Good.. Good that's my brother! Then follow me!"Victim 1 said he pat my while grinning evilly. Then I followed them.

After a while we are now here on a sparring arena, there's a lot of people here, well I don't see anyone higher than my degree, which means all here are beginner.

Right now I'm facing him, while the referee which is also a disciple explain the rules. The rules are 1st if step outside the ring you lost, 2nd if you got knocked out you lost, 3rd if you get hit successfully 3 times you lost, and last best of 3 rounds, well this is probably your typical rules.

"Are you ready?"My victim 2 said which is my enemy right now. He already take his stance, from the looks of it his form is quite good..

But it's not enough....

"A little?"I said while smiling awkwardly. Then I take my stance, I purposely make my stance looks disgusting and full of openings.

I'm waiting for the referee to begin...

"Fight!". The referee said.

"Here we go!"
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