Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 23

21 Age Of Eternals

[ ding... Do you want to make as your skill? Y/N]

"I knew it! My assumptions is indeed correct." Nathan said with a delightful smile carved in his face. Nathan then reach out his hand to touch the yes button.

[ ding... is now officially added as a skill, please look at your status to see the update in your skills.]

"Display status" Nathan said with a happy tone evident in his voice.

The status panel instantly shows up in front of him, Nathan's eyes quickly skimmed over all of it except for one thing.

[ Nathan Ford ]



Appearance :5



Strength: 13.5

Agility: 10

(Attribute Points: 0 )

[ Skills ]





(New)Age of Eternals:1

(Skill Points:15)

"it really has been added!"Nathan exclaimed then continues,"Now how about putting all of my skill points to this skill?" Nathan touch the plus button.

"Hmm let's see a total of 15 skill points must have a noticeable difference in my skill the moment I play again the game."Nathan said as he put all of 15 skill points to this skill.

[ ding... Do you want to save the changes?! Y/N]

I quickly press the yes button, then the same sensation occurs to me again whenever I save changes, rapid circulation of boiling hot blood and heavy heart beats or more like In the verge of bursting out, but oh well I have to get used to it.

After enduring all of that, the fruit of his efforts finally comes, information about how to play invade his mind, techniques, tricks, monsters, classes, basically all of the general information about the game is inside his head right now.

Nathan scan all the information in his mind, he smiles widely but then quickly wards of the smile on his face.

"there is one important matter first before I get too happy about this."Nathan said then quickly sit in front of his computer, but not to play, he surfs up every available information about the game in the web.

"hehe." every few minutes Nathan would laugh subtlety.

After an hour of searching every bit of information nathan grinned widely like an evil maniac.

"The heavens is indeed favoring this unfortunate fellow."Nathan said. On why he is like this? Well..

After Nathan scanned the information In his head, he noticed that this information is maybe too much for a mere beginner, if 10 is for a normal people and 15 is better than average well that should how it goes until Nathan find out a big thing about this system, he noticed a lot of things about it. First of all Nathan surfs the internet for an hour, and he finds out that there's information in his head which is not even available in the web yet.

When he got his karate skill he felt like he was doing it for years already, so when he got the skill on he felt like he's been playing for years already, he already have instincts of an average gamer like the palm of his hands, so? You must be thinking what so great about it? Well I'm an average player of this game years in the future.

Yes, it is what I said, my skills give me the information of someone who have played this game for years, and having the skills of an average gamer, what I mean is that I have the skill and knowledge of a person who is average in this game few years from now. It is lowkey time travel if I may say.

The game just started 2 weeks ago, so an average player right now in my calculation should amount to 4 or 5 points if we're talking about the system's standards.

What's more? When Nathan is reading and surfing the web he notice that his reading and comprehension abilities increase by a lot which leaves him bewildered and astonished at the same time, he just increases his intelligence from 10 to 20 and it already gave such a large difference.

"Now let's proceed on playing this game! The game has just launched, then let me take advantage of my so called "average" information, should I take the hidden class for a thief? Yeah let's go with that then obtain some rare weapons along the way,"Nathan then spends hours playing the game and seems to enjoys it.

Nathan is just playing his soul out but little did he know.






* in the game. *

Capital city of the empire.
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"Holy Molly! Where does this kid come from?" player 1 said.

Right now a huge crowd of players is standing in front of a huge board. Which is the ranking leaderboards

"I don't know, it just starts a few hours ago."Player 2 replied.

"Yeah did you witness it too? It's alright When he entered the top 1000, but all of a sudden he rummage his way down the rankings, when he just reaches the top 500 a lot of players already gather around the leaderboard area."player 3 said. Player 3 continues."And now he is just enters th-" player 3 pauses for a second "The top 100!"

Players is still watching this spectacular show. Looking at that players name they don't know if they will laugh or acknowledge his skill but still he reaches the top 100.


<100.> ( UrAnus123 )

<99.> ( HiddenDragon )

<98.> ( FlowingPalm )





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