Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 4

3 Getting An Inheritance

"Then let's get out of here" The middle age man said and waving his hand. Then the two bodyguards follow him.

*Pak *

A sound of an opening car's door and closing it can be heard. Followed by turning on the engine of a car.


Then the car goes off, after confirming that they go, Nathan can't help but have a Sigh of relief."Phew I thought I will be dead!" but then he remembered the man who is beaten up so he rush over to check the man.


The sounds of an hurried footsteps resounding around the area. Then Nathan saw the man and naked from top to bottom, underwear is not an exemption.

"Shit he is full of wounds and bruises! He also lost too much blood by vomiting it!!" Nathan anxiously scan the young man.

"How to check pulse again? By doing this right?"Nathan put his index and middle finger to the man's wrist. And he felt a little bit of beating.

"It's there! Even though it's nearly unnoticeable at least he is alive!" Nathan said.

"Urghh.." A weak with no strength voice from the man.

"His conscious! Hey hang in there! I will call for help! I promise I will be back just wait for a second! Don't close your eyes!"Nathan said. But when he is about to stand up the young man grab his feet.

"No.. I will. Gi.. Give you som... Something."The young man said. Then continues in a weak voice."Wha.. What's your na.. me?"

Nathan is taken aback.'You are going to die but you're asking me about my name?' Nathan thought and said. "My name is Nathan Ford!"

"I pa... ss my inheritance t.. o Nathan ford."The man said weakly, then he raise his hands a little bit. After that a very peculiar scene unfolds in front of Nathan. Out of nowhere a ball half a size of fist forming in the man's hand not just that, it is also floating. The color of it is mostly pearly white and some weird looking veins that has a color of blue. And also some carvings. It actually looks futuristic enough that made Nathan look with wide eyes and mouth's agape.

"D.. Do you acc... accept to be my inheritor? Just say you accept."The young man said.

"U-uh Yes I accept!!"Nathan said hurriedly even though he don't know for what's it for but he remembered the conversation earlier, Nathan thought that this might be the middle age man's target.

The white ball glows then it starts to float forward to Nathan.

Nathan even though don't really know what's happening but he just go to the flow.

The white ball slowly reach him and its now in his chest, but to his shock it did not stop there but it pass through his chest.

*Badump* *Badump*

In instant clay feel his heart beating hard and it aches in pain, that causes clay to shout in pain, then after that he feels hot, it's like his blood is boiling which makes him to scream at the top of his lungs. Then finally it stops.

Clay is literally showering in his own sweat. After Nathan finally feels normal, he remember the man again.

"Hey! I will call for ambulance now!" Nathan said but the man hold his hand

"Please continue our le... gacy."The young man said finally letting go of his hands.

"Sh*t" Nathan quickly check his pulse but there's no reactions anymore.

Even though it's his first time seeing a dead body Nathan felt no fear.

Nathan help the man to put on his own clothes. So if someone see him, it's not too shameful.

'I'm afraid to report it they might suspect me! Also if I report it then, what if the man who beat him will go back at me? Yare yare.... It's too troublesome.'Nathan thought.
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