Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 5

4 The System Is Now On Duty

Nathan decided that he will just let the people find the corpse in the morning, because if he report it, people will get suspicious on why he is outside of their house at this hour. So Nathan go back to his home.

~ Nathan's room ~

Nathan is lying down in his bed."I really can't believe on what just happened, I just witness a crime didn't i? Also what is that strange thing that goes inside me?" Nathan said while thinking at the past events, after a few moments, the sound of a bell rings inside Nathan's mind followed by a robotic voice.

[ Ding... System integrating.....]

[ Ding... System integration completed..]

"What th-"Nathan upon hearing this is quite stunned, but it did not stop there.

[ Ding... Starting genetic assessment...]

[ Ding... Starting genealogical analysis...]

[ Ding... The 2 process is done...]

[ Ding... Hello my new User starting from now on I will be accompanying you!]

"What are you?"Nathan ask.

[ Ding... I am a tool to help the User from now on! Do you want a tutorial on what I can do?]

"Tool? Wait.. There's also that sound, you know that 'Ding', It can't be it's a system! It also says from the start its a system! Yes I would like a tutorial!" Nathan said excitedly with his eyes shining.

[ Ding... I mainly have 4 functions....

Status - it's where you can observe your attributes and skills.

Attribute Points - Its a point that can be distributed to your desired stats.

Skill points - its a point that can be distributed to your decide skills.

Missions - its a type of quest where you will be rewarded AP and SP, Missions are random.]

"Okay it looks like just as I expected!"Nathan feels like he is in heaven now, can't believe that this is really happening. " So to open the status I should say..."Nathan pause for a second then say."Display status!"After Nathan said these words, a screen shows in front of him.

[ Nathan Ford ]



Appearance :1


Intelligence: 1


Agility: 3

(Attribute Points:0)

[ Skills ]




(Skill Points:0)

"Yes! So what's the average stats for normal people?" Nathan ask.

[ Ding... The average stat for a normal adult is 10!]

"What? Then when compare to mine it's really low, why I am even shock I should have seen this coming, my charm is 0 I can accept that, my appearance is 1 I can accept that as well, I can accept it all except for the intelligence! I know I'm dumb but not that much! I can even think complicated things and good decision making. Ohh but I have those points right? Then I can use it to increase my appearance and intelligence! There's also skill points! Hahaha lucky me, I really shouldn't tell anyone about this thing, with this tool maybe just maybe I can reach my dreams! "Nathan exclaimed while closing his eyes and feeling the moment, Then he heard footsteps from the front of his room, and someone opened the door.

"Nathan! Your so loud! Are you talking with someone?"Nathan's mom said.

"U..uh I'm just talking to myself?"Nathan said with a tone of hesitation.

"Why are you talking to yourself at this hour?it's almost dawn you know, do you have a fever?"Nathan's mom said full of concern. Then she walks up near at Nathan and put her hands in Nathan's forehead.

"You don't have a fever, I will just sleep here maybe your dream is just scary."She said then lay down beside Nathan.and hugs him,then proceed to sleep.

Nathan can't do anything at his mom's embrace so he reluctantly sleep with no choice.

~ Morning ~

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