Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 7

6 Childhood Friend

11 AM.

For this past hour Nathan didn't get anything, he tried eating again but he ate vegetables this time, in the end the health did not increase also, he already tried various of ways but to no avail, no attributes increase at all.

Nathan is quite infuriated now, "All my efforts are in vain!" Nathan said. His mom is starting to get suspicious, because her son started to eat vegetables for the first time, not just that he tried to jogging around the house and after that he ask her if his dad have some dumbbells or any weights to lift. She thought maybe her son is starting to change for good.

But Nathan is just dumb, you will not grow stronger in just one day of exercise, you will not be healthy in one serving of vegetables, you must be consistent. Just like jogging you will not lose weight in just one try.

Nathan looked at his skinny self, he doesn't have the slightest bit of muscles, and now starting to give up."Just what is the use of my system?" Nathan sigh but then thought again."No! This is just the 1st day it's too early to give up!"

*Ring Ring *

Nathan put his phone in his ears.

[ Nathan!!!] A deafening shout from the other side of the phone resounded.

"Don't shout Tiffany!" Nathan said. Tiffany is his childhood "Girl" friend.

[ Whatever let's go shopping I don't have someone to accompany! I will be there at 12 noon be prepared! Bye-]

"Wait! Urghh..did she just hang up like that? I don't even have time to consider it! Well I don't have something to do anyways!" Nathan said.

He then bath, after his done he change his clothes and wear something appropriate for shopping. All of this takes about 25 minutes. He then goes out of his room to wait in the living room.

Her mom sees her in the couch sitting and notice his clothes so she ask."Where are you going?"

"Shopping!"Nathan replied.

"With Tiffany?"Her mom said.

"How did you know?"Nathan said.

"How wouldn't I know she's your only friend after all!" Her mom said then continue. "So is it a date? Do you want me to help you? I don't know what she likes but I have some tips that can help you! So do you want?"

"It's not a date!" Nathan said. He know that his mom will now start teasing her.

"So is she already your girlfriend?"Her mom ask in a teasing manner.

"No Mom!"Nathan said even though they are childhood friends he doesn't think of making her, his girlfriend. It's not like he doesn't want it, it's just that he can't.

"Huhu I wouldn't even wonder, for how long you know each other already if you have already ehem you know!"She said chuckling a bit.

"Mom stop!"

"Hur..hur.. Okay fine just send my regards to her! And make some moves already you're so boring!" Her mom said and blink to him. Then walk away.


12 Noon.


"Ohh she's hear already?" Nathan said then starts to go outside of his house.

After he goes outside, he saw a beautiful car it must be the new release of Rolls-Royce he didn't really now what's the name of it because he is not a fan of cars.

The door of the car open, a silhouette of a girl appears and wearing white dress which match her flawless white skin accompanied by her hourglass body and the current developing chest, a long golden hair that looks like floating when it gets hit by the wind that furthers beautify her, a light blue eyes that can captivate any soul that she will look at, most of all a face that feels like it's been perfectly crafted by God for her, her tender and tiny natural pinky red lips that can seduce anyone who stare at it, not just that she is only 14 years old the same as Nathan, overall this scene is breathtaking just looking at her dazzling beauty is enough to drool anyone at her age.

"Hey Nathan! Just how long will you stare at me like that? I know I'm pretty but dont make it too obvious!"Tiffany shout then smile at him.

"I'm not looking at you! The sun is shining bright at my face!"Nathan said and smile also.

"Don't make up excuses it's cloudy today! Come here already and get inside!" Tiffany said and chuckled.

"Okay! Okay!" Nathan then quickly goes inside.

~ Inside of the car ~
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