Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 8

7 Shopping And Old Acquaintance

~ Inside of the car ~

"So what will you buy today?"Nathan ask.

"We will eat first then we will buy....blah blah...."Tiffany goes for who knows how long but it's a damn lot.

"That many?"Nathan gulp in horror it looks like his exercise of weight lifting is not done and will just about to go 2nd level.

When they park at the mall Tiffany tell the driver that she will just call after they are done.

~ At the restaurant ~

"Nathan what do you want?"Tiffany ask. They are now sitting in the restaurant trying to pick some food from the menu.

"I will eat anything you pick I'm not a picky eater after all you know that!"Nathan said.

"Hmm okay!"She nodded then called the waiter, after a few moments the waiter arrive.

"What's your order ma'am?"The waiter said.

"I want the best dish in this restaurant also I want this dessert..."Tiffany pointed to almost every dessert in the menu.

"Is that all ma'am?"The waiter said.

"Yes that's all!"She nodded, but what the waiter said next startled her.

"How about your boyfriend ma'am?"The waiter said then turned to Nathan.

"B..o..y..fri.en..d.?"Tiffany said stuttering with her face blushing red.

"U-uh I think that is enough for us, You can go." She said weakly with a shy tone.

"Okay ma'am your orders will be here in a moment!"The waiter said assuring them, with just that he's gone.

Tiffany look at Nathan with her face have some trace of blush before, after she looks at Nathan, he is expressionless like before, it's like he didn't even care about it.

Nathan Notice her stating at him so he asked."What? Is there something wrong at my face? A dirt?"Nathan said then check his face with his hands if there is a dirt but looks there isn't.

"There's nothing though?"He said.

"Hhmp!"Tiffany pouted then look away.

Nathan then mind his own business, even though he heard what the waiter said before he didn't really think that much about it, he thought that their gap is significantly far, Tiffany is the heaven while Nathan is the earth, so Nathan didn't think of dating her at the first place, he knows for sure that she will not have feelings for him and looking at him in just a friendly manner, Nathan is already satisfied on having a friend such as beautiful as her so didn't make any first move, he thought that if he confess, maybe Tiffany will not look at her the way they used to be, he is scared of losing her, he is scared of breaking their friendship. (A/N: Dammit! Nathan is so MotherFuck*ng Dense, Look she didn't even denied it when the waiter said that you're her boyfriend! Why? Nathan? I pray for your soul brother...)

After eating they proceed shopping. Nathan feels like she is acting weird, she stops being talkative and if he will try to talk he will just receive "hmmp" and pout or she will fasten her pace. She will just talk if there is something that Nathan needs to carry.


3:00 PM

They are done shopping, Nathan is like a walking little store right now because of how many bags he carry.

"Nathan!"A boy's voice.

When they are about to go out, Nathan heard some familiar voices behind him. When look at his back he immediately feel furious and angry his heat started to heat up. He saw 5 boys he is his classmates back in middle school and they are always a bully to him. Nathan puts down the bags.

"Cedric! What's your problem!"Nathan said with menace. His eyebrows curled in anger. When Tiffany saw the look in Nathan she immediately know that they are not a good old acquaintance. Then she look at the 5 with disdained look.

"Oho! What's the problem? I just want to greet you that's all!"He said in a mocking tone and smirk, the boys beside also smirk. then he walks forward near him.

Cedric notice the girl's stare at him." Oho! Hey Missy I really like that kind of look of yours! Come to think of it you are also beautiful! Maybe you can satisfy me? Is this your boyfriend? He is super ugly? And really skinny? He can't pleasure you at all!" He said looking at Tiffany with eyes full of lust. Cedric is a repeater he is already 18 years old but he is just 1st year high school.

Tiffany continued to look at him with disgust clearly not putting them in her eyes. She doesn't take an action because they haven't done anything to Nathan yet.

When Cedric is about to touch Tiffany's shoulder he heard Nathan's cold voice saying.

"I Dare you to touch her and you will pay for it!"
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