Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Chapter 9

8 A Hidden Tiger Inside Tiffanys Dazzling Beauty

"I Dare you to touch her and you will pay for it!"Nathan said with a piercing look.

"Oho? Playing hero aren't you?"Cedric said. But then he will really touch her, for him this scumbag is nothing.

When his hand is just an inch away, Nathan quickly grab tightly his wrist. Cedric is quite shock this is the first time that Nathan tried to fight back looks like he really love his girlfriend.

When Cedric is just thinking about this, he didn't notice a punch coming into his face.


The punch sounds which make Cedric's subordinates smirk they know this kind of punch will not be enough to take Cedric down. Because he is a Genius of Judo.

Cedric did not think that Nathan will really punch him so he is really angry right now. Then he punch Nathan at his stomach.


"Ughh! "Nathan let out a sound of something that really hurts.

This time the sound really sound like it will hurts a lot. A number of people started to gather around.

Nathan also know that his punch will not affect Cedric but at the very least he want to help even just a tiny bit, he will not do the beating after all. Nathan's vision started to fade away, he is now holding his stomach in pain,

'They are done! This time they don't know who they trifled with!'This is Nathan's last thought before blacking out.


"Hmmp that's what you get for not knowing who did you offend!" Cedric said looking down on clay.

Tiffany is just waiting for this moment so she can freely beat them, she said."Really? I think I should say that words instead!"Tiffany's look is really scary right now, it's like she's looking at dead bodies.

Cedric didn't pay attention to what the girl said and say."Come here! Mis... Wha-" Cedric do not know what happens but the next moment he knew he is already at the ground, his stomach's hurt like hell he cannot even shout because of pain.

The people around gasp in awe and take a deep breath. Then a commotion break out.

"Holy sh*t did you see that?"Gossiper 1.

"No! it's insanely fast!"Gossiper 2 replied.

"A martial artist right? I can't even see what did she do?" Gossiper 3.

"Wait I know her! She is that girl!" Gossiper 4.

"Who? Do you know her?" Gossiper 5.

"You don't even know her? She is the Champion of South Division Martial Arts Tournament last year. Not just that, she is also the youngest of them all and she dominates everyone in her path!" Gossiper 4.

"Really? No way!" Gossiper 5.

"What? That's her? She even has the title of this title comes from the mouth of all the Martial Art Masters that watch her last year! Because she single handedly defeated her opponents."Gossiper 6

"Ohh I Remember her! I heard that the battles are one sided and can't even be called a fight anymore!" Gossiper 7.

"No way is that even real? I'm not really into that kind of staff!" Gossiper 8.

"Yes! No exaggeration! How about let's video her?" Gossiper 7.

"Yeah! Let's do that." Gossiper 8.

The people that Cedric brings started to feel afraid they thought that Cedric is really good at judo they even see him spar and he is really good at it, but now a woman make him eat the ground in one strike.

Little did they know the girl is already approaching them.

"Don't! Go away from us!" The man said. But the reply he got is just a smirk.

*plop* 1 down

*plop* 2 down

*plop* 3 down

*plop* 4 down

In a mere seconds the four did the same as Cedric eating the ground.

All of her moves has been filmed by the sorrounding people. All of her fast and precise strikes has been record, her insane footsteps has been record, and at last her flawless beauty shines more when she executes her techniques. But her face looks disappointed.

"Look she's not happy maybe it's not enough of what that people do to her!" Gossiper 1.

"Yeah the guys Harass and molest a wrong girl!" Gossiper 2.

"Right! If I get harass I will also want them dead!" Gossiper 3.

But what really disappointed Tiffany is."I beat them in 2.13 seconds? Not enough maybe I haven't just warmed up!"Tiffany said then continue."You think I will let you touch me? As if I will! I will only let that idiot Nathan touch me you dumbass" Tiffany said then look at Nathan. And mumbled. "You protected me again."
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