Epitome Series: The Path To Be A Super Famous Prologue

1 Prologue

My name is Nathan Ford I'm just your normal high school student, My grades are very high! Our school has thousands of students and in overall students ranking my position is first!.... First at the last! If that is not high? Then what is? This things are just normal for me.

About my talents? Uhmmm.... Forget it let's change topic! Hahaha just joking actually my singing is really good if you compared me to a mute person! My dancing is not bad if you compared me to a crippled person! My looks is not bad if you compared me to a person that gets beaten up badly to the extent that his face is not recognizable anymore. But there's really one thing I'm confident and competent about I'm exceptionally talented at sleeping! Currently my highest and longest record of sleeping is 3 days, no kidding its actually 3 days I remembered waking up in the hospital my family thought I'm in coma, haha its so funny, isn't it?

So to be straight to the point, I'm barely passing at school, my looks is frighteningly ugly, I have no talents or whatsoever but if there is things that I love in my life I would say my family, My mother is a. Hot bella and she really love and cares about me a lot! She don't have any work just a house wife. My father is also a lady-killer he cared about me and sometimes strict about things, he works at a television as a host, he is the one who feeds us, And last I have a Big sister who is a college student, Her looks are just like of a Goddess!.... Man... Sometimes I think if I were really there child...

Also I'm fond of watching animes and reading novels and manga. My goal in life is to be widely be known in the entire world! I want to be respected and to be successful person! So I decided to work hard until I don't need to introduce myself anymore!

I want to help my family! Our financial status is just of an average household you can said that our family has some reputation. My dad is quite a well-known host he is really eloquent and have a pretty high literature standards also he is hunk. My mother is a famous actress back in time but she finally stops when she give birth to my big sister, from an actress to a full pledge housewife real quick! About my Big sister she is our campus crush. Just looking at her is enough to make you cum.... Except me, I'm not thinking perverted stuff about my sister!

I actually plan to not talk to her in school the moment I became an high school student there... First of all... I don't want anyone to know that she is my sister from my looks no one will believe it! I remember in grade school when I tell them she is my sister they just say "You have high dreams!" "It's good to aim high but limit it" "Then good for you". And if somehow they know that it's a fact they will just criticize me saying that I'm just an adopted child! You know what? I'm done with your Bullsh*ts!.

But when I turned high school, you know what happen? In the first day of school she goes at my room saying that we should eat lunch together from now on! Yeah it's the freaking first day! I'm just thinking in the morning to not talk to you but you came at me instead?

Thus, I spend my school days getting criticize in every freaking day! Everyday I will hear someone saying "lucky bastard" "he's just a stalker" "adopted" like bruh it's the same old sh*t aren't you getting tired of it?

Well that's what pretty much my normal high school life goes! Until that day.....
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