Eternal Martial Sovereign Chapter 169

Chapter 169 - 9th Level Essence-Gathering Formation

Translator: JayCakes


While they were chatting,  Zhang Tian Long had already led Xiao Yun and the others to the Novice Peak mountainside. There were many courtyards here, each with their own specialized architecture. A unique energy was at the center of each courtyard. 

Here is the residence that we will be living in. Zhang Tian Long told everyone as they landed in front of the plaque for residence. Everyone had been pushed off their magical swords by a force and landed on the ground. 

This residences memorial arch had two words carved on it, Novice Residence. 

Looking ahead towards the memorial arch, Xiao Yun and the others eyes lit up. They knew in their hearts that this was going to be the place where they would cultivate going forward. 

Oh, Disciple Zhang, you brought another batch of new disciples! When Zhang Tian Long descended, a voice travelled from the memorial arch. It was the two middle aged men in charge of guarding this place. 

Zhang Tian Long nodded his head, You both worked hard.

Afterwards, they led Xiao Yun and the others into the Novice Residence. Inside, the first thing they saw when they entered was a large military drill grounds. From there were blue stone paths that extended every direction. 

In this residence, not only are you separated into 9 levels, every residence will have a similar courtyard that is suite your constitution. Zhang Tian Long continued, So we will later use your constitution type and your assessment ranking to determine your residence.

Afterwards Zhang Tian Long took everyone into their respective gardens. 

The gardens here all have a protection barrier, if someone wants to enter they need the matching access card. 

Each persons garden was at a different place, it was like each one was a small villa. Inside, everything was provided: not only were there balconies and study halls, but there were also bridges with water running under them, old trees that reached sky. Its as if your body was placed among the clouds and mists, as if it was a fairyland.

Oh,  disciple Xiao, this is your residence

Right after, Zhang Tian Long brought Xiao Yun into a garden, and arrived at a martial practice hall where he taught him how to activate the Essence-Gathering Formation. 

This is your martial practice hall, inside is an Essence-Gathering Formation. You can use the formation to gather all kinds of essences

When the gardens protection barrier was pull down, Zhang Tian Long gave a slight explanation and led Xiao Yun to a remote room. 

This martial practice hall was large and expansive. At the very center was a complicated formation. On top of it was carved several obscure runes. These runes were intertwined and seemed very mysterious. This formation was many times more wondrous compared to the formation that Xiao Yun encountered at Emperor Fengs. 

This formation is pretty good. Xiao Yun nodded slightly. He was quite satisfied with this Essence-Gathering Formation.

Ah, yes. Zhang Tian Long also praised this formation highly, and smiled, This is a 9th level Essence-Gathering Formation - the best Essence-Gathering Formation in the Novice Peak. Not even the old core temple disciples have received this type of treatment. I believe its good that Disciple Xiao has this Formation, it shouldnt be long before you reach the True Essence Realm. After that you would naturally become a top disciple of the core temple.

The top disciples at the core temple? Xiao Yun smiled abashedly. After all, this was his ultimate goal. 

The activation of this Essence-Gathering Formation is quite simple, you only need to infuse the identity token with your essence chi to deactivate the protection barrier. After that, you just need to form the corresponding runes and enter the formation. The formation will naturally fill you up with type of Essence Qi you want. Zhang Tian Long explained. 

Is it truly this miraculous? Xiao Yun was slightly startled, he was surprised at the ability of this Formation. 

This is the Heaven Origin Sect top Essence-Gathering Formation, of course its not ordinary. Zhang Tian Long laughed. Later, I will deliver the Heaven Origin Sect core disciple uniform to you. When the time comes, you guys only need to go to the core temple to enrollment ceremony to become official Heaven Origin Sect disciples.

After Zhang Tian Long had finished teaching him everything, he took his leave. 

Xiao Yun bid farewell to Zhang Tian Long and then stood on the balcony and surveyed his garden. This garden is located in the Novice Peaks mountainside; it was incredibly expansive, almost like a mansion. 

Standing on the balcony, surrounded by lingering clouds and mist, Xiao Yun felt like he was floating on the clouds. When his eyes gazed into the distance in front of him, a feeling suddenly surged in his heart - it was a feeling of looking down at the world. This was the start of his journey toward the peak martial path. It felt like the Heavenly Capital Domain wasnt too far off. 

Ah, this place is not bad, I believe it wont be long before you will progression into the next phase. But if you want to enter Mysterious Essence Battlefield and participate in the Hundred Sects War, it wont be so simple. Therefore, you need to spend this next period of time to redouble your effort in cultivation. Just when Xiao Yun felt his blood start to boil and he was starting to feel courageous and lofty, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrows voice interrupted him. 

How do you know about the Mysterious Essence Battlefield? Xiao Yun arched his brows and asked. 

Ive heard rumors. the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow replied indifferently.

Tell me more. Xiao Yun asked. He didnt understand much about the Mysterious Essence Battlefield; he only knew that it was the only shortcut to enter the Heavenly Capital Domain. Otherwise a regular person going from Nanjiang to the Heavenly Capital Domain is simply a fantasy, unless they were able to find some kind of ancient travel method. 

This Mysterious Essence Battlefield is a very ancient battlefield, its incredibly dangerous. The people who enter may not even get the chance to participate in the Hundred Sects War. All in all, its incredibly dangerous inside. At the same time, there is a huge opportunity. The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said. 

Opportunity? Xiao Yun didnt mind danger, he had already experienced many life and death situations. Why would he mind these kinds of things? As long as there was opportunity, he was willing to make a move. Because Xiao Yun knows that this was an shortcut to quickly surpass everyone else. 

Because this is an ancient battlefield, there will be any ancient remnants that you can harvest once you are inside. Even ordinary cultivators can rush into the heavens and surpass those geniuses. But are these precious artifacts something a normal person can win? Heaven-Devouring Sparrow continued, Thats why if you want to go inside and come out victorious, you need to be powerful already.

I will work hard After he heard about the opportunity within the Mysterious Essence Battlefield, Xiao Yun had even higher expectations for that place. If you only compete with the elite disciples of the famous sects, what is the meaning?

Dont worry, as long as you work hard and depend on your skills, you will have opportunity. the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said calmly.  

Do you know anything else about the Mysterious Essence Battlefield? Xiao Yun asked.

Mysterious Essence Battlefield is just a small portion of the ancient battlefield controlled by the Heavenly Capital Domain. During that time, I only heard rumours. I dont know anything specific. The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said calmly, Anyways, your goal right now is to cultivate more. Cultivate and continue to grow stronger. Dont worry too about anything else.

Yes. Xiao Yun nodded. 

Half an hour later, Zhang Tian Long returned to deliver to everyone the special uniform of the core temple. 

Everyone, follow me to the core temple entrance ceremony

After passing out everything, Zhang Tian Long gathered Xiao Yun and the others and took them towards the core temple. 

At the core temple, the Temple Manager Jiang and the core temple staff members were waiting for them. The atmosphere inside was very solemn. 

Xiao Yun and the others lined up with solemn expressions, their eyes glued to the big temple ahead. 

There was a giant statue of an aged elder. It was as if he was a saint from a painting, giving off an extraordinary impression. 

There was a vague aura emanating from the status, making it hard for Xiao Yun and the others to breathe. 

That kind of suppressions made peoples hearts jump in surprise; the oppression was greater than a Essence Soul realm cultivator. 

One could imagine how frightening the person depicted in this statue was. 

This is our Heaven Origin Sects founder, the Heaven Origin ancestor. The Temple Manager Jiang said to everyone with a solemn expression. 

This is Heaven Origin Sects founder? Everyone was surprised that even a statue would have such presence. Just how frightening was this founder?

Is this a real sculpture? Xiao Yun was also slightly surprised, his heart was filled with respect. 

This is merely a minor sculpture. The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said calmly, This experts strength pierced the heavens, his will naturally left a sense of power inside the statue. Once you are of a certain level, you can appreciate this wonder too.

A certain level? Xiao Yun started, suddenly he thought of the large monument left behind by the Feng family ancestors at Heavenly Phoenix Ridge. 

When you enter our Sect - if you honor the founder and respect your masters, do everything for the interest of the Sect, follow the rules of the sect, cooperate and work together, you will grow with the Sect into something spended Under the status, the Temple Manager Jiang started the entrance ceremony. He started explaining some of the sect rules and customs etc. However, Xiao Yun was already immersed in that statue grandeur.

He didnt know why, but he suddenly felt more aware. Its as if he was able to grasp something; but also it seemed to be nothing at all.

The other disciples gathered listened to the Temple Manager Jiangs speech with sincerity. 

At this time, a youth stepped forward and started sprinkling water on the people gathered with a willow leaf. This is holy water, a metaphor for the newly initiated disciples to cast off their mundane life. This way they can start climbing towards greater heights. 

Xiao Yun finally came to his senses when the holy water landed on his body. 

Salute! the Temple Manager Jiangs voice rang out. It was like a mandate from the heavens, impossible to resist and full of dignity. 

At this time, Xiao Yun paid attention and immediately saluted with his fellow disciples. 

The ceremony concluded and everyone started standing up. 

Okay, from this day on, you are all new disciples of the Heaven Origin Sect. The Temple Manager Jiangs eyes swept over the people gathered and said sincerely, Because you just joined, you will start from the bottom. There will be a lot of competition, so you guys must work together.

We will follow these instructions. Everyone said together. 

The Temple Manager Jiang said, In half a year, you will have an exam. Not only will you be examined among yourselves, the previous batch of new disciples will join as well. If you can distinguish yourselves during these exams and be able to defeat the previous batch of disciples, you will be rewarded. At the same time, some elders will be observing. If you are noticed by an elder, you may receive their guidance - that fortune is not to be looked lightly upon. 

Exam? After everyone heard this, their eyes lit up. Afterwards, everyone said in unison, We will definitely work hard to cultivate. We will not let Temple Manager Jiang down.

Good. You are dismissed. the Temple Manager Jiang said, Every month, I will have people deliver pills and other supplies to everyone.

Yes! Afterwards, everyone left the core temple. 

After leaving the core temple, Xiao Yun returned to the garden of his residence inside the Novice Peak. Right when he returned, the garden suddenly appear a few servants. 

These people were in charge of taking care of the core temple disciples food and living situation. 

This kind of service was only available to core temple disciples, other peaks disciples clothes and other necessities were taken care by outer circle disciples. 

I wonder whats the effect of this 9th Level Essence-Gathering Formation? After taking a bath, Xiao Yun hurried to the martial training room. He first entered the Essence-Gathering Formation, eyes full of expectation, and activated the runes on the formation. 


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