Eternal Martial Sovereign Chapter 170

Chapter 170 - Stepping into True Essence


Translator: Enrei



Hopefully you can help me step into the True Essence realm. After muttering that to himself, Xiao Yun sat cross legged in the Essence Gather Formation and took out his Identity Token. He did as Zhang Tianlong had told him and began to channel his Essence Qi into the Identity Token, in order to prompt the formation into drawing out Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

As he imbued the Identity Token with Essence Qi, there was a flash of light, and several nearby pillars seemed to be affected as well. They began to give off a light that enveloped Xiao Yun, and at the same time, the runes on the pillars shifted around as if they had come to life.

At this moment, Xiao Yun condensed the Essence Qi in his body to form a magic seal.

Xiao Yun did not hesitate. After the formation of magic seal, he moved his palms and , they were led by the palm of the hand and pushed the seal into the light of the formation. As the seal sank into the formation, the pillars changed, and five beams of light shot into the sky and pooled into cyclone at the top of the Martial Refinery Chamber.

The cyclone seemed to interact with the air and connect to the air outside, and if one looked closely, one could see that even the ceiling of the Martial Refinery Chamber was carved with runes that were smooth as a mirror. Now, these runes had been activated and were now moving around.

As the formation was activated, a thick Essence Qi began to flow from the cyclone.


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