Eternal Reverence Chapter 169

In addition to the redemption of the True Inferno Technique, Li Fuchen redeemed another mystic cla.s.s, low-tier sword art Radiance Sword Style.

This sword art was very domineering, if the Meteor Sword Style was a restrained dominance, then the Radiance Sword Style was a show off type of dominance.

One was like a shooting star, while the other was like the sun.

In the s.p.a.cious backyard, Li Fuchen was practicing the Radiance Sword Style.

It was like rays of sunlight shooting out. The Radiance Sword Style wasnt any slower than the Meteor Sword Style. It may perhaps be another notch faster.

"Rising East Sun!"

Letting out a blinding radiance, Li Fuchens blade crashed into the 2 meter tall black iron ore.

A loud crashing sound echoed.

A large pit could be seen on the black iron ore, it was at least the size of face wash basin.

If it was the Meteor Sword Style, it would have immediately penetrated the black iron ore. The size of the hole would be about the size of a fist.

"One has a destructive area of attack. The other a fatal penetrative power." Li Fuchen a.n.a.lyzed the difference between the two sword styles.

Sword arts Speed didnt mean firepower.

The speed of the Radiance Sword Style was faster than the Meteor Sword Style, but in terms of firepower, it wasnt comparable to the Meteor Sword Style. But it did have a wider attack radius.

In order to increase speed, power must be sacrificed.

Amongst all the mystic cla.s.s, low-tier sword arts, the Meteor Sword Style had achieved a near perfect balance between speed and power.

Of course, every sword style had its speciality.

The Radiance Sword Style was extremely fast and had a wide attack radius. It was hard to defend against too. After all, not all martial artist have high defenses. If one was to talk about going against an average defense, the Radiance Sword Style would have a higher efficiency than the Meteor Sword Style.

"The Radiance Sword Style has reach the sub-completion stage. It is time for me to head back."

Li Fuchen wasnt in a hurry to reach the completion stage for the Radiance Sword Style. During the time that he was going to spend back at home, he could take his time to cultivate it.

Before heading back, Li Fuchen planned to redeem some resources.

During the trip to the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen obtained plenty of herbs. He had kept some of them, like the Origin Return Herb, Earth Shattering Fruit, Seven Colour Glazed Grape, and some other special effect herbs. But other than herbs, Li Fuchen thought he should redeem some pills too. Back at Cloud Mist City, yellow cla.s.s, high-tier pills were considered precious and most definitely rare as well.

In one go, Li Fuchen redeemed 500 thousand contribution points worth of pills. Yellow cla.s.s, high-tier and peak-tier pills were included.

After redeeming the pills, Li Fuchen went to the direct disciple grand hall to submit his application for returning home.

Different grade disciples had different levels of freedom.

Outer sect disciples werent allowed to go back home.

Inner sect disciples had more freedom. During their missions, they could return home. So, they did not need to apply for permission.

As for direct disciples. Because they do not have many missions to fulfil, they could apply to return home for up to three months a year.

At the foot of the mountain, Li Fuchen clamped tightly onto the cla.s.s 2 demon blood horse and galloped towards Cloud Mist City.

Cloud Mist City.

Li Clan.

The current Li Clans patriarch was the father of Li Yunhai and Li Yunhe, Li Tieshan.

As the Li Clans Patriarch, Li Tieshan did as he wished. On normal days he would manipulate the clan's funds and in using these resources, he had advanced from the 7th level of the Origin Realm to the 8th level of the Origin Realm. In just a few more years, he would advance to the 9th level. If he could reach 9th level of Origin Realm by the age of 50, he would have a chance to breakthrough to the Earth Realm within this life.

Within Cloud Mist City, any Earth Realm martial artist was considered an ultimate power. Even the city lord was just a 5th level Earth Realm marital artist.

"Patriarch, you need to help Xiaodie and help Xiaodies father seek out our grievances."

In the hall, the delicate and pale faced Li Xiaodie knelt stubbornly with tears rolling off her face.

Seeing Li Xiaodie once again frustrated Li Tieshan. It has been a month since she came here to kneel every single day to him help her serve justice.

"Li Xiaodie, this matter is done in by your own father. What status does Shen Tu Lang have? What status do you and your father have? It is your blessing that Shen Tu Lang chose you as his wife. But your father didnt care about his status and went to fight against Shen Tu Lang with his life. Now that he has been beaten to death by Shen Tu Lang, who can he blame? Go back and stop your nonsense, if not, dont blame me for using our clan law to punish you."

He has already taken 5 yellow cla.s.s, high-tier pills from the Shen Tu Clan. So he cannot serve justice for Li Xiaodie and he didnt want to do so either.

Two hours later, Li Xiaodie left silently with a grieving expression.

'This wretched la.s.s. I have to find an opportunity to married her out. She is trouble in for the Li Clan.' Li Tieshan thought to himself.

In an isolated area of the Li Clan.

Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan saw Li Xiaodie come back with a depressed expression. They couldnt help but sigh.

They pitied Li Xiaodie but couldnt help her do anything.

"Li Tieshan this b*****d! Cant even protect his own clansmen. What good is he as the clan patriarch!" Li Tianhan voiced his anger.

Shen Yuyan said, "Tianhan, dont be anxious. Fuchen is already at the 7th level of the Origin Realm now. In a few more years, he will be back and set the Li Clan back on track."

Their information was news from months ago. The most recent news hasnt been back yet.

Li Tianhan spoke with concern, "That is what I am worried about. When Fuchen comes back, I dont know what kind of Li Clan will be left."

"It wont be. You need to have confidence. I shall go prepare a meal for Xiaodie " Shen Yuyan spoke and brought some food for Li Xiaodie in the yard.

The Azure Water Sect wasnt too far from the Cloud Mist City, but it wasnt considered near either. Two weeks later, Li Fuchen was finally back at Cloud Mist City.

Glancing at the familiar place and scenery, Li Fuchen was overwhelmed with emotions. When he left, he was 15, now he was 19. Almost 5 years had pa.s.sed just like that, giving him an unrealistic feeling.

He controlled the demon blood horse to gallop towards the Li Clan.

"Cla.s.s 2 demon blood horse, tsk tsk."

Along the way, many of the city patrols noticed Li Fuchen. Especially the cla.s.s 2 demon blood horse that Li Fuchen rode.

"Captain, why do I find him so familiar." One of the patrolman spoke to the patrol captain.

"We are always patrolling the outskirts of the city. There are many familiar faces, perhaps he is young master of one of the clans that is coming back." The patrol captain replied.

"Captain, I thought of it now. He is Li Fuchen, the ex-young master."

"You arent kidding me right?! I got news that Li Fuchen is doing well in the Azure Water Sect. He is now already at the 7th level of the Origin Realm."

"Hehe, there is going to be commotions at the Li Clan; now that the Li Clan Patriarch is no longer Li Fuchens father Li Tianhan, but Li Tieshan. But Li Tieshan is a rather smart person, he is working well under our master Shen Tu Lang."

"There wont be any commotion. He is just at the 7th level of the Origin Realm and also a normal bone frame. It is unsure if he can even progress to the Earth Realm in this life. In the Li Clan, there is quite a few Earth Realm martial artists. He cannot turn the tables."

"Who is the trespa.s.ser! This is the Li Clan, get off your horse."

At the gates of Li Clan were two lions one either side, emitting prowess and dominance. Outside of the gates were two Li Clans martial artists. As the leader shouted.

Li Fuchen insisted on not getting off the horse, "Open your eyes and see clearly who am I."

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