Eternal Reverence Chapter 502

Eternal Reverence Chapter 502

Published at 21st of May 2020 08:58:28 AM
Chapter 502
ER Chapter 502: Spirit RefinementArray
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10,000 miles 50,000 miles .

The battleship flew very quickly and in just a short moment, it had already traveled 50,000 miles .

But at this moment, the battleship gradually slowed down and the monarch qi that was enveloping the battleship was only left with a thin layer .


Right at this moment, an overflowing blood light surged into the sky from below the sea .

A blood-colored array that covered hundreds of thousands of miles had appeared .

At the center of the blood-colored array, there was a black giant python that was a few hundred miles long .

No, it wasnt a giant python . Giant pythons didnt normally have claws, but this giant sea beast didnt just have horns, it had four claws .

It was a flood dragon and it was a pure-blooded flood dragon .

If it wasnt a pure-blooded flood dragon, it was impossible for it to have four claws .

The Red Flood Dragon King merely had three claws .

A matured pure-blooded flood dragon was definitely a demonic emperor .

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Of course, only demonic emperors would grow to the size of a few hundred miles long .

This black flood dragon wasnt dead and when the blood-colored array appeared, the black flood dragon was struggling intensively . It let out a horrific roar that contained a destructive willpower . Countless sea beasts lost their consciousness due to the sound wave and fell from the sky, before they were instantly refined into blood by the blood-colored array .

When the blood fused into the blood-colored array, it made the array increasingly terrifying . Blood-colored chains reached into the black flood dragons body and was seemingly extracting something out .

In response, the black flood dragon quickly closed its mouth and stopped roaring .

This is a seal array that sealed a demonic emperor .

The robust middle-aged man had already flown out of the blood-colored arrays range . Even though he couldnt see the black flood dragon, just based on the roar, he could distinguish that the array was sealing a demonic emperor and it was an overwhelming invincible demonic emperor .

The Red Flood Dragon King is truly to break the array and release the demonic emperor? The robust middle-aged man was silently anxious .

Once the sealed demonic emperor was released, the entire Red Rainbow Sect would be facing a calamity .

The strength of a demonic emperor was indescribable .

The Red Rainbow Sects main array might be able to defend against Law Phase Realm emperors, but when mentioned seriously, it could only resist regular low-level Law Phase Realm emperors . Without any formidable manuals, a Law Phase Realm emperor normally wouldnt be a match for a demonic emperor .

The robust middle-aged man couldnt imagine who would possibly be able to seal a demonic emperor at the coastal waters of the Red Sea .

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It was truly horrifying .

It doesnt matter what the Red Flood Dragon King is planning . I cannot let him succeed .

Just as the robust middle-aged man was about to leave

Swish Swish Swish Swish!

Horrific figures appeared in the vicinity of the robust middle-aged man .

Greetings Sect Patriarch and to all the Supreme Elders .

The robust middle-aged man was first shocked before revealing a delighted expression .

The Red Rainbow Sect Patriarch was the no . 1 monarch, Red Rainbow Monarch and he had the cultivation of 9th level Primary Sea Realm .

The rest of the supreme elders were also high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

Sect Patriarch, this place suddenly appeared with the cla.s.s 8 array . Furthermore, within this cla.s.s 8 array, it seems like a demonic emperor is sealed within . It must be the conspiracy of the Red Flood Dragon King . We must not allow him to release the sealed demonic emperor . The robust middle-aged man said .

Eldr w.a.n.g, you said it wrongly . The Red Flood Dragon King isnt going to release the demonic emperor, it is planning to use blood and willpower from countless individuals to circulate the array to the extremity and refine the demonic emperors demonic spirit . The one speaking was a supreme elder . He had white hair and a scar in between his brows which looked like a third eye .

Three-Eyed Saber Monarch, the most senior high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch in the Red Rainbow Sect . In terms of strength, it was said that he was only slightly inferior to the Red Rainbow Monarch .

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I got it wrong? The robust middle-aged man was confused .

The red-robed and handsome-looking Red Rainbow Monarch explained with both hands behind his back, Elder Baili is right . The Red Flood Dragon King isnt going to release the demonic emperor and is planning to refine the demonic emperors demonic spirit . Doing so would allow him to extract the demonic emperors essence blood in order for him to evolve into a demonic emperor . The reason we are able to determine this is because this cla.s.s 8 array is the legendary Spirit Refinement Array . It is a dreadful array that could refine a demonic emperors demonic spirit or an emperors true spirit .

The robust middle-aged man opened his mouth and couldnt help but said, Isnt the Red Flood Dragon King afraid that the demonic emperor might escape and deal with him?

The Red Rainbow Monarch sneered and said, Even if Spirit Refinement Array didnt have the enhancement from the fresh blood and willpower, the demonic emperor is still unable to escape . Furthermore, this demonic emperor has been sealed for countless years . Its strength is probably not even 1% of its original strength . With the dreadful Spirit Refinement Array, it will only get weaker . Before this, the Red Flood Dragon King must have plotted this for a long time and had prepared everything before starting the war with us .

The Spirit Refinement was an array that existed in the legends .

This array was specifically targeting those terrifying existences that were hard to kill .

Demonic emperors had tenacious vitality and there were some demonic emperors that were near immortal . If one wanted to kill them, one would need strength that was several times superior to them .

The Spirit Refinement Array was targeting the true spirit and demonic spirit .

Once a demonic emperors demonic spirit was refined, the spirit soul would definitely disperse . As such, no matter how powerful the body was, it would still be a dead object .

In the history records, there was a horrifying incident when a Spirit Refinement Array refined everyones true spirit in an emperor-cla.s.s sect .

Of course, demonic emperors had extremely powerful demonic spirits and in order to refine the demonic spirit, it would require an elite cla.s.s 8 Array Master to set up a Spirit Refinement Array, otherwise, it would take a very long time .

The Red Rainbow Monarch obviously wasnt going to wait for such a long time and planned to finish this entire process swiftly .

But it was unknown how the Red Flood Dragon King found out that countless fresh blood and willpower would be able to enhance the Spirit Refinement Array .

Then what should we do now? The robust middle-aged man queried .

The Three-Eyed Saber Monarch said, The Spirit Refinement Array is a cla.s.s 8 array and we will not be able to break it . Of course, even if we can break it, we cannot do so . Even a weak demonic emperor would have countless terrifying attack methods . If it is released, it will bring a great catastrophe to the Red Rainbow Sect . The only thing we can do now is to wait for the Spirit Refinement Array to refine the demonic emperors demonic spirit . We just have to stop the Red Flood Dragon King from obtaining the essence blood .

But the Red Flood Dragon King had been plotting for such a long time . Wouldnt it already know we are going to stop it? The robust middle-aged man asked .

The Red Rainbow Monarch sighed and said, Everything will be up to heavens fate .

The Spirit Refinement Array would automatically scatter after refining the demonic emperors demonic spirit . Once the Spirit Refinement Array scattered, it would be the moment of truth .


The monarch qi that enveloped the battleship had ultimately dispersed . At this moment, the battleships speed had returned to normal but Li Fuchen and the others couldnt be bothered . When the blood light surged into the sky, everyones mind was in intense pain . Such intense pain was something Li Fuchen knew deeply .

Before obtaining the golden amulet, Li Fuchen would experience the intense pain during his cultivation and he would rather die than to suffer such pain .

Afterwards, Li Fuchen found out that it was because his spirit soul was dispersing .

Not good . Is this array targeting the spirit soul? Elder Wan was bleeding from his seven apertures and sounded very bleak .

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