Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4601

Chapter 4601: God Lord Triple Qianqiu Battlefield

When Lu Ming flew out of the sky star region and entered the void space, he encountered a cosmic storm.

Cosmic storm is a kind of disaster that can only appear in the emptiness of the ruins of the universe.

The cosmic storm is extremely terrifying. Once encountered, even the strong in the original state must evade, and the encounter of the **** master state will lead to nine deaths.

Lu Ming could only sigh unlucky. The area covered by the cosmic storm was too big. In the end, there was no way. Lu Ming could only enter the prey.

When facing other masters, it is not wise to enter the Honghuangjie to escape. If you go in, and Honghuangjie stays outside, what's the use? Wouldn't it be slaughtered?

But in the face of this kind of natural disaster, it can be avoided with the precepts.

Hong Huang Jie is one of the four great treasures of the Heavenly Palace of Life and Soul. Its level is higher than that of the Eighteen Town Hall God Soldiers. The material is solid and immortal, and it really blocks the invasion of the cosmic storm.

However, the prehistoric ring is also drifting with the flow, being taken far away by the cosmic storm.

Moreover, where the cosmic storm passed, everything could be wiped out, including the breath left by Lu Ming, so Ye Ling Tianshou's father chased there and lost Lu Ming's breath.

Lu Ming hid in Honghuangjie, and didn't know how long it took before he calmed down outside.

Lu Ming speculated that the cosmic storm had passed, and Lu Ming had just come out of Honghuang.

"Where am I?"

Lu Ming was at a loss and realized that he seemed to have entered a new area, but he didn't know which area it was.

Lu Ming took out the map and looked at it for a while, but he couldn't figure it out.

After all, even if you have a map, you have to know where you are now, and you dont know where it is now. Even if you have a map, its useless.

"Forget it, no matter where it is, it should be far away from the sky star area. Find a place to practice safely!"

Lu Ming thought, not long after, he found a barren continent, entered the continent, and began to take out the prehistoric crystals to absorb and refine.

On the other side, Ye Ling Tianshou's father lost Lu Ming's trace and was very unwilling, and finally continued to fly towards the depths of the ruins of the universe.

He couldn't be reconciled if he didn't kill Lu Ming and avenge the Ye Ling Tianshou.

However, the direction between him and Lu Ming had already deviated.

One by one, the prehistoric crystals were absorbed and refined by Lu Ming.

Lu Ming hurriedly refined more than 3,000 prehistoric crystals. His cultivation level finally made a breakthrough and reached the triple level of the gods.

"Finally reached the third level of the Divine Master, and it is really much stronger than the second level of the Divine Master, but the consumption of the Primordial Crystal is also terrifying, actually nearly four thousand..."

Lu Ming sighed.

Counting from breaking through the Divine Master Double Layer, to breaking through the Divine Master Triple Layer, Lu Ming consumed nearly four thousand prehistoric crystals.

Fortunately, Lu Ming obtained a large number of prehistoric crystals in the Ancestral Mountain. Without this opportunity, it would be very difficult to collect four thousand prehistoric crystals.

It takes nearly four thousand primordial crystals to reach the third level of the gods and masters. Then, to break through from the third stage of the gods to the fourth levels of the gods and masters, the required princely crystals may be even more exaggerated.

It may be above 40,000 yuan.

Calculating according to this law, the Hong Huang Jing in Lu Ming's hand can at most allow Lu Ming to break through to the fourth level of the gods.

"Don't worry about it, let's break through to the fourth layer of God Lord."

Lu Ming decided to upgrade his cultivation until he could not upgrade, and then go to the depths of the ruins of the universe.

Sharpening the knife does not accidentally chop the wood, only a higher level of cultivation can get more opportunities.

Lu Ming continued to refine the prehistoric crystals, but not too long this time, Lu Ming stopped because he felt that the king's arm was abnormal.

With a wave of his hand, the bronze box appeared, opened the box, and the human king's arm flew out directly. On it, there was a dazzling brilliance and constant tremors.

And, the palm points in one direction.

"That is..."

Lu Ming was surprised.

"Could it be that other parts of the human body are about to appear!"

At this time, a line of words appeared on the box.

"The rest of the human body?"

Lu Ming's heart was shaken.

"This is my speculation, but it is likely to be the case. The human king's arm senses other parts of the human body. Boy, hurry up in that direction. Your chance is here."

Box Road.

"Can I practice first before going!"

Lu Ming muttered, still wanting to improve his cultivation base before leaving.

"The time must not be missed. If it is too late, everything is hard to say. This is a golden opportunity. You have a good chance. You have discovered other parts of the human body so quickly. Don't miss it!"

Bronze Box Road.


Lu Ming nodded.

He didn't want to miss the human king's flesh body. Once he got it, he could cross the world and suppress the heavenly palace, which made him very excited.


Lu Ming rose into the air and headed towards the direction of King Ren's arm.

The palm of King Ren's arm was always facing in one direction. With the guidance of King Ren's arm, Lu Ming would not go wrong.

However, that place seemed very far away from Lu Ming.

Lu Ming has been flying for a month, but he has not arrived at his destination.

"This is about to enter the Qianqiu battlefield!"

Lu Ming studied the map carefully.

After flying for a month, Lu Ming finally knew where he was based on the judgment of a series of reference objects.

He went deeper and deeper into the ruins of the universe.

And he looked at the map and found that soon, he was about to reach an important place in the ruins of the universe, the Qianqiu Battlefield.

The Qianqiu battlefield is already deep in the ruins of the universe.

Moreover, here is a battleground between the Heaven Exterminating Army and the Heavenly Palace.

Here, both sides have invested a large number of powerhouses, vying for control here.

Because here was an important battlefield in the last era.

The prehistoric continent was exploded in the last epoch, and this place was definitely a place of decisive battle, so it also contained countless opportunities.

Someone here has obtained a complete source-level magic weapon, also a top-level Qi training technique, and even a treasure containing the imprint of the source.

Even, have gotten more precious treasures than those above.

Therefore, in order to compete for this place, the Heaven Extinguishing Army and the Heavenly Palace have invested a large number of powerful men, fighting all year round and competing for resources.

The two sides have faced off here for more than ten sidereal years.

The Qianqiu battlefield is undoubtedly very dangerous.

Feihuang didn't let Lu Ming come here before.

"Could it be that the other parts of the human king's body are on the swing battlefield? I hope not, maybe just passing by here."

Lu Ming whispered, but whispered in his heart.

If it is really on the Qianqiu battlefield, it will be in trouble.

In the Qianqiu Battlefield, both sides have invested a lot of powerhouses, even the powerhouses of the Origin Realm, there are not a few, as for the masters of the Divine Master Realm, there are even more.

If it is really here, with his cultivation base, it would be really difficult to get the human body.

Lu Ming secretly prayed, hoping to just pass through here.

However, when Lu Ming approached the Qianqiu battlefield, the feeling of the king's arm suddenly disappeared, and he returned to peace, lying quietly in the bronze box.

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