Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4603

Chapter 4603: Goodbye Xie Nianjun

The one who came was actually Xie Nianjun.

Lu Ming showed a hint of surprise.

Speaking of it, he hasn't seen Xie Nianjun for many years.

Since Xie Nianjun and Xie Nianqing left together last time, he has never met Xie Nianjun again, even when Xie Nianjun was in the Supreme Immortal City, Xie Nianjun did not appear.

Later, he asked Xie Nianqing about Xie Nianjun's news. Xie Nianqing said that Xie Nianjun had been cultivating in the depths of the ruins of the universe, but he did not expect to meet him in this Qianqiu battlefield.

"It's you? Do you want to stop me? I'm afraid it's not enough."

The strong angel clan said.

"How can I know if I don't try?"

Xie Nianjun spoke indifferently, and his whole body was shrouded in a holy light, and he looked a bit like the holy light of an angel race.

However, Xie Nianqing's power is not the holy light of the angel race, but a higher-level power, holy and immortal.

She stepped on the void, and every step she took, a lotus flower condensed out, and finally turned into thousands of white lotus flowers, flying towards the master of the angel race.

"Break it for me!"

The masters of the angel race yelled, the angel war sword exploded, and thousands of sword anger burst out, colliding with the white lotus, and splitting each white lotus in half.

"Xie Nianjun is not an opponent!"

Lu Ming's heart moved.

Xie Nianjun's cultivation is very strong, and he has reached the fourth stage of the Divine Lord.

As expected, she has been cultivating in the depths of the ruins of the universe, coupled with the fusion of the memories of her two lives, and the speed of her practice is indeed amazing. Lu Ming has gotten an adventure, and now only has the threefold divine master, while Xie Nianjun has reached the fourfold divine master.

However, the Divine Lord's Quadruple and the Angel Race's powerhouses are also completely different from the triple cultivation base. Although Xie Nianjun is very enchanting, he is not the opponent of the other party.

The two got a few moves right, Xie Nianjun backed away again and again.

"Take the two of you together!"

The strong men of the angel race yelled, their swords crisscrossed, and they kept slashing towards Xie Nianjun.

"Feixian a sword!"

Xie Nianjun drank lightly. Thousands of lotus flowers formed a river of long swords, like flying immortals outside the sky, coming from the void, and with a touch, they actually knocked out the angel war sword of the strong angel clan.

"Good opportunity, ball, hands!"

Lu Ming let out a low shout, and displayed the sky-breaking style. The man and the spear were unified, turning into a bright spear light, and stabbing the angel clan master.

The ball turned into a mirror, and a beam of light was shot out, covering the strong angels in it.

The strong man of the angel race had a momentary trance in his eyes.

This is enough!

Lu Ming was like a flash of lightning, his spear pierced the eyebrows of the strong angel race.


At the critical moment, the strong angel clan seemed to feel the danger, and with a roar, the violent power rushed out like a tide.


The powerful force impacted on the God of War Spear, causing the God of War Spear to constantly vibrate, and the forward momentum was abruptly blocked.


Lu Ming's thoughts moved, and the power of the original source ran, rushing into the God of War Spear and burst out, triggering the power of the God of War Spear. Instantly, the power of the God of War Spear increased greatly, breaking the power of the strong angel race, and continuing to stab forward.

"how is this possible?"

The strong angel clan roared, shocked in his heart.

Although he was affected by that beam of light just now, his spirit was in a trance, and when he hurriedly shot, the power naturally could not fully burst out.

But it should be more than enough to block or even knock Lu Ming into flight, but he did not expect that Lu Ming's attack power would suddenly increase.

No way, at the critical moment, the strong angels can only use his angel wings to stand in front of them.


The God of War spear pierced two angel wings in succession, feathers flying and blood flowing.

However, the opponent also blocked Lu Ming's attack with this.

However, there was not only Lu Ming at the scene, but also Xie Nianjun.

How could Xie Nianjun miss this opportunity.

"Feixian a sword!"

A sweet drink rang, a sword light like a flying fairy from the sky, piercing towards the strong angels.

The next moment, the strong man of the angel race flew out.

One of his wings was cut off abruptly, feathers flying, blood splattered.

Not only that, but a deep wound appeared on this person's chest, almost splitting his body in half.

He vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, his face was pale, but his eyes were murderous with resentment.

"You guys, wait for me!"

The strong man of the angel clan roared and flew to the rear, disappearing without a trace in an instant.

Xie Nianjun and Lu Ming did not pursue them.

Xie Nianjun didn't pursue it, and Lu Ming naturally wouldn't pursue it. He wasn't familiar with this place, but he didn't want to pursue it to the den of Tiangong.

"Xie Nianjun, don't come here unharmed."

Lu Ming smiled, his appearance and breath began to change, turning into Lu Ming's original appearance and breath.

"Sure enough it is you!"

Seeing Lu Ming, Xie Nianjun was not surprised.

With her ingenuity, she can guess one or two from the beginning.

"Remember, my name is Tang Jun, not Xie Nianjun."

Xie Nianjun, no, it should be Tang Jun, and added another sentence.

Lu Ming touched his nose speechlessly.

Sure enough, Xie Nianqing and Xie Nianjun are in completely different states.

Although both of them have merged the memories of the two lives, their methods are completely different.

Xie Nianjun is the memory of the previous life that takes the initiative and swallows the memory of this life. Therefore, the essence of Xie Nianjun is the previous life, Tang Jun.

And Xie Nianqing, it is the memory of this life that takes the initiative and swallows the memory of the previous life, so Xie Nianqing is still Xie Nianqing of this life.

"Lu Ming, why did you run to the Qianqiu Battlefield alone?"

Tang Jun asked.

"I was venturing in the ruins of the universe and came here by accident."

Lu Ming said.

Tang Jun didn't delve into it, nodded and said: "Let's leave here first. This is at the junction between us and the Tiangong site. I'm afraid the opponent will have a master."

After speaking, Tang Jun turned around and left, Lu Ming followed.

"Lu Ming, if you are lucky, you just walked to the junction of the two sides. If you plunge into the territory occupied by the Tiangong, then you can only silently mourn for you."

Tang Jundao.

"I still have to thank you for your help, otherwise it will be difficult for me to get out."

Lu Ming chuckled and slapped flattery by the way.

He came to the Qianqiu Battlefield for the first time, and there are still many things to understand, so Tang Jun naturally depends.

Soon, the two came to a continent.

On the way, Lu Ming also asked some things and learned some things.

The Heaven Extinguishing Army and the Heavenly Palace each occupy a territory, and this area is the junction of the two territories, and both sides sent masters to sit and patrol.

Lu Ming had just walked to the area leaning towards Tiangong before and met the strong angel clan.

Fortunately, Tang Jun was also patrolling the surroundings and he heard the movement and killed him before he rescued Lu Ming.

"The Qianqiu battlefield is mainly based on the main continent, with a vast area, and around the main continent, there are many small continental fragments. On these small continental fragments, experts will be sent to patrol, mainly because they are afraid that the opponent's master will come from here. Side sneak attack, once you find that the opponent's master is sneaking, you can spread the news and let everyone prepare for defense." Tang Jun explained.

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