Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1666

“But…” Que’er’s mother looked troubled. “Our family does not have the money to send Que’er to study medicine.”

“I have a book.”

Gu Ruoyun took a book out from the Ancient Divine Pagoda and placed it in front of Que’er, “There’s a lot of information about medicine in this book. I’m fated to this little maiden so I will give this to her.”

Que’er blinked and accepted the book on medicine that Gu Ruoyun had placed in front of her. She then cried out sweetly, “Thank you, fairy sister.”

“Is you name Que’er?” Gu Ruoyun bent down and stroked Que’er’s head as she smiled, “If there’s anything that you need, you can find me in the Red Lotus Territory in the First City. Here’s a token, you can enter the First City with this.”

After this, Gu Ruoyun stood up and looked at the man by her side before saying, “Xiao Ye, let’s keep going.”

Qianbei Ye nodded and his demonic eyes swept towards the freckled little maiden.

However, since Gu Ruoyun had not mentioned it, he would not ask.

“Wait a moment…” Que’er’s mother wanted to say something.

However, as she was about to speak, the two had stepped into the sky and soon disappeared from their view.

“Que’er’s mother, your Que’er has met with nobility this time. This Lady seemed to want her as a disciple! Besides, she also seems to have come from the First City. I know that the First City is a hub for powerful cultivators. Any one of them could destroy an empire!”

That woman was experienced and quickly introduced the legendary First City to Que’er and her mother…

Que’er looked perplexed, unsure of what was going on. However, her mother’s heart was trembling and her face was full of pleasant surprise.

“Que’er, your Auntie Wu is right. We’ve just met with nobility!”

Gu Ruoyun paused in midair with her back towards the man as an absent-minded light flashed across her eyes.

“I know you must be curious as to why I would help that little maiden without good cause.”

Qianbei Ye smiled as stepped forward and held Gu Ruoyun.

“I know that no matter what you do, you would have your reasons.”

Gu Ruoyun slowly turned around and looked at the man behind her, “I know that little maiden! No! I should say that I had known her in her past life!”

That scene from a few years ago was like a thorn which had pierced fiercely into Gu Ruoyun’s heart.

“A few years ago, I was hunted for dead by the Lin family and had been badly wounded. I was saved by a villager and I recuperated in that village! However, after I had left, I did not expect the Lin family members to discover thatvillage and massacreevery single person in it! That freckled little maiden’s older brother was the person who had taken me in at the time! When I had returned, I saw that little village drenched in blood.”

Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath and continued, “I didn’t think that I would still be able to find that little maiden even though she’s forgotten about me! I had sensed that she was the same little maiden from that village from the first glance. Since she liked medicine, I wanted to give her a book about medicine. I had prepared it after I had left the village back then but who would have thought that she would pass on before I could give the book to her? Hence, I had been carrying that book around with me.”

Qianbei Ye’s embrace tightened around her as if he wanted to dissolve the pain in her heart.

“Since you’ve found her reincarnated self,I will support you however you want to help her.”

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