Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1667

Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyes and calmly replied, “I know that there’re many people like the Lin family in this world who don’t attach any importance to the lives of normal people. Some even believe that normal people do not have the right to live in this world. Those innocent, simple and honest villagers had never done anything wrong but they had suffered the annihilation of their village in the end.”

In this life, Gu Ruoyun has killed her share of people. However, the people she had killed had all deserved to die. She has never killed the innocent!

Hence, when she had seen the bloodbath in the village, she was heartbroken.

Besides, if it had not been for her, those innocent people would not have lost their lives…

“Yun’er, I guarantee that I will never let anyone by your side get hurt nor will I allow anyone who has helped you to lose their lives!” Qianbei Ye gripped Gu Ruoyun’s shoulders tightly as his eyes filled with determination.

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently and leaned her body into Qianbei Ye’s embrace. She gently closed her eyes as she basked in the warmth from the man’s chest.

“Xiao Ye, this little maiden had been dragged down because of me in her past life. In this life, I will give her the best life! If she wants to learn medicine, I will personally teach her. If she wants to cultivate, I will also grant her the best conditions. No one is allowed to bully her.”


Qianbei Ye lowered his eyelids and planted a kiss on the woman’s lips, “No matter what you do, I will give you the biggest support!”

Gu Ruoyun smiled.

Her smile was one of contentment.

By receiving Qianbei Ye’s companionship in this lifetime, was there anything else that she has to fear?

“Xiao Ye, let’s continue on. We aren’t too far off from the Deserted Snowlands from here.”

Gu Ruoyun looked at the pure blue sky a near distance away and curled her lips as she remarked.

The brief interlude had not affected their next move. After Gu Ruoyun had finished speaking, she continued to rush ahead and soon disappeared from Qianbei Ye’s line of sight.

Qianbei Ye curled his lips and his demonic red eyes were full of smiles. As Gu Ruoyun sped up ahead, he also sped towards the Deserted Snowlands as well. He had caught up with Gu Ruoyun not too long after…

The Deserted Snowlands.

As the name suggests, this was a barrenpiece of land. Aside from the pure white snow, therewere no grass or trees for miles nor were there any birds or beasts! The vast land was filled with endless white and does not seem to have an end.

“We’ve arrived at the Deserted Snowlands. I wonder where that fellow Zuo Shangchen could be?”

Gu Ruoyun raised her brows.

She does not know if she was mistaken but she had felt extremely uneasy once she had set foot into this place.

“Xiao Ye, I keep getting the feeling that something grim is about to happen.”

“I’m here, I won’t let you run into any danger.”

Qianbei Ye turned around to look at Gu Ruoyun as he spoke with determination.

Gu Ruoyun did not say anything else but the deeper they ventured into the area, the stronger thatsense of uneasiness grew.It was if an endless abyss was lying at the end of the Deserted Snowlands.

“I did not expect the Sorceror’s Enchantment Blossom to grow in a place like this. When we find Zuo Shangchen, we must take him away immediately. We can’t stay here.”


Qianbei Ye wrapped his arm tightly around Gu Ruoyun’s shoulder. Suddenly, his demonic eyes flashed with a peculiar light and a somber air appeared on his beautiful face!

Ever since his breakthrough to the Ninth Transformation State, Qianbei Ye has never worn this expression before…

“Not good!”

Qianbei Ye’s expression changed as he sensed something. “Yun’er, we haveto gonow, quickly!”

He then grabbed Gu Ruoyun and fled madly into the distance…

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