Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1752

“Focus on your cultivation. Only when you’ve broken through to the Full Circle State can you face the enemy at hand. If that person doesn’t die, the people of the world will be plunged into misery and suffering!”

The woman’s icy voice rang out once againand caused Gu Ruoyun’s mind to turn blank.

Since she could not recall a single thing, Gu Ruoyun preferred not to overthink things. She crossed her legs and sat down once again, allowing the ultimate source of power to slowly seep into her body.

Just then, a demonic voice full of panic echoed from her soul once again, “Little girl, Qianbei Ye really can’t hold on very much longer. If you don’t wake up now, not only he but your child,Xun’er will be in danger as well!”

Our child?


That voice was like a magic spell which caused Gu Ruoyun to open her eyes once again. “No, I can’t continue now, I need to figure out who Qianbei Ye and Xun’er are! Otherwise, this voice will disturb me again and again.”

The woman looked at Gu Ruoyun then calmly remarked, “The person who is affecting you has a contract with you. You can block out his voice and as long as you do that, no one can affect you…”

Sever his voice?

Gu Ruoyun’s heart trembled. She does not wish to do this but she was not sure why!

It was as if that man named Qianbei Ye was extremely important to her…

Suddenly, a voice which sounded as if it wasseparated by a thousand kilometers echoed in her memory…

“I won’t let those people hurt the Dongfang family at all for your sake.You should also remember the promise you’ve made to me. Otherwise, I will pursue you to the ends of the earth and through heaven and hell.”

Those words seemed to have come from an extremely important person to herbefore he had left her. However, she could not remember who this person was at all…

“Qianbei Ye? Xun’er?” The confusion in Gu Ruoyun’s eyes deepened and she frowned even more.

I will make the heavens and earth your engagement present and make you my wife!

All the women in heaven and earth are nothing compared to you in my eyes. Who else could hold my gaze after having you in this lifetime?

Mother, Xun’er wants to sleep with you tonight…

Scram! She’s my wife. If you want to sleep with someone, go find your own wife!

But Xun’er doesn’t have a wife…

Countless voices intertwined in her mind. One moment, she would hear a man’s deep and determined tone while it turned into a little doll’s coquettish and cutesy voice in the next moment. However, those two voices gently affected her heart and caused it to tremble.

“I remember now! Let me out. I don’t need any inheritance and I don’t want to break through to the Full Circle State either! I want to save my man!”

Gu Ruoyun cried out in fury and panic as she stared into the white space.

How could I have forgotten?

How could I forget the two most important men in my life?

Xiao Ye is in danger now so how can I continue to hide in this place?

“You have to think this through.”

The woman’s figure appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun once again. Her eyes were just as icy as ever as she said, “If you leave this place, you will never be able to break through to the Full Circle State.”

Gu Ruoyun laughed. Her smile was uncharacteristically maniacal and very different from her usual cool and calm demeanor.

“My intentions in breaking through and to have powerwas for the sake of protecting my loved ones! However, you’ve shut me in here for so long and caused me toforget the two people that I love the most! This way, even if I break through to the Full Circle State, where’s the meaning in that? My loved ones may no longer be here from the moment I’ve broken through to the Full Circle State! Without them, what’s the use in having power regardless of how great it is?”

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