Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1753

The woman glanced at Gu Ruoyun indifferently and replied, “What about the living beings of the world? You’re my reincarnation but why are you so different from me? To me, nothing was more important than the living beings of the world. I could give up everything to save the world.”

“You are you and I am me! Even though I’m your reincarnation, I’m not the same as you.” Gu Ruoyun lifted her head to look at the woman in front of her and spoke coldly, “The only people I care about are my family! What do the living beings of the world have to do with me? If I can’t even protect the people I love the most, what’s the use in having so much power? I’ve thought this through. I will give up my chance for this breakthrough, I want to save my lover!”

What does the livelihood of the living beings of the world have to do with her? She only cared about the people she loves. What right does she have to abandon her loved ones for the sake of all the living beings on the mainland? Nothing was nothing more important than her family and lover to her!

“Let me out right now!” Gu Ruoyun clenched her fists tightly. “Since you’re so good at calculations and can predict the future, you should have known that I would have made this choice.”

The woman fell silent for a moment. “Even if the mainland plunges into misery? You won’t regret this?”

“Yes, I will not regret this!”

If I get out too late, Xiao Ye, Mother, Father, and the others will be in danger and I might not be able to see them ever again! If that were to happen, even if I’ve broken through to the Full Circle State, what kind of meaning would be left in my life?If I leave now, I might still have a chance at victory!

As long as Cang Ming does not break through to the Full Circle State, we have a chance to win this fight!

Suddenly, the woman smiled. “Gu Ruoyun, as my reincarnation, you are much stronger than I was. My heart only cared about the living beings of the world while your heart holds yourlover, family, and friends… Perhaps, because of this, I’m nothing like you!”

She paused at this point. “If you were to leave this place now, you will be destined to end up with your soul destroyed. I won’t allow my reincarnation to meet with such an end so I can help you to breakthrough to the Full Circle State immediately.”

Gu Ruoyun was shocked and she stared at the woman in astonishment, “Can I really break through right now?”

“That’s correct. Of course, there’s a price to pay as well! This price ishalf of your soul! I will incinerate your soul and use its ashes to help you absorb the ultimate source of power even quicker. Though you will gradually regenerate your soul after losing half of it, you will experience extreme agony during this period of time. Are you willing to go through with this?”

Gu Ruoyun nodded with determination. “As long as I can save Xiao Ye, I won’t regret anything even if my soul were to be destroyed, let alone incinerating my soul!”

“Alright then.”

The woman smiled. “Remember your words. However great the agony may be, you must endure it later on because this is the choice that you’ve made. I must remind you that this agony is beyond your imagination.If you’re unable to endure this, your breakthrough will fail!”

“Don’t worry. Regardless of how great the pain will be, I will endure it.”

She would endure anything for Qianbei Ye’s sake even if she feels that she could not! That man had gone through more than ten years of pain for her sake. What was this trifling short bit of agony compared to that?

“Let us begin now.” The woman’s frosty voice rang out once again.

At that moment, Gu Ruoyun felt as if her soul was on fire. It was so agonizing that her entire body trembled and the color drained from her face instantly.

However, she could feel the ultimate source of power around her seeping even faster into her body now. This knowledge caused her heartto leap and the pain no longer mattered to her.

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