Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1754

There was only one objective in her heart and that was to leave this place as soon as possible to save Qianbei Ye!

Qianbei Ye was sitting still in midair with his eyes tightly shut. However, his soul was close to leaving him completely and only one leg was still attached to his body.

Once his soul’s leg leaves his body, it would fly immediately into Cang Ming’s mouth to become energy for his breakthrough…

Zixie’s face was filled with even more anxiety now as his eyes remained fixed squarely upon the two people in the midst of their confrontation in the sky. His unease grew so strong that he could not help but rise to his feet.

“Hahaha. Qianbei Ye, I’ve told you that it’s impossible for you to defeat me.”

Cang Ming burst into laughter. He raised his handand saw that Qianbei Ye’s soul has left his body completely and was now flying towards his hand.

“Oh no!”

Zixie’s expression changed greatly and he leaped towards Qianbei Ye’s soul. However, he was now very weak and was easily swatted away by Cang Ming as soon as he had flown into the sky. Blood sputtered from Zixie’s mouth and his handsome features turned extremely pale.

“Qianbei Ye, we’ve been apart for too long and it’s time for us to merge once again. Now, let me consume you! Hahaha!”

Cang Ming burst into laughter once again but his smile soon froze in place.

Powerful energy was gradually radiating from Qianbei Ye’s soul. This destructive energy was being released from his body and caused a look of terror to appear on Cang Ming’s face.

“Crazy. You’re crazy, Qianbei Ye! You’re trying to explode using your soul! No, you madman, you aren’t keeping your word. You can’t do this!”

They had clearly agreed that the loser would be turned into fodder for the victor but Cang Ming never thought that Qianbei Ye would be so insane and try to explode himself!

The explosion of the Ninth Transformation State cultivator’s soul was far more powerful than the explosion of the flesh. Even if Cang Ming forced himself to resist it, he would suffer substantial wounds.

“Keep my word?” Qianbei Ye laughed icily before he replied in disdain, “When have I ever kept my word when it concerns you? Cang Ming, I will never let you have my power.”

“Madman, you madman! If you become my power, you will still be alive and you will only share a body with me. However, if you explode, you will be completely done for!”

Cang Ming’s face was nervous as he roared out in panic.

Qianbei Ye ignored him as the power within his soul continued to grow. He would explode once it has reached a critical point.

Suddenly, a chilly voice rang out beside him and caused him to freeze instantly.

“Xiao Ye, you had once said that you would pursue me to the ends of the earth and through heaven and hell. Why is it that while I’m still alive, you no longer wish to live?”

The young woman’s voice was just as gentle as everand caused the explosive power in Qianbei Ye’s soul to disappear.


Cang Ming burst into laughter when he saw this. “Qianbei Ye, explode if you dare to. I will only be injured by your explosion but your beloved woman will certainly die!”

Qianbei Ye did not reply and he looked at Gu Ruoyun as a sense of tenderness appeared in his demonic red eyes.

“Yun’er, you’ve awoken?”

Gu Ruoyun nodded. “Xiao Ye, your current state is a bit inconvenient. You better return to your body first.”

Gu Ruoyun then lifted her hand. With a gentle wave, a force grabbed Qianbei Ye’s soul and immediately sent it back into his body.

“Qianbei Ye, stop right there!” Cang Ming’s expression changed greatly as his features twisted with viciousness. He then raised his hand once again to send an attack towards Qianbei Ye.

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