Extraordinary Genius Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Girl, make me happy

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Beijing Teaching University. A few young, pretty girls were walking together back to their hostel when they saw someone walking over with a box of chocolates in his hand.

Oh, everybody is here. Nana, why didnt you return my calls? Feng Yu looked at Li Na. He had bought a new pager that can show Chinese characters for Li Na. He had paged Li Na 3 times, but she did not return calls. Luckily Feng Yu was waiting for her outside her dormitory.

Someone had not been coming over recently. Thats why our Nana is angry! Li Nas roommate jokingly said.

All of Li Nas roommates envied Li Na for having Feng Yu as her boyfriend. Handsome and smart.

Furthermore, Feng Yu had renovated Li Nas room, and her roommates also benefited from it. Almost every student in the hostel envied them and had even come over to look at their room.

Every time Feng Yu came to visit Li Na, he will buy lots of candies and sometimes he would bring imported chocolates for her roommates.

But the roommates can only envy Li Na. Both Li Na and Feng Yu had come from the same district and were cla.s.smates since primary school. They had grown up together. Li Na was also beautiful. They knew they could not s.n.a.t.c.h Feng Yu away from Li Na.

I have been helping out at CCTV. I was too busy. Thats why I cant come over. See, didnt I rush over once I finish my work? I can finally rest for a few days. Feng Yu explained.

Feng Yu was indeed very busy lately. If he had the time, he would have come over to look for Li Na.

Li Nas roommates were surprised. Feng Yu was helping out at CCTV? No wonder he was a student from the prestigious Beijing University. Only the top students can get to enter CCTV.

Li Nas thinking why Feng Yu did not visit her these few days. Could it because she was having her period? Feng Yu came to look for her must be because he wanted to do something naughty!

I will bring Li Na out. On New Years Day, I will treat all of you to a great dinner.

Li Na was blushing when Feng Yu pulled her away from her friends. Her roommates were giggling. The last time Li Na did not return to their dormitory, they had questioned her. They asked her if she had spent the night with Feng Yu.

Why do you look so unhappy today? Feng Yu asked.

What are you busy with these few days? Li Na asked.

I am preparing a surprise for you. Dont you like Aaron Kwok? I had invited him to Beijing. Tomorrow night, you can finally meet your idol. Are you surprised? The main reason why Feng Yu had chosen Aaron Kwok to perform on his Awards ceremony was that Li Na likes Aaron Kwok.

Aaron Kwok at this time was indeed very handsome, and lots of teenagers like him. Although when he was older, he was still charming. But in this era, no teenagers like those middle age men.

Li Na was really surprised: Aaron Kwok? That Aaron Kwok from Hong Kong? The one that sang ? The heavenly king?

Thats right. Tomorrow CCTV will be recording the New Years Day special program, and he will be one of the performers. I had specially invited him over and had paid a hefty sum.

The air tickets and lodging had cost over 1,000 RMB. In this era, it was considered a hefty amount, although this Aaron Kwok was worth much more than that.

New Years Day Gala Dinner? The program you told me that you are helping CCTV with? When CCTV have special programs for New Years Day? Li Na was surprised. She had never heard about New Years Day Gala Night.

They were staying in their university and did not have the chance to watch TV. She did not know about this program at all. But this also reflects that CCTV had not done an excellent job to promote this program.

If it was 20 years later, not only there will be advertis.e.m.e.nts on TV and the internet, even the subways, bus stops, and malls will have posters.

Because this was the first year, Feng Yu was not really confident too. Thats why he did not ask CCTV to promote this program more aggressively. Luckily this program was a recorded program. If there were any issues, he still has time to rectify.

If this were a live program and any problems arising during the performance, it would be on next days headlines! In the future, there was an incident which happened during the Spring Festival Gala Night. The hosts of the program forgot their scripts and said the wrong things. They were scolded by the viewers for a few years! And after that year, whenever there were problems with live programs, netizens would bring up this incident!

Feng Yu pointed to himself and said proudly: It does not exist in the past was because I am not in Beijing. Now I am in Beijing, there will be this program from this year onwards!

Li Na rolled his eyes: Stop bragging! Wait, did you spend money on organizing this program?

Li Na was worried. If Feng Yus parents knew about this, would they be happy? If they knew that Feng Yu had spent so much money to please her by inviting her idol over to Beijing, she would not leave a good impression with her future in-laws! Although Feng Yu was wealthy, no parents would want to see their son marrying a spendthrift wife.

I did not spend much. Most of the money comes from everyone else. Dont worry about money when I am around! Tomorrow I will bring you to CCTV to watch the recording live. Are you excited?

I can go and watch live? Is the venue at CCTV?

Of course. We cannot be seated at round table in front, but we will be sitting at the first row of the audience seats. Oh, I had also invited Liu Kun, Dongjung and Zhang Han. We will be sitting together.

Really? Thats great!

Happy? Come, girl. Make me happy. Feng Yu jokingly said.

Li Na rolled her eyes again and ignored him.

Sigh Its only a few days, and she had a bad temper. I do not believe I cannot make her laugh!

Just happened the traffic lights turned red, and Feng Yu turned to Li Na: Why not let me make you happy? Hehehehe~~~.

Hahaha You are so sickening

Li Na laughed.

Li Na was beautiful when she laughs. All of Feng Yus tiredness was gone when he saw the person he loves laughs.

Feng Yu drove back to his apartment. At home, Feng Yu started his moves on the reluctant Li Na.

After the happy moment, Feng Yu laid on the bed with Li Na in his arms.

Li Na suddenly said: Will we really not get pregnant? I heard there is something that can prevent pregnancy.

Li Na was anxious that she would be pregnant. If she were pregnant, she would have to quit school, and her parents would be very disappointed with her. How would others look at her?

To Feng Yu, he was not worried. If Li Na were indeed pregnant, they would get married. But Li Na was still afraid, and she wanted to remind Feng Yu to use protection.

Feng Yu opened the side drawers: Here. I had prepared. But it is fine. Just now, I had not e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside. Furthermore, it is now your safe period. Dont worry. Since you mentioned this, we shall try out using protection this time. You also wanted it, right?

Feng Yu flipped over onto Li Na.

Ahhhh I dont want

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