Extraordinary Genius Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Cheers and placards on Gala Dinner (Part 1 of 3)

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Its the time of the season to bide farewell to the old and welcome the New Year!

Looking back at last year, we should be proud of ourselves. Together we will march forward to a better future!

This is Chinas first Business Contribution Awards ceremony. The New Year Gala Dinner will start now! I believe we will catch up with the rest of the world; I believe that we will fulfill our Nations dreams.

I dreamt of flying in the skies, shoulder to shoulder with the sun. The world is waiting for me to change it. Dont be afraid to dream, we will fulfill all our dreams

The nominees of the aviation category are Bing Citys Aviation Factory.

The projector on the stage started to play the short clip prepared by the Aviation factory. Small planes and helicopters taking off one after another. The camera switched and zoomed in to Hou Haitao. Hou Haitao smiled at the camera and waved, calmly.

The host continued to introduce the other nominees. The camera also zooms in on the representative of the nominees. These companies were the same as Bing Citys Aviation Factory. They were formerly military factories. Hao Haitao had invited them to partic.i.p.ate in this award. Even they knew they would not be winning the award, they still felt proud to show their faces on CCTVs program!

Now, we shall invite Chinas Engineering Research Centers Professor Liu to announce the winner and present the award!

The winner of the first Business Contribution Awards, aviation category is Bing Citys Aviation Factory!

The audience starts to applause. At this time, the camera switched to Hou Haitao. Hou Haitao had a surprised look on his face. He stood up and waved to the audiences, followed by a bow.

The camera also switched to zoom in to a row of 10 audiences. They were wearing Bing Citys Aviation Factorys uniforms. When they saw the camera pointing at them, they raise a placard each. There was a total of 10 words, one character on each placard. Bing City Aviation Factory, Number one in technology!

This was shown on the projector too. All the live audiences saw it. Some of the representatives sitting in front also spit out their tea!

The director immediately turned to the Chief Director: Director Xu, this was not according to what was rehea.r.s.e.

Placards with slogans? Who arranged this?

Xu Yipeng almost vomits blood. What was this Aviation Factory doing?! Never mind. There was nothing he could do. There were no audiences during the rehearsals, and he could not use the footages from the rehearsals to replace this part.

Hou Haitao slowly walked up the stage. He really wished the distance to the stage was longer, and he could take 5 to 10 minutes to reach the stage. On the stage, he received a bronze trophy and started his emotional Thank You speech. He mainly spoke about how much hard work the Aviation Factory had gone through to complete the Nations mission of creating a helicopter that is on par with the rest of the world.

After that, it was a dance segment. After the dance, the winner of the Aviation individual category was announced. It was an old engineer from Shenyang Aviation Factory.

The old engineer received the trophy on the stage. He was very excited and emotional. When he speaks, he was choking back tears. He had worked for decades, and this was the first time he was on the stage of CCTV to receive an award. The whole nation could see him. What an honor!

Feng Yu was also surprised. He was deeply impressed by the higher management of Shenyangs Aviation Factory. Shenyangs Aviation Factory was the fixed winner of this individual category. But Feng Yu did not expect that they would let this old engineer get this award. Seems like, in this era, not all leaders were s.n.a.t.c.hing the credits of others. Feng Yu was also applauding. He had a lot of respect for these old engineers!

The host walked up the stage: There are two people. One of them is the future brother-in-law of the other. The future brother-in-law is a supervisor in Bing Citys Machinery Company workshop, and the other guy is only an ordinary worker there. This is the start of their story. Please enjoy this skit , starring Zhu Simao and Baldy Chen.

The audiences cheered when they heard the actors. This duo is Chinas most famous actors!

Brother-in-law, please transfer over me to your workshop. Your workshop has better efficiency and has more bonuses. I can get more money there. I will put in some good words for you in front of my mother. Baldy Chen smiled and said.

No way! We are making engines, and these are machines which needed high precision. This is one of the most important parts of a tractor. You do not have enough skills.

Baldy Chen and Zhu Simao had very different appearances. One was boisterous, and the other was serious. The differences between both created lots of jokes. All the live audiences enjoyed their short skit. This skit also reflects the problems in all the factories. The relationship between the workers and leaders.

When the skit was over, the audience cheered. Only Xu Yipeng was worried. It was because Feng Yu had changed the hosts scripts. The brother-in-law in the skit was supposed to be a supervisor in an ordinary factory. But Feng Yu changed it to Bing Citys Machinery Company. This hint was too obvious!

The nominees of the first Business Contribution Awards, agriculture category is Tai Hua Food Processing Factory.

The camera zoomed in on Feng Xingtai. Feng Xingtai stood up proudly and waved with two hands to the audiences. His wife by his side tried to pull him back. When the camera switched to Tai Hua Food Processing Factory workers among the spectators, the director, and Chief director almost fainted!

How come they had so many workers? What was written on their placards?!

Clouds thinking of nice clothes, flowers thinking of blooming. Pigs thinking of getting fat and men thinking of getting famous!

What the h.e.l.l is this? Is this even a slogan? How can this be shown to the audiences? What does this Tai Hua Food Processing Factory do?

They looked at the video clip that was being played on the projector. It was a modernized pig farm. They were speechless. How can a pig farm contribute to the nations economy? Also, how come there was a face in the clip? Who edited this clip?

Feng Xingtais clip was to show off to everybody. 15 seconds out of the 30 seconds clip was focusing and zoomed in on his face!

Luckily the other nominees did not do this, and Xu Yifeng was relieved.

When Bing Citys Machinery Company was announced as a nominee, the video clip showed brand new tractors and all sorts of farming equipment. But there were also Songjing Motorcycles featured in the video. This category is the agricultural contribution award! What has motorcycles to do with agriculture?

Now, we shall invite Chinas Agricultural Technology Department Head, Mr. w.a.n.g, to announce the winner and to give out the award!

The winner of the first Business Contribution Awards, the agricultural category is Bing Citys Machinery Company!

Everyone clapped. Li Mingde was the companys representative to receive the award. Feng Yu was not interested in showing his face.

I would like to thank Bing Citys Government for their support. I would also want to thank all our shareholders and workers. Thank you for your hard work! We, Bing Citys Machinery Company, promises to produce better quality and cheaper farming machinery for all of Chinas farmers. We will increase your efficiency at a lower cost! We are never afraid that our companys products would lack behind others because we have your support!

Li Mingde pointed to the audiences. There were about a dozen workers in the Machinery Companys uniforms among the audiences. The director immediately panned the camera towards the audiences.

Blood rushed up into Xu Yipengs head when he saw those workers stood up and raise placards!

Who the h.e.l.l taught them to do this?! This is CCTV special program. This is not your companys own annual dinner! How come you are still shouting cheers?!

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