Extraordinary Genius Chapter 383 2

Chapter 383 Life is like a play, it all depends on your acting skills (Part 2 of 3)

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What? The negotiations will be suspended for today? Bing City had sent people to bring us around the city? Ivanov was puzzled. Why were the talks put on old? Who the hell wants to tour your city?!

Bing City was just a city covered in snow and ice. There was not much difference with Russia. Russia had better sceneries.

Could it be that Bing City Government was trying to stall time and negotiate with Australia first?

If Australia had gotten a deal with Bing City first, then Russia would be out of this game. No! We must talk to Bing City immediately. Since Bing City Government was trying to make excuses, then I should take the initiative.

Oh, Mr. Ivanov, you want to continue with the negotiations? There is still time. The land can only be plow in April and planting can only start in May. There is no difference if we can reach a deal now or tomorrow. Furthermore, our negotiation team leader is not in Bing City. There is no decision maker. Chief Lee spoke slowly, taking his time.

Other than Mayor Zhang, there are no other leaders around? This deal will affect the relationship between both our nations. We view this deal highly, and China should also show some sincerity! Ivanov insisted.

Hmmm But we had planned the itinerary for your tour and had paid the money. If you and your team is not going, I cannot answer to my higher-ups. How about we continue with the negotiations tomorrow? Today we will continue as planned. I will bring you around Bing City. Chief Lee pretended to give in unwillingly.

Ivanov also dare not to press him too hard. Fine. Tomorrow then. Australia that side should not be able to reach a deal in one day. Translator Xue will definitely help him for that 50,000 USD.

The next day, Ivanov and his team went to the City Government and was notified that Chief Lee had fallen ill! He had caught a cold yesterday when he brought Ivanov and his men around Bing City. He could not continue with the talks today. Even there were other members of Bing Citys negotiation team around, they could not make the decisions. Ivanov needs to wait until Chief Lee to recover.

Ivanov was sure that Bing City Government was stalling time. He tried asking about Mayor Zhang but was told that he had gone to another province for work. Who the hell believes such lies. He must be in Shenzhen negotiating with the Australians!

All the deputy mayors are busy? Ivanov does not believe that all the leaders are busy. They knew the way Chinas Cities operate. A City has at least 7 to 8 deputies around. How was it possible that all of them are busy at the same time?

No. Bing City Government must continue with the negotiations as soon as possible. If not, he would go and find Longjiang Provinces leaders! This matter concerned 2 countries. The leaders there will surely take priority in this. Although Russia was no longer part of the strong Soviet Union, Russia was still considered one of the superpowers in the world. They had one of the strongest military strengths. China cannot just ignore them!

Bing City Mayor received the complaints from the Russia negotiation team. The Russian team had complained that Bing Citys negotiation team was not sincere in this deal. This would affect the relationship between both countries.

Zhang Ruiqiang had already informed the Mayor about his plan and what was going on. Although the mayor felt that Zhang Ruiqiangs plan was too cunning, this would benefit Bing City. As long as the Russians do not know about this, everything will be fine. Once the contract was signed, it would be too late for them to regret.

The Mayor agreed to continue the negotiations with Russias representatives personally, and Ivanov was relieved.

The Australian side was only talking to the deputy mayors, and Ivanov and his team were talking to the Mayor. Even if the Australians had better offers, the Mayor would still have the power to override.

But after the negotiations started, Ivanov discovered that the Mayor was harder to handle compared to Zhang Ruiqiang. The Mayor made a lot of demands and were harsher than what had been previously discussed. This proved that the Bing City Government was not sincere in talking to them!

Because of this, Ivanov asked Translator Xue to ask his brother to create problems for the Australian team. After all, Translator Xue had taken his money!

The next day, the City government contacted Ivanov and said that they wanted to continue with the negotiations.

But Ivanov was disappointed. Although the conditions were not as harsh as the previous day, Russia would be making losses if they agreed!

If Ivanov had signed this contract, he would not get any credit when he returned to Russia. He might even lose his job.

Later the day, Bing City relented and lowered their conditions further. This proved that Translator Xues brother had started creating problems for the negotiation team in Shenzhen. Ivanov thought that this was his chance. It all boils down to how they were able to make use of this opportunity to clinch the deal.

Although Bing City had a high population, there were not a lot of farmers that were willing to work overseas. Bing City Government cannot sign a contract with both Russia and Australia. Other Cities in China can cooperate with Australia. Bing City was located just next to Russia and was the ideal partner for Russia.

In the afternoon, the negotiations proceeded on smoothly. They had come eye to eye on the minor details, but the main issues were still not finalized. Both parties refused to back down.

The land area, leasing cost, duration of the lease, and mode of payment were the main issues where both parties could not find the middle ground.

Bing City wanted the land area to be decided by the farmers, and the farmers will be allowed to cultivate the wastelands. Bing City also demanded low rental, and the lease duration should at least be 10 years. This duration can be extended, but the minimum will be 10 years. Bing City also demanded to pay Russia at the end of every year from the farmers harvest. The farmers do not need to pay anything before their harvest. The farmers will be paying the rentals themselves, and Bing City would not be responsible if the farmers failed to make any payments. If there were any natural disasters, then the rents would be halved.

Russias side had different ideas. They wanted Bing City to take up at least 10,000 hectors, and those land cultivated from the wilderness would be charged the same as the fields. After the lease duration, the farmers got to return that land to its previous state. The farmers got to plant back the grasses, and trees. The rentals must be based on the past few years valuations averages. The Russians used the years where the land cost the most in the Soviet Union. The duration was 5 years. That was the maximum they could accept, and after 5 years, they would negotiate again. The rentals must be handed over before the farming starts. The following year, the farmers will be allowed to use part of their harvest to pay the rent.

There was a vast difference between both sides conditions. The negotiations came to a deadlock again. At this time, Translator Xue came to Ivanov again and wanted 20,000 USD from him. He would help Ivanov to find out what conditions Australias team wanted.

Translator Xue had taken 10,000 USD from him on the first day. He took another 20,000 USD in the next few rounds of negotiations. This time, he wanted money again.

Since Ivanov had already given Translator Xue 80,000 USD, yet the negotiations were still in a stalemate, if he refuses to provide translator Xue this 20,000 USD now, all his efforts and money spent would be wasted. If he clinched the deal in his favor, then this 100,000 USD would be well paid.

Fine. If you can help us find out what the Australians were offering, then I will give you this 20,000 USD!
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