Extraordinary Genius Chapter 384 3

Chapter 384 Life is like a play, it all depends on your acting skills (Part 3 of 3)

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You are going to the City Government again? Li Na pouted.

Feng Yu had asked Li Na to come to Bing City, but Feng Yu had been very busy these few days. He had no time to accompany Li Na. The only thing that made Li Na slightly happier was that Wen Dongjun was staying at a hotel. There was no one to disturb them.

Feng Yu hugged Li Na: Why not you follow me to the City Government? I should be finishing up my work within the next 2 days.

I think not. I got nothing to do there. You should come back earlier today. I will prepare dinner. Li Na was behaving like his wife, and she helped tidied Feng Yus shirt. Feng Yu kissed her forehead, gave a playful smack on her butt and left with an evil laugh.

Things had been going along Feng Yus plan. Ivanov had already walked into his trap. There was no way for Ivanov to escape. Feng Yu understands more about the situation in Russia than Ivanov knew about China.

Even the Mayor and Deputy Mayor played a part in this trap. It would be hard for Ivanov to not bite the bait.

The Australian teams offer was 7 years duration? They can let Bing City lease more than 50,000 hectors of good fields? The exact figures will be up to Bing City to decide? They are still offering low-interest loans? The farmers are also allowed to cultivate the lands there without supervisions? The farmers only need to pay 50% of the rental upfront and the rest at the end of the year? Ivanov heard the Australians offer from Translator Xue and frowned.

The conditions offered by Australia was too good. If he were Bing Citys officials, he would also choose Australia. He could also provide such conditions except for the rental.

Russia needs this sum of money badly. It was to solve the financial woes of their government.

Ivanov called his two deputies into his room for a discussion. They decided on better conditions for Bing City. If they matched Australias offer, Bing City would surely pick them as they were closer to Bing City and their country had a better relationship with China. Currently many Chinese dislike Australia due to the Olympics bid.

Mr. Mayor, I had called back and spoke to my higher-ups. We felt that we can offer a longer lease duration. How about 7 years? This is the longest duration we can offer.

The Mayor lowered his head and saw Feng Yu signaled 8 with his fingers.

8 years. If the duration is 8 years, I think we can still accept it.

Ivanov looked at Translator Xue. Translator Xue was touching his teacup with both hands. Ivanov then turned to his deputies. After that, he nodded: Fine. We can both agree on 8 years. But since we had given in on this condition, shouldnt Bing City give some concession on the other conditions?

The rental must be paid up front for the first year and at the end of every subsequent year. The farmers can use their harvest to pay off their rentals. The rental rates will be based on the average 3 years land valuation. The rental rates should also be like properties. It should be increased by 10% every year.

The Mayor frowned: It is impossible for us to agree on a 10% increase every year. We will only accept 3% increase in the rates based on the first year rental. Can we pay 50% of the rentals upfront in the first year and the remaining after the harvest in autumn? It would be difficult for our farmers to cough up so much at once. If our farmers have so much money, they would not be willing to work overseas.

We can agree on the 3% increase. But we must collect the rental upfront for the first year. If your farmers do not have enough money, Bing City Government can help them. If you do not accept on this condition, then there is no reason for us to carry on with this negotiation.

Ivanov secretly glanced at Translator Xue and saw him drinking his tea. Ivanov was relieved. That means Bing City can give in on his condition.

We do not have so much money.

Thats your problem. There is no such thing as using our land without paying. Unless you agree to a 30% increase in the rental!

The Mayor looked at Feng Yu. It seems that he would have to take up Feng Yus proposal.

We can use another method. We will register an agriculture company and use this company to lease the lands from Russia. The land will be sublet to the farmers. This way, it will relieve the financial pressure on us.

Fine. But this company cannot be a fully privatized company.

Of course. We do not have enough funds, and we will need investors. But Bing City Government will surely be one of the shareholders.

If thats the case, then there is no problem. Ivanov was excited. If Bing City were to really set up a company, then there should be no problems getting the first rental. Furthermore, he does not need to collect the rents separately from the farmers.

We had already given in a lot on this condition. I wish that you will give in on the condition of land cultivations. The land we cultivated from the wild, should not be registered as our fields. We should not be paying any taxes. I believe that Russia is the same as us. Those uncultivated land will affect the harvest, due to the weeds. If our farmers still need to pay taxes, then they would be losing money!

Nonono. Mr. Mayor, those uncultivated lands are also Russias land. How can the farmers not pay taxes if they are planting crops on our soil? Of course, we will give some concessions on this. How about 50% of the taxes?

The first year there should be no taxes and the second year, 25% taxes. After that, 50% taxes. There will not be any harvest in the first year on uncultivated land. The farmers would not be able to cover their cost from the cultivation.

Ivanov spoke to his deputies and saw that they had no objections. At the same time, they were looking at Translator Xue. Translator Xue was fiddling with his teacup.

Fine. We will also agree on this. For the last condition, your side must at least lease 100,000 hectors of fields.

I can promise you that we will take up 50,000 hectors. If we have the capabilities, we will take up more land. One farmer can only look after 100 hectors at most. They would not be able to handle anything more than that. It is also not easy to get 500 farmers. We will also recruit farmers from the surrounding regions. We have no reason why we do not want to lease more land from you. Maybe at that time, 100,000 hectors might not even be enough.

Ivanov and his team felt that the Mayor made sense too. Then everything should be settled. They should seal this deal as soon as possible. They must sign this contract before the Australians.

But at this time, the Mayor had a new condition: Loans. I hope that our farmers are able to get interested in free loans from Russia. It would be too difficult for a farmer to raise enough capital to lease 50 to 100 hectors. Even if Bing City Government were to assist these farmers, we should not be helping with all the cost. They still need to buy agriculture machinery, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. They also need living expenses. All these need monies.

It is not possible for us to offer zero-interest loans. But we can help you all to get low-interest loans. The interest will be the same as the Russian farmers.

It must be the same interest rates after your governments subsidies. The Mayor emphasized.

There should be no problems with this too. So does this means that we have reached a deal?

Basically it can be considered so. We will finalize the details in the afternoon, and then we can sign the contract. We look forward to working with you! The Mayor laughed and stretched out his hand.

Looking forward to our cooperation too! Ivanov shook the Mayors hand.
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