Extraordinary Genius Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Old Xu, I am disappointed with you

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To expedite the signing of the contract, Ivanov gave Translator Xue an additional 20,000 USD. Half of the 20,000 USD was for his brother to stall the Australia side.

That afternoon, both parties finalized on the minor details. The negotiation was also as smooth as the morning. It was so smooth that it felt unreal.

During the talks in the past, the Russian Party was arrogant and refused to back down. But today, the Russians gave in and lowered their conditions by more than 50%.

No one knows what had happened. Many people thought that it was because the Mayor had attended the talks with the Russians personally.

During the signing of the contract, Zhang Ruiqiang appeared. He represented Bing City and signed the agreement with Ivanov! But Zhang Ruiqiang does not seem to be pleased.

Ivanov was laughing inside his heart. Australia had almost snatched away this deal from him. Luckily, he had a spy. He had spent over 100,000 USD and finally got this deal, which was worth more than 1 million USD per year. Russias land will also be fully utilized. The most important thing was the related industries, like pesticides, fertilizers, etc. will give them additional income. Russia would make over 10 million USD of profits.

Although 10 million USD was not considered a lot to Russia, there will not be any abandon fields in the 3 regions near Bing City. This was a huge political achievement for Ivanov. These regions had also finalized some other cooperation with Bing City. This cooperation was not worth a lot, but it would improve the relationship between China and Russia.

After Ivanov and his team left, the City Government had a small celebration. Those that took part in this negotiation were praised and rewarded. But Feng Yu did not attend. He was not interested in the rewards. He took part in this negotiation was because he does not want to see his future profits be jeopardized by the Russian team.

Furthermore, the celebrations were for all the government officials. He was not interested in celebrating with them. Those song and dance performance were too boring for him. After all, a pretty girl was waiting for him at home.

After dinner, when Feng Yu was hugging Li Na and was about to do something naughty, he heard the sound of someone unlocking the door. Both Feng Yu and Li Na quickly sat upright on the sofa.

Feng Danying was shocked when she saw Li Na in the apartment. She looked at the both of them suspiciously before turning and left. She mumbled loudly: No wonder you do not come over to my place for dinner and gone missing for so many days despite coming to Bing City for so many days. So, someone has been cooking for you.

Li Na blushed and punched Feng Yu: Didnt you say that sister does not have the keys?

We are studying in Beijing, and my parents do not stay here. Someone must take care of this apartment. I also did not expect her to come over at this time. But you see, my sister also likes you. Come, dont think so much. I will carry you to the room.

Mayor, I intend to go to Beijing and report to the higher-ups. This agreement is signed with this agriculture company, and that means that not only Bing City, but even the farmers from Longjiang province can also apply.

Ok. I had reported to the Provincial Mayor. He will send someone with you to Beijing. This deal does not only affect our Bing City. This concerned the whole Longjiang Province! Bing City Mayor was also the Provincial Mayor assistant. This agreement was also a political achievement for him. He had a high chance to be promoted.

Knock, knock, knock~~~

Mayor, the party secretary wants to see you and Deputy Mayor Zhang in his office immediately. The Mayors secretary said.

The Mayor and Zhang Ruiqiang looked at each other. They were unsure why the Party Secretary wanted to see them. They had reported to the Party Secretary in the morning. Why did he want to see them again?

The both of them arrived at the Party Secretarys office and saw two other people in the office. One was Deputy Mayor Xu and the other was the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. What were they doing here?

Come, have a seat. Old Xu, you can speak now. The Party secretary was also puzzled. Old Xu had come into his office and said that he had something important to say. He requested for these few people to be present before he announces. The Party Secretary does not know what Old Xu wanted to say. But Deputy Mayor Xu had been with the Bing City Government for a long time, and the Party secretary will still listen to him.

Deputy Mayor Xu looked at Zhang Ruiqiang and sneered coldly. You are the one that is not clean, dont blame me!

Deputy Mayor Zhang, I want to ask you why were your talks with the Russians so difficult at first, but after the Mayor took over the talks, both parties can reach a deal so fast?

Zhang Ruiqiang looked at the Mayor and turned to Deputy Mayor Xu: Maybe it was because the Mayor is more capable than me.

Oh? Even if this is true, but as an Executive Deputy Mayor, your capabilities should not be too far away from the Mayor. Is there something going on behind everyones back? Deputy Mayor Xu said. He cannot say Zhang Ruiqiang was as capable as the Mayor. This would anger the Mayor.

Zhang Ruiqiang frowned: Deputy Mayor Xu, what you are trying to say.

You dont understand? Fine, since you refuse to admit, then I will say it out and let everyone here know. I ask you, did the Translator Xue from the Foreign affairs department came to your office a few days ago with a big bag?

Thats right.

Did he leave his bag with you when he leaves your office? Is the bag containing money? Deputy Mayor Xu smiled coldly.

Yes. That bag contains cash. Whats wrong? Zhang Ruiqiang replied.

Deputy Mayor Xue had an excited expression on his face and said in a severe tone: Whats wrong? You are accepting bribes. Our countrys law clearly states that this is illegal. You are breaking the law! You are not fit to be Bing Citys Executive Deputy Mayor!

Deputy Mayor Xu was waiting for the Partys Secretary and the Mayor to bang the table in anger and the Discipline Inspections Secretary to suspend Zhang Ruiqiangs duties.

But after waiting for almost 30 seconds, the office was still quiet. Whats happening? Why was the Partys Secretary and the Mayor not angry? This was corruption, and Zhang Ruiqiang had admitted.

If all of you does not want to punish your colleague, you all can report to the higher-ups. Based on experience and me reporting Zhang Ruiqiangs corruption, I should be promoted.

Wait, why are these people looking at me like I am an idiot?

Old Xu, we are aware of this, and the money is already deposited into the Citys account. That money was the payment from the Russians for their lodging in Bing City.

Zhang Ruiqiang would never pocket that money. He deposited that money into the Citys account as payments. The Partys Secretary and the Mayor were aware of it.

Impossible. How can this be payment for their lodging? After saying this, Deputy Mayor Xu regretted. He was talking back to the Citys number one. But since he had brought this up, if he cannot bring Zhang Ruiqiang down, he would be finished.

Also, there is another issue. Why was Feng Yu allowed to invest in that Agriculture company which had signed the agreement with the Russians? Zhang Ruiqiang and Feng Yu are close to each other. Dont tell me that both of them did not have any secret transactions.

Hahaha, I shall see how you, Zhang Ruiqiang, explain!

The Mayor shook his head: Old Xu, how can you, as an experienced official believe in hear-say and accused others before finding out the truth? We had already reported about this Agriculture company to the higher-ups and was approved. Everyone in the Provincial Committee agreed. The City could not take out so much money to set up this company, and we needed Manager Fengs help. Also, this farming in Russia idea was also set up by Manager Feng. He was the one who contacted the Russia Government first. Based on what your claims, that means all of us are suspected to have secret dealings with Manager Feng?

Deputy Mayor Xu was at a loss of words. Why were the Partys Secretary and the Mayor siding with Feng Yu? What was so good about Feng Yu?

The Partys Secretary looked at Deputy Mayor Xu: You are just thinking of backstabbing your colleagues and promotions when you should be focusing on your work. I think you are not suitable to be in your current position. Old Xu, I am disappointed with you!

Deputy Mayor Xu heard this, and his legs grew weak. This was the top leader of the City Government. His career with the Government had come to an end
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