Fantasy System Chapter 250

"Sir Ed, if you are unable to help us in our war against Poison sect, we understand. However, we ask of you not to try and make us escape from them. Even if we were to die, we would pay them back for the humiliation they caused us!" A hot-headed young Elder banged the table as he answered Ed.

"You don't understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not telling you to run away from them."

"Then what do you mean when you tell us to join Avalon? Aren't you telling us to pack our bags and leave our homes?! If that's not what you mean, then please enlighten me!"

"Mael! You shouldn't talk before you hear everything first!" Asem couldn't hold himself back anymore and answered the young Elder before Ed could.

"Its okay, Asem, I'm here in order to clarify things for you guys anyway. Mael, I never told you that you'll be leaving anything behind, nor will you be packing anything. When I said you'll join Avalon, I didn't mean that you'll become citizens that won't be able to move a finger, no. By joining Avalon, the first thing we'll do is to merge the two sects together. Our sect might be strong, but that's only in name only. Our disciples lack techniques and experience."

"On the other hand, the Sword sect has been around as long as the first swordsman. Due to the harsh conditions of time, and unfortunate disasters that befell you, you're no longer the best sect around. But, we can solve both problems by merging the two sects together. Of course, we won't become one sect. Instead, I'll make it into a coalition of sects. You can think of it like joining a school, and then having to choose who can teach you within that school."

Mael stopped interrupting Ed and listened to him. As much as it frustrated him, he realized how much truth Ed's worried carried with them. Mael knew that if Ed hadn't arrived when he did, they would have two fewer people around the table. Maybe even more.

"There's also another reason. Avalon is looking to expand, and I want our second city to be this one. The people, well, I couldn't find someone better. And since it's a sect city, we won't have any problem regarding the governing." Ed smiled as he sat back down on his chair.

"But, won't it take a long time for you to build a city? You've already mentioned a war that will happen in about a week from now, right?" one of the female Elders said.

"Who said I will be building a city? I did mention that you won't be packing anything, nor will you be leaving anything behind, right?" Ed crossed his arms as he rested on his chair.

"This city might bring some bad memories for the people, but I'm sure it carries more good memories with it. I won't allow it to wither into specs of dust by abandoning it."

"Then, how do you suppose we!" The woman stopped her sentence short as she remembered something Ed showed them when he cooked for the whole city. "You don't mean that you plan to teleport the whole city!"

As some of the people had already realized what Ed was implying, they didn't react. However, those with a slow working brain got a shiver once they realized Ed's plan.

"That's suicide!" Mael shouted again as he looked at the Elders and then at Ed. "Even if you are well endowed with QI, you won't be able to teleport a whole city!"

"I can!" Ed shouted back as his pride didn't allow him to let Mael's statement go. "If I wasn't capable of doing so, I wouldn't have mentioned it."

"I will take my leave for now, and allow you to discuss things amongst yourselves. I'll be back in an hour." Ed stood up from his seat and started to make his way towards the door.

"There's no need." Ed turned around to look at Barsine, the one who spoke. "You're the sect master, Edward. There's no need for us to discuss anything. If it is something that you see fit, then we will follow it. As long as you promise me that I can visit Alexander's grave regularly, I won't have any issue with the plan." Barsine stood up and walked in front of Ed with a smile on her face. Then, the Elders followed after her.

"We recognized you as the sect master, and if you believe that our sect will go back to being the best around, then we will follow after your visions of the future!" Helena said as she punched Ed in the chest.

"I see. Then I will announce it to the public. We will leave today." Ed smiled as he realized the amount of trust they were putting into him.

"Huh? Don't you need to discuss things with your father?" Asem was surprised by the sudden decision.

"I already did. Before coming here. I thought of all the possible scenarios that could happen once I visited the sect, and discussed all the possible outcomes with my father. He accepted all of them without a second thought."




By sundown, the whole city was in an uproar. They couldn't believe what the sect master had told them. They were going to leave the continent. Such a thing was unthinkable, even in folk tales. Yet, their sect master claimed that it could be done. They believed in him. Yet, they couldn't hide their fear. No one objected to Ed's decisions, but some of them didn't stay around to watch the magic happen. Instead, they went inside of their homes and hid there.

'Is this it?'

[Yes, you're currently in the exact middle of the city. The rest should be simple.] Ed walked into the point where the system indicated and put his palm on it.

Suddenly, his cultivation spiked as he activated his Berserk skill. His KI surged from his palm and formed a circle around it. From the circle, multiple lines emerged and moved into straight trajectories. The lines only stopped once they left the city. Then, the lines released KI into the left and right, and the extra lines connected, forming a giant circle that covered the city. Including, the graveyard where Alexander was buried.

The outside circles turned into a sphere that covered the buildings in the air, and the infrastructure under the ground.

"It's time for us to leave." A blinding white light filled the sphere in an instant after Ed spoke. Right in the next moment, the city was gone. Only a crater was left behind.

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