Fate’s Little Feral Consort Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Selling Elixir Pills

Since Hua Mei neither knew martial arts nor had any spirit energy, Yun Qianyu was worried that someone might try to harm her. That was why Yun Qianyu provided her with a Pill of Soul Enchanting and a Thunder Bomb.

After successfully making some poisons, she would surely leave some with Hua Mei.

Yun Qianyu was determined not to let any harm fall upon her.

Moved by Yun Qianyus kindness, Hua Mei felt that Yun Qianyu was treating her like her own sister.

Looking at Yun Qianyu with watery eyes, Hua Mei received the pills from Yun Qianyu and kept them close to her.

After feeling full, Yun Qianyu stood up and was ready to go. She looked back at the table and saw that Little Bell and Lord Marten were still fighting for food.

Feeling a little speechless, Yun Qianyu said to Little Bell, "Little Bell, come with me. Ill give you a disguise then well leave after that."

Hearing this, Little Bell swiftly grabbed two fruits and stuffed them into her sleeve. Still not satisfied, she also took the opportunity to grab a chicken drumstick and brought it with her. Not to be outmatched, Lord Marten also grabbed one of the chicken drumsticks and followed Yun Qianyu.

Rainbow just flew over and followed Yun Qianyu.

As the group left the main hall, Yun Qianyu couldnt help but let out a sigh.Why are the people around me such big eaters. It sure costs a lot of money to feed both Little Bell and Lord Marten. In fact, Little Bells appetite was around three peoples worth.

Yun Qianyu had gotten word from the general kitchen. They complained that if she didnt contribute some money, people would start gossiping about her.

This was not something she wanted to have to deal with, thus having money was very important.

After the group walked into Yun Qianyus room, Yun Qianyu took two sets of disguises out. First she wanted to disguise Little Bell. Dressing her up into a teenager of 13, 14 years old, with black hair, slightly dark skin. She even gave her a fake Adams apple.

Simply put, after Yun Qianyu dressed up Little Bell, she was completely transformed into a lively young man. Even her voice changed after she took a Voice Changing elixir pill.

Now even Hua Mei wouldnt be able to recognize Little Bell. Even if Hua Mei saw the transformation in person, she wouldnt have believed that Little Bell now looked like a teenage boy.

Little Bell thought it was fun, and she couldnt help laughing. When she laughed, her voice was like that of a teenage boy.

Without putting much makeup on, Yun Qianyu figured that no one would be able to recognize her now, since her appearance had completely changed. She merely wore a purple cloak that had a hood with a white veil in front of her face. The veil prevented anyone from truly seeing what her face looked like.

After getting ready, Yun Qianyu told Hua Mei to stay behind and wait for them. Yun Qianyu, Little Bell and Lord Marten went out the back door and snuck out to the back street. Meanwhile Rainbow went into the Phoenix Ring once more.

After they got out, the group began their journey toward the Xuantian Auction House.

However, after walking for some time, Yun Qianyu stopped., recalling that the journey to Xuantian Auction House was actually a very long one. It would take them quite a while even if they ran there. The most important thing was that she didnt know how to get there. Although she knew the general location, she didnt know the specific address of the place.

Yun Qianyu didnt want to get the coachmen from Eternal Peace Marquiss Residence, lest there be more problems after that.

Seeing how Yun Qianyu was worrying about something, Little Bell asked curiously, "Whats the matter sister Yun?"

Just as she asked that, an idea popped into Yun Qianyus mind. She recalled seeing a place that rented out carriages that was just two streets from where they were.

"Lets rent a carriage."

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