Finding Stardust Chapter 35

33 Please Dont Be Sad

A few minutes later, Haoran nodded and touched Emma's hand, signaling that he was fine.

"Thank you ... I'm okay now," said the young man. Emma then released Haoran and let him by himself with a whirlpool of wind under his feet.

"This is incredible. You can control two elements at once. When you take us flying, you can also create fire. I would never have believed this if I didn't see it with my own eyes ..." Haoran said again. His face was filled with admiration.

Emma nodded. She also did not expect to be able to control her powers so naturally, as if her body and mind knew exactly what to do.

"Alright ... I've tried fire. What else do you think I should try?" Emma asked him.

"Water?" said Haoran.

"Ah, that's right," Emma remembered her mother could control water. Arreya brought down rain to the Ibukun Valley, and she also created a spring in the middle of the valley for people to drink.

Emma decided to try the same thing. She waved her left hand toward the earth. A moment later, out of nowhere, heavy rain came under their feet, soaking the ground.

Haoran involuntarily clapped his hands when he saw the raindrops beneath them, while they were both completely dry.

"You are so amazing ..." he said with a big smile on his face. "Imagine if you brought down rain in areas that suffer drought and famine ... People would be so grateful."

Emma smiled faintly at Haoran's words. That's also what she had thought when she learned what her parents could do. However, she didn't feel the need to explain to Haoran.

"Great .. Now, what else can you do?" Haoran asked. "I'm curious to know."

Emma nodded. "Me too."

"Lightning, wind, plants, fire and water ..." Haoran counted with his finger. "We already know five ... That is amazing."

Emma had no intention of telling Haoran that she could also control mind. Her mother apparently also hid this particular power of hers. Emma thought she must have a good reason for concealing this information from other people, letting only her husband know. So, Emma felt that she also needed to keep this a secret from anyone.

"We have to go down now. We can continue later," Emma said. She pulled Haoran's hand and brought him down to the Eiffel Tower below them. She remembered that, usually, after she used her power, she would get some flash of memories of her parents.

She felt safer if she brought Haoran to sit on the top of the tower. She did not know what would happen if she left Haoran in the sky when those flashes of memories came.

She landed gracefully on top of the tower with Haoran. The young man quickly held onto the tower railing to keep his balance.

"Let's rest a bit," Emma said, closing her eyes.

"All right," Haoran nodded.

The young man was not afraid of the heights. He actually enjoyed the amazing view below them. His chest was filled with admiration and warmth. His hand was still holding Emma's hand. The girl stood straight beside him, with eyes closed.

This is ... so romantic, he thought.

What happened tonight reminded him of Peter Pan's story when the leader of the lost boys brought Wendy and her brothers with him to Neverland. Peter Pan was his favorite story of all time. When he was a child, Haoran often imagined how it would feel to fly like Peter Pan ... and tonight, unexpectedly... he actually experienced it himself!

The two of them stood while holding hands at the top of the Eiffel Tower, each busy with their minds. Haoran still felt like he was dreaming, while Emma couldn't help but think that there was a clue in this Eiffel Tower that she needed to get.

Her beautiful eyes finally opened, and she looked at the full moon above them. Somehow, she felt that the answer she was looking for was on the moon. Didn't her mother say that they left their capsule there?

If they were actually being chased by people from back home, why didn't Kaoshin and Arreya return to the moon and use their capsule to go somewhere else?

Suddenly Emma's shoulders felt very cold, and a flash of memory came. Arreya was floating gracefully at the top of the Eiffel tower, holding little Emma's hand. The atmosphere was very dark. There was no moon in the sky, and the whole area around the Eiffel Tower was surrounded by darkness as Arrondissement 1 and 13 were having a blackout.

Kaoshin was writing something on the highest pole of the tower with his fingers. Little Emma drifted closer to him, wanting to see what her father was doing.

"What are you doing, Father?" Little Emma asked curiously.

Kaoshin glanced at her and smiled. "Giving you a direction to go home."

"Emma ... if you remember this in the future, it means your memory has returned," whispered Arreya Stardust to little Emma. "We are not with you, and you certainly want to know many things."

"I still have my memory, Mother. I'm not forgetting anything," said little Emma, smiling broadly. The little girl approached her father and hugged Kaoshin's feet. She clung into her father tightly, and for a moment, the man stopped writing. He rubbed little Emma's head affectionately. The little girl asked him in cute expression. "What are you writing, Father?"

"The coordinates of our home on the moon. You may not remember this, but when you were a baby, we took you to the moon," said Kaoshin patiently. "You really liked our home there and wanted to live there."

Emma just shook her head while smiling. "I do not remember."

"That's right. At that time, you were still very young." Kaoshin smiled warmly. "One day, if you want to go back there ... you can communicate with AWA. He will come and get you."

"Who is AWA?" Little Emma asked curiously.

"AWA is a friend. He will help you if you need anything," Kaoshin answered again. He then pointed to the pole he had been writing with his finger. There were some numbers carved there. "I wrote down the coordinates here so that only you can read them."

Arreya took little Emma from her husband's leg and carried the little girl so Kaoshin could continue his work. The woman kissed the girl on the cheek, and slowly tears welled up on her eyes.

"I hope you will never remember any of this ..." she whispered as she buried her face on little Emma's shoulder. The little girl looked so confused. "I hope you will be able to live a quiet life as an ordinary human being and forget all this."

Little Emma rubbed her mother's hair that looked so similar to her hair and cried with Arreya. She did not understand why her mother was suddenly in tears. Weren't they playing happily above the Eiffel Tower and having fun just now?

"Mother ... don't cry. I'll forget this if it can stop you from crying," Emma said in her small voice.

"Emma ..." Arreya lowered little Emma and moved down so that her face was at level with Emma's. She looked at the little girl deeply. "If one day, you get your memory back, and you can remember tonight's events ... You must contact AWA and return to the moon to answer all your questions. But, whatever happens ... please don't be sad."

Little Emma remembered her mother repeatedly telling her that she should not be sad, but she did not understand the reason. Why can't she be sad? What had really happened?

Meanwhile, Kaoshin had finished writing the coordinates he mentioned just now and approached his wife and daughter. He nodded then hugged his wife.

"It's done," he said.

Arreya looked at the pole, which now had several numbers carved on its surface. She smiled a little and then waved her right hand. All of a sudden, the area around the Eiffel Tower, which was previously engulfed in darkness because of the blackout, was lit again. Hundreds of buildings suddenly had their lights on.
for visiting.

The little family had drifted down to the ground and walked casually along the Mars De Champ.

"Mother ... I will not remember what happened tonight, if it makes you cry..." blurted Emmay. Her voice sounded more mature than her actual age, and for a moment, Arreya and Kaoshin were stunned to hear her.

The two looked at each other. Kaoshin then knelt and looked at his child with eyes filled with sadness.

"I only want you to be happy, Emma. If one day you remember this day ... know that Father and Mother were very happy to see you. We never regret the choice that we made."

Arreya looked away to hide her tears. Her hands trembled as she clenched her fists on her sides.

Kaoshin and little Emma stared at each other for a long time. Suddenly, older Emma, who was standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, felt as if she was the one that her father was talking to, and not little Emma.

At that moment, Kaoshin's blue-green eyes looked straight into Emma's eyes, and his handsome face was so close from hers. Emma almost reached out to touch her father's face, whom she had longed to touch for thirteen years.

She heard clearly her father repeated his words, directly to her, "I only want you to be happy, Emma. If one day you remember this day ... know that Father and Mother were very happy to see you. We never regret the choice that we made. Please, don't be sad."

Emma was rooted to the spot and suddenly had difficulty breathing that she had to hold onto Haoran. The young man was surprised to see Emma panic, and hurriedly grabbed her shoulders. Fortunately, he was in a fairly safe section with safety railing at the top of the tower so that his body did not lose balance.

"What is wrong?" he asked quickly.

Emma shook her head. "I don't understand. My parents locked my memory, but before doing so, they told me a lot of things. As if they were creating a contingency plan.. They were preparing for my memory to return and I would look for them. They seemed to have thought about everything. They even prepared all this information for me ... They ... never leave me alone without a plan..."

"Then they have prepared for the possibility that you would break the memory lock ..." said Haoran. "Your parents are very smart."

Emma nodded. She still did not understand what her father had meant with his last words. Kaoshin spoke to little Emma as if he was talking to an adult. That's why Emma felt as if her father was talking directly to her 13 years later.

This was very confusing.

"I want to look for something," Emma said. She was able to calm down and immediately flew around the antenna tower and checked the pole, which was carved by her father thirteen years ago. Her father wrote a really important piece of information. She would find the coordinates that would take her home, back to the moon.

Her parents had thought of everything, including providing the instructions for Emma at the top of the Eiffel Tower. They put it in a place that was only accessible to humans who could fly, like her. No one, except Emma, would be able to find the clue.

Emma suddenly felt like she was doing a scavenger hunt by piecing together all the clues left by her parents. Now that she almost collected all the clues, she felt that she was getting closer to her goal. She couldn't wait!
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