First Marriage Then Love: Wife Never Divorce Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324: Chapter 1324 return from the Honeymoon 1

In the end, of course, they still brought something back. However, they followed ru Yu's wishes and brought back the pair of jeans. Meanwhile, the thousand-year-old Lan that they had gone through so much trouble to find ended up staying in Angola's situation.

On the way back, on the plane, Lei Zhenyu did not say a word to ru Yu because he was angry. He had nowhere to vent his anger. At this moment, Lan Ruoshui actually came to stop him Therefore, he had vented his anger on Lan Ruoshui.

"Lei Zhenyu, are you a F * Cking Man? " Lan Ruoshui pointed at her burning face and yelled at him hysterically, "You F * Cking want to vent your anger on me, right? A man who hits a woman is also a man? "

"Do you want to try me as a man? " Lei Zhenyu, who was already angry, seemed to have found a punching bag this time. He simply took two steps closer to Lan Ruoshui and raised his hand He pretended to give her a slap to let her experience what it meant to be a man.

"Zhenyu, " ru yu quickly went up to hold his hand and gently advised him, "alright, let's not argue with her. We'll go upstairs first. The most important thing is to have a good rest after washing up. "

Ru Yu knew that Lei Zhenyu was originally angry with her, but he was reluctant to hit her. However, he was also angry in his heart, so Lan Ruoshui bumped into him and directly hit the muzzle of Lei Zhenyu's gun.

"Hey, what's the matter with you guys? You really don't want me to take a good nap, do you? " Lei Taihe walked out of his room He was very unhappy that his nap, which he had finally fallen asleep, was woken up. When he saw Lei Zhenyu and ru Yu, he obviously frowned. "where did you guys go on your honeymoon? You only came back when you were almost like beggars? "

"We went to Africa, " ru Yu quickly explained to the old man.

"GRANDPA, Lei... uncle hit me, " Lan Ruoshui immediately complained She ran to Lei Taihe and pointed at her red and swollen face and said, "GRANDPA, look, my face is swollen. Uncle is bullying me. He hit me as soon as he came back. "

Lei Taihe frowned and looked at Lan Ruoshui's swollen face. Then he asked coldly, "are you sure it was Zhenyu who hit you? "

"Of course. He just hit you. " Lan Ruoshui nodded hard. She thought Lei Taihe might help her, but who knew.

"Zhenyu, why did you learn to be biased when you went to Africa? " Lei Taihe glared at his youngest son with a cold face Then he said sternly, "Miss Lan clearly has a face. Why did you only hit half of her face? To be fair, I think you should slap the other half too. "

"PFFT... " ru Yu could not help but laugh out loud Although she knew that Lei Taihe did not really like Lan Ruoshui to begin with, and even more so after she found out that Lan Ruoshui was not Lei Zhensheng's daughter, she did not expect that Lei Taihe did not like Lan Ruoshui to such an extent.

Since the matter had been resolved like this, she did not stay any longer. Thus, she held Lei Zhenyu's hand again. Although the husband and wife were quarreling, they still held hands and went upstairs.

Lan Ruoshui herself did not even dream that Lei Taihe would actually handle this matter like this. She still thought that even if Lei Taihe was not Lei Zhensheng's biological daughter, she was still an adopted daughter after all, and she lived in the Lei family's courtyard all day long And her grandfather's name was Lei Taihe all day long. He would be more or less fair.

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