Forced To Date A Big Shot Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Collective Strike

Stunned, Xue Xi turned around and saw Xiang Huai standing up lazily. "Im also not going to listen to this class anymore."

He stood up and walked out.

Xue Xi: ""

He stayed in the classroom to see the little kid. Since the little kid had been chased away, why would he still stay here?

It seemed fun to be in the same place as the little kid.

Xiang Huai had long thought of the punishment for Mr. Li. However, he did not want to expose his identity in public, so he did not speak.

Well, Mr. Li could not come to work tomorrow.

As he thought this, he placed both hands in his pockets and slowly walked to Xue Xis side. Just as he was about to follow the little kid out, he heard

"Im not listening either."

Li Xuekai stood up and followed her out.

Xiang Huai: "?"

"I dont deserve to listen to Mr. Lis class either."

Fan Han also stood up. While he did not walk out, hed expressed his sentiments.

"Me too!"

Zhang Xiaoxiao also stood up all of a sudden. She had only been borrowing a pen from Xue Xi this morning, but in the end, Mr. Li had used this issue to flare up at Xue Xi, making Zhang Xiaoxiao feel guilty.

With so many people standing up for Xue Xi, she especially could not fall behind!

"Me too!"

When Zhang Xiaoxiao stood up, Xue Xis other two dormitory mates stood up as well. As they were from the same dormitory, and since the Academic Goddess had let them copy her papers last night, they could not be so unloyal.

"Then, so am I!"

Li Zixuan also raised his hand weakly and stood up. Li Xuekai was sitting beside him. Since the top student was already quite talented, he naturally mustnt be left behind.

Moreover, Mr. Lis actions were too much!

"Me too!"

More and more people stood up.

Everyone was not blind nor deaf. Theyd heard Mr. Lis scoldings clearly. Moreover, everyone felt that it was not a sin to be a genius.

However, the Master did not pursue the matter. She did not argue with Mr. Li in class because she did not want to eat up their time for studying.

Everyone could see the truth clearly.

This was the age when ones blood was easy to get boiling. With a few leaders forging the path, the rest also stood up.

After a while, a third of the students had silently stood up!

More than 70 people out of 200 had stood up. How were they going to continue the class?!

Mr. Li was stunned, along with Mr. Wei.

After a while, the person-in-charge of the Golden Autumn Camp sensed that something had happened and hurried over. When he saw the situation in the class clearly, he made a prompt decision. "Mr. Wei, you can go to class first. Mr. Li, we can talk about it tomorrow."

He then comforted all the students. "Alright, everyone, listen to the class! Dont forget that youre here for the CMOthe National Mathematical Olympiad! Youre not here to uphold justice. This is not the place to fight, and the teacher is not your enemy."

Seeing this result, Mr. Li had nowhere to vent his anger. He stared at Xue Xi for a long time before leaving angrily!

Mr. Wei was supposed to be the teacher for the next period, but now that he was substituting for Mr. Lis class, he went straight to the stage. "Xue Xi, go back and listen to the class!"

Xue Xi nodded and returned to her seat.

Xiang Huai, who had originally intended to stand along with the little kid: "??"

The classroom quietened down and Mr. Wei had already started teaching.

He was much more mild-mannered than Mr. Li and had never insulted the students. Everyone settled down and listened attentively to a huge lesson. After class, Mr. Wei cleared his throat and said, "Alright, weve only been at it for two hours but I have taught a little too much. Hence, we will be ending the class here. You guys should now focus on your exercise questions. You still have to do more Math Olympiad questions to improve."

"Yes, sir!"

Once the students had started on their exercise questions, Mr. Wei said, "Xue Xi, come here."

Xue Xi was stunned when she heard this. She put down her book and walked out.

Mr. Wei looked very amiable. After taking her out, he said in the corridor, "Xue Xi, Mr. Li has some capability and status in the Mathematical Olympiad. Go apologize to him and Ill persuade him to let this matter pass!"

Xue Xi: "?"

There was no hostility in Mr. Weis words, and his face was filled with worry. He sighed. "Our Mathematical Olympiad has not gotten a gold medal for the country for many years. Were counting on you and Li Xuekai this year. Mr. Li doesnt like you, but he cant really do anything to you. Ill keep an eye on you and not let him go overboard. However, its indeed wrong of you to humiliate the teacher in class today. We cant leave any evidence behind. Go apologize and Ill speak up for you."

Xue Xi lowered her eyes. "Mr. Wei, Im still saying the same thing. I can apologize, but the premise is that he first needs to apologize to the student he humiliated."

She almost mentioned Xiang Huais name.

Seeing how stubborn she was, Mr. Wei sighed. "Ive already said what I should say. Forget it, you should go back and do your questions. Even without the Golden Autumn Camp, you can still participate in the Math Olympiad competition."


When Xue Xi returned to the classroom, Mr. Wei went to his office. Before he entered, he saw the person-in-charge of the Golden Autumn Camp comforting Mr. Li.

Li Xi stood at the side and was explaining what happened in detail. " Mr. Li only gave the wrong question, but she was so arrogant that she even asked to his face, Mr. Li, who do you think you are? After Mr. Li got angry, she said, Oh, sorry. You are not a good person. This student started having evil ideas the moment she entered the camp. She sealed herself up and asked the other students to touch her because that could help them pass the exam. Everyone knows about this. On the first day of camp, everyone went to her dormitory! Anyway, the dormitory is no good."

After Li Xi said this, the person-in-charge frowned. "Is this classmate really so arrogant?"

Li Xi nodded. "Yes. If you dont believe me, you can just ask a few other people."

The in-charge nodded and really found a few other students.

Those few people seemed to have a good relationship with Li Xi. With Mr. Li watching by the side, they did not dare to speak much. The in-charge asked, "Did Xue Xi really humiliate Mr. Li?"

The rest nodded.

After confirming it, the in-charge was furious. "The students nowadays are getting more and more arrogant! We must punish them severely for this matter! However, we still need to investigate further. After weve confirmed it, I will report it to the Mathematical Olympiad committee. Mr. Li, dont worry. I wont disappoint you."

After Mr. Li had calmed down, he said, "Right, we should also inform Huaxia University about this matter and let them reconsider. Should they allow such a student to be admitted?"

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