Forever Your Boyfriend Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Why Do You Keep Flirting With Me?

She stared hard at him... not wanting to back down. She knew what he was trying to do... he was subtly trying to goad her into playing the game.

She was just going to shock him. No one played games better than she did. She had a very dark competitive streak which was rarely triggered, and this man had just triggered it.

She looked him over, "How far are you willing to go?" she asked giving him a Mona Lisa smile, that made him draw back involuntarily.

He hadn't expected her to be so willing and that made him a bit nervous, "Shying away, are we?" she asked with a sly smile.

"Okay then. Since you're the lady I'll let you make the rules. Anything you want to rule out before the game starts?" he asked

"Let's just make the rules together. You can't change a dare to the truth once selected and vice versa," she said waiting for him to add his own

"No matter how embarrassing the truth or dare is you have to play it and it has to be one truth and a dare, you can't pick two truths in row" he said with a wide smile, already thinking up daring questions for her.

"No dirty truths nor dares" she said smiling as she watched the smile leave his face.

"Then this isn't fun! the whole idea of the game is for you to loosen up and have fun right?" he complained in a way that made her laugh.

"I'm not going to get between your sheets if that's what this game is about" she said getting up from her seat.

"I never asked you to. I'm just saying let's do something fun that's all. I made a promise to you remember? I intend to keep it. I won't go so low as to make love to you under the guise of a game. When I do it you'll be soft and willing in my arms" he said in a low voice

"I believe you meant 'if' and not 'when'. Nothing is going to work between us. This is our last night together remember?" she said brushing her arms to get rid of the goosebumps his words had caused.

"Never say never darling. And if I decide I still want you around... all I need do is extend my contract with your boss" he said smiling broadly.

"Let's play." She said not wanting to consider the possibility of what he had just said.

"Truth or Dare?" he asked giving her a triumphant smile.

"Truth" she said sipping from her wine glass.

"You can't lie remember? no matter how embarrassing the truth is you have to spill." he said

"It goes both ways. So keep that in mind when you're at the receiving end of my questions" she said with a light shrug.

"How do you feel about me?" that had been the biggest question on his mind the whole time.

"I don't know. Truth or Dare?" She asked ignoring the surprised look on his face.

"It doesn't work that way ma'am. it's either a yes or a no and details when needed" he said

"I really don't know how I feel about you. Sometimes I like you, and other times I want to kill you" she said spreading her palms.

"So Truth or Dare?" She asked again

He didn't know how to feel about her answer, well, at least she liked him. That was a step in the right direction. "Truth" he said.

"Are you still in love with your ex?" she asked filling her wine glass

"No. Truth or Dare?" he noticed she was at the verge of getting tipsy.

"Dare" she said as she kept sipping from her wine glass.

He smiled at her with a wicked glint in his eyes, "I dare you to kiss me five seconds" he said with a wink as he waited for her to object.

Maybe it was the effect of the drink, or the effect of Taemin's Sexuality which was playing on the background, or probably it was the gorgeous man sitting across from her. Nana couldn't tell which it was that made her feel so daring.

She carefully placed her glass of wine on the center table and walked over to the sofa where Tan was lazily sitted, with a leg hanging over one arm of the sofa. She moved so slowly and in a seductive manner as she leaned towards him looking straight into his eyes, making his heartbeat quicken.

He watched her silently as her gaze lowered to his lips, lingered, and then slid slowly back up to meet his eyes. He could almost taste the kiss, he could almost taste the wine on her lips. It would be just too easy to close his eyes and let her mouth close over his in a delightful tangle of tongues. It would be too easy to lean forward a little bit and meet her half way. But he patiently waited, he wanted her to make the move this time.

Her mouth was on his, teeth and tongue relentlessly teasing, and biting and driving him crazy. His head fell back against the sofa

as heat swamped him, he could feel the sudden hardness between his thighs.

Just as he reached for her to deepen the kiss she stepped back with a sultry smile. "Truth or Dare?" she asked making him groan deeply as he closed his eyes in disappointment.

"No! You can't do that" he said complaining

"You wanted to play dirty, not me" she said picking up her wine glass.

"So Truth or Dare?" she asked again, trying so hard not to stare at the bulge between his legs.

"I can't, I can't. I give up. you win" he said making her laugh as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"Why do you keep flirting with me yet you refuse to go all the way?" he asked as he sat next to her.

"I never flirted with you, it was all you from the beginning" she said without looking at him.

"But you never really stopped me. I know you're attracted to me, so what's stopping you?" he asked taking her hands in his own.

"I'm in love with you Min-jung," He said making her sit up abruptly.

"No you can't do that. Don't tell me that" she said pleadingly. This wasn't part of the plan. Min-jung had said "do the job and leave". She wasn't supposed to have gotten involved emotionally with the man. Even though Min-jung had stupidly suggested she get involved with the man, she knew it would affect Min-jung's job.

"I'm leaving tomorrow and you're never going to set eyes on me again. So please get over whatever it is you think you're feeling for me. This whole thing isn't real. Tomorrow my job here is over and I'll be gone. Goodnight" She said rushing away to her room without sparing him a glance. for visiting.

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