Forever Your Boyfriend Chapter 21

Chapter 21: She Just Needed To Pack Her Things And Disappear.

Tan stood by the door of the ladies' room resting idly by the wall one hand in his pocket and the other clasping her purse as he waited for Nana to step out. Immediately she saw him she gave him a warning look that made him raise his hands in surrender.

She quickly took her purse and the handkerchief he offered and stepped back into the ladies' room to wipe her face.

He had no idea about what to say to her, His mother had simply asked him to go after her. He knew he should have defended her, but he had believed she could handle things herself so he had simply observed from the side until things spiralled out of control.

Nana had a lot to say to him but she had to first bite back the urge to snap at him within public view Dr. There was no way she was going back to the party, she had played her part, she had done what she was paid for. All she wanted was to disappear.

She stepped out of the ladies' and without saying a word went out through the nearest exit door she saw. Tan quietly followed behind. for visiting.

"Why didn't you mention her this whole week?" she asked in a low growl immediately she was sure they were out of earshot.

"I'm very sorry, I had totally forgotten about her and I had thought she was completely over me too since I hadn't heard from her in a while." he said apologetically reaching for her hands.

She took a step back from him to avoid his touch. "I heard something in the ladies' room, please tell me she isn't the daughter of a Governor" she asked looking at him with angry eyes.

"Well, she is." he said with a slight frown, before he knew it she hit him with her bag.

"How could you let me make a fool of myself?" she asked as the blood drained off her face, "What could I have done to stop you? Was that the first time I've seen you angry? you literally go deaf when you're mad. And quit overreacting, it's not as bad as you think" Tan said moving close to her.

"We'll just have to ditch this party, at least everyone would understand. Just give me a second so I inform my mother we're leaving. I'm sure you can't go in there looking like this" He said turning to leave.

Nana's phone beeped, she opened it to see a picture of her father tied up and immediately a call came in from an unknown number. "If we don't get our money before tomorrow you father is a dead man" the deep male voice said before terminating the call. She needed no one to tell her it was the loan sharks.

She couldn't wait for Tan to come out. She had to leave immediately. She quickly flagged down a taxi and left for Tan's house. She just needed to pack her things and disappear. That was the initial plan anyway.


Just as Nana's Taxi was driving off, Min-jun was driving in with Mi Cha.

"Can I ask for a favour?" Min-jun asked politely

"What favour?" She responded impatiently.

"Can you please not tell your mother about the incident at the airport? she'll be mad if she finds out you went home in a taxi" Min-jun pleaded.

"No problem." she said simply as she stepped down from the car.

Tan stood outside searching around for Nana, where had she gone to? he wondered.

"Hello brother, were you searching for Me?" Mi Cha asked Tan when she got close to him, he hadn't expected to see her at the wedding. His mother hadn't informed him she was coming. He didn't know how to react or what to say to her.

"How have you been and when did you arrive?" he asked trying to make conversation while still distractedly scanning the environment.

"Great. I came in today." She said moving in to hug him. She knew he wasn't comfortable with the idea of having a kid sister he didn't grow up with, but she intended to clear that up soon. "I guess you're really looking for someone, what's wrong?"

"She was just standing here a while ago." he said with a worried frown.

Oh! the girlfriend. "A taxi was driving out as we drove in. She was probably in the Taxi. maybe you should call her" Mi Cha suggested.

Tan brought out his phone to call her and realized he didn't have her number. There had been no need for them to communicate on the phone all week. How the hell was he supposed to tell them he didn't have the number of his girlfriend?

"I'll just meet her at home. maybe something urgent came up. It was nice seeing you Mi Cha" he said as he walked over to his car.


"Mother!" Mi Cha called out immediately she set eyes on her mother, she was suddenly a fourteen years old girl again. She made her way hurriedly through the guests ignoring the curious look they sent her way.

Mrs Kim stood up and wrapped her up in a warm embrace. "I missed you so much" Mi Cha said sniffing in the scent of her mother's perfume and hair.

"You look too thin. What have you been eating?" Mrs Kim asked as she stepped back from the embrace to assess Mi Cha.

"How was your flight? I'm sure you're very tired. I'm sorry you had to come over to the party immediately, without resting" Mrs Kim said looking at her daughter adoringly.

"I'm sure you've met my personal assistant Choi Min-jun. Sorry he had to pick you up in my place." Mrs Kim said as a form of introduction.

"Personal Assistant? he acts more like a body guard." Mi Cha said making Mrs Kim chuckle good naturedly.

"You missed your brother, he just left with his girlfriend a while ago." Mrs Kim said as soon as Mi Cha sat down.

"No I didn't miss him. I ran into him outside a while ago just before he left. But he wasn't with his girlfriend. Why did they leave so early anyway?" Mi Cha asked glancing uncomfortably at Min-jun who stood like a bodyguard behind Mrs Kim.

"Are you going to keep standing behind me or sit down? this isn't a business meeting. you're making my daughter uncomfortable" Mrs Kim said following Mi Cha's gaze.

"I'm sorry ma." Min-jun said glancing from mother to daughter.

"Tan's girlfriend had a fight with Jin-A" Mrs Kim said making Mi Cha gasp in surprise.

"She must be a very brave lady. I cant wait to meet her. We're going to get along really well." Mi Cha said delightfully.

"She's either brave or stupid. Jin-A isn't going to let that kind of humiliation go so easily." Mrs Kim said.

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