Forever Your Boyfriend Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Talk About Fate.

Mi Cha was in high spirits when she entered the house, she had paid Mr Lee handsomely and had exchanged numbers with him. She intended to have him carry her around until she got her own car.

She took one look at Tan's face and knew something was wrong.

"How did your meeting go?" She asked him looking round the house, she had never been to Ji-tae's house before but it looked really big and elegant.

"I'm sorry I forgot to check on you. I've had the longest most frustrating day of my life" Tan complained slumping into the sofa.

"I'm sorry about that. Don't worry about me though, I had mad fun. Starting from the cab driver that carried me to his beautiful realtor daughter, down to my meeting with the modelling agency" Mi Cha said with a smile as she sat next to him.

"No one at the modelling agency was related to your cab driver?" Tan asked rolling his eyes in a way that made her laugh. He needed to distract himself for a bit before thinking about the whole issue again.

"Of course not. Stop being funny and tell me about your day. Did you get close to finding her?" She asked giving him a worried look when he only laughed bitterly.

"I actually got farther from it. You won't believe her name isn't even Min-jung. As a matter of fact she doesn't even work for the agency, she was covering for someone" Tan said bitterly.

"Wow! talk about fate" Mi Cha said dreamily. This was a typical love story, Imagine telling their kids how they met.

Tan ignored her, he had almost forgotten her age until now.

"You need to go along with me to see the houses before I make my choice, I told Lee Nana I will bring you.." she was stopped halfway as Ji-tae entered the house.

Soon Ji-tae and Tan were hugging and punching each other in greeting. "Mi Cha you're all grown up now" Ji-tae said with a smile.

The last time he had seen her had been just two years ago... what kind of elder would he be if he didn't say she was all grown up? for visiting.

Mi Cha smiled as she embraced him, he had been more of an older brother to her than Tan had been before she had travelled. "Grown up my grown ass. I've always been this way. It's good to see you too. You have a really beautiful house" She said pulling back.

"What took you so long? judging by your excitement when I said I was in town I had expected to see you less than an hour later" Tan said heading to the bar to pour himself a glass of whiskey.

"Before you both start talking can you show me to my room? I need to freshen up." Mi Cha said looking at Tan.

"Your room? I thought we were supposed to share a room together" Ji-tae said teasingly.

"That reminds me, Mi Cha you mentioned your realtor's name is Lee Nana, Ji-tae isn't that your girlfriend?" Tan asked curiously.

"Really? that amazing lady is your girlfriend? Wow!" Mi Cha exclaimed making Tan wonder just how wonderful the lady must be to have swept Mi Cha off her feet.

"About that, we have to talk" Ji-tae said to Tan, not responding to Mi Cha's question. He was dying to admit that the amazing Nana was his woman, but he couldn't do that yet.

"Yea, we do need to talk. Especially about your other girlfriend Min-jung" Tan said making Mi Cha and Ji-tae look at him in surprise.

Ji-tae wondered how Tan had gotten to know about Min-jung less than 24 hours after his arrival in Seoul.

While Mi Cha wondered how Ji-tae's girlfriend could be bearing the same name with the hired girlfriend. Could it all be a coincident?

"I'm sure you both need to talk, I'll just look around the rooms and make myself comfortable." Mi Cha said climbing the staircase when neither of them answered her.

"How did you know about Min-jung?" Ji-tae asked taking the bottle of whiskey from Tan to pour a glass for himself.

"I met her when I came in here this morning." he said deliberately leaving out the part about her snooping around his files.

Ji-tae was taken aback briefly. Why had Min-jung entered his house in his absence without calling him? what had she in mind?

he wondered with a puzzled frown.

He couldn't let Tan know about his issues with her, for his plans to work he had to act like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Oh, that's nice. That means I won't have to make further introductions since you've met each other. How come she left?" He asked, sounding like everything was ok.

Tan simply shrugged, he wasn't going to tell Ji-tae about his business with Min-jung. That would mean exposing her and he didn't have any intention of doing that.

"I guess she had other things to do. How come you're still dating her and she even has access to your house when you plan on marrying your realtor angel?" Tan asked with a disapproving look.

"I want to marry Min-jung, I told my mother and Jin-A today. That was the reason I was late, I had dinner with them." Ji-tae said as he sipped from his glass.

"I don't understand what you're saying, did you break up with your realtor angel? how come you couldn't wait to introduce her to me just last week, and now you're talking about marrying someone else? is marriage a joke to you?" Tan asked in a angry tone.

This was exactly why he didn't want to tell Tan about his plans. Tan always took everything too seriously. "Change is constant remember? Min-jung is pregnant with my child, I have to take responsibility for it" He said.

"I always told you your playboy ways will land you in trouble... And now this is it. I don't think that Min-jung girl is..., never mind. If you want to leave your realtor angel for her, I won't stop you. It's your mistake, fix it" Tan said rising up.

"But we are not done, where are you going to?" Ji-tae asked with a frown.

"I'm tired. Let's continue tomorrow" Tan said climbing the stairs.

"You didn't tell me anything about your hired girlfriend, when do I get to hear about her?" Ji-tae asked following behind Tan.

"Soon, very soon. You're going to love her when you meet her" Tan promised as he closed the door to his room.

Soon he will find her, he had no doubt. For now he needed to rest and restrategize.

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