Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1008

Continue to choose?

Zhuang Rongguang walked around the room anxiously, scratching his head and trying really hard to think of something.

His best shot was at games! What else could he do?

Racing? Yes! He raced pretty well too!

But this bastard seems like he's pretty versatile. It's too risky

Playing cards, horse riding, gambling...Zhuang Rongguang thought of all the things he did, but none of them seemed to be something he could best Ning Xi in!

In the end, Zhuang Rongguang looked unwell because he realized that he was pretty useless

As he was running out of ideas, he suddenly thought of something. "Right! Shooting! Compete with me at shooting!"

Ning Xi's expression was a little awkward when she heard Zhuang Rongguang's challenge.
"Shooting...why shooting?"

Young man, why do you try so hard to destroy yourself?

Zhuang Keer stared at Zhuang Rongguang in surprise. "My brother's shooting skills are pretty good"

But did he not hate guns very much? Today, he

"Pretty good!? I'm freaking talented, alright?"

Zhuang Rongguang had finally found something that he could totally dominate others in, so he was really pumped up. "You said it yourself, I can pick anything. You lose if you don't agree to this!"

Ning Xi smiled. "I'll do anything for Keer."

"I hope you can still be smiling like this later on!" Zhuang Rongguang clenched his teeth and glared at Ning Xi. "Just to clarify, we're competing on a professional shooting range with real guns. It's not some child's play! We're going to the Northern shooting range!"

Ning Xi replied, "Okay!"

Known as the best shooting range in the whole of China, Zhuang Liaoyuan had invited her over before but she had been busy, so it was a good opportunity for her to visit this time.

"I'll go too!" Zhuang Keer was afraid that something bad might happen. Specifically, she was afraid that her brother would do something mean to Ning Xi, so she had to watch closely.

"You're still sick and you need to rest more," Ning Xi reminded.

"It's alright, I feel much better after a night of good sleep, but it'll do me good to walk around too!"

"Okay then, put on some more clothes."


Zhuang Rongguang was irked by their lovey-dovey act right in front of him. He promised himself that he would humiliate that bastard so badly that he would never show up again!

Half an hour later, the three of them reached the Northern shooting range. Zhuang Rongguang made a call and a young man in a camouflage uniform came out to bring them in.

After they settled down, the young man left.

Chief Zhuang's son had actually come to the shooting range on his own accord?! He had been so against it before even though the Chief had pointed a gun to his head. And it was not just Zhuang Rongguang. Even the Chief's daughter, Zhuang Keer, was here too with a young, handsome man...what a weird combo

As a loyal servant, he quickly made a call and reported this strange incident to the Chief.

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