Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1012

Zhuang Zongren said exasperatedly, "I'm being serious with you, stop joking around!"

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked at him solemnly. "Father, I'm not joking. I didn't plan to tell you about this, but I suppose you'll be investigating about her on your own now...like what I did. I looked into her background because I intended to recruit her for her excellent marksmanship!"

"And then? Go straight to the point!" Zhuang Zongren urged.

"There're too many people here. I'll tell you in more detail when we get back!"

Zhuang Zongren had to suppress his curiosity. He then looked at Zhuang Rongguang and the girl...

Zhuang Rongguang was on all fours on the floor with a defeated expression. "Bastard...don't you act all high and mighty now! Give me a few days and I'll do the same as well!"

Ning Xi squatted down in front of him with a smirk. "Then, I'll wait for you. If you can really do it, not only will I leave your sister alone, I'll even put on a girl's outfit and walk three rounds around the shooting range. How does that sound?"

Walk three rounds around the shooting range in a girl's outfit!?

"Really?" Zhuang Rongguang looked up, revived.

Making this bastard walk around the shooting range for three rounds! In a girl's outfit! Just imagining it, he felt his heart race with adrenaline. He could then get his revenge!

"Of course, your sister is here as a witness!" Ning Xi looked at Zhuang Keer mischievously.

Zhuang Keer turned her face to the side as she covered her mouth and tried to not laugh out loud. Xiao Xi was really naughty but really cute!

Zhuang Liaoyuan shook his head with a smile. "Finally, someone can control my child!"

Zhuang Zongren was still contemplating his son's words. He did not understand what did he mean by "our child"?

"Then...I want you to wear a pink dress! With high heels! And a flower on your head!" Zhuang Rongguang pushed his limits.

Ning Xi agreed instantly, "Sure! No problem!"

"Bastard, you just wait and see. We'll meet again a month later! I'll surely make you wear a dress!" Zhuang Rongguang yelled, feeling power swell within him.

He must defeat this bastard! He had to humiliate him and make him pay! Also, he would be taking a video of this bastard in a girl's outfit as blackmail

At night, in the Zhuang family's study.

"That child...is Lingyu's daughter!" Zhuang Liaoyuan went straight to the point and blurted the truth out to Zhuang Zongren.

Zhuang Zongren felt hurt about Zhuang Lingyu as he still blamed himself after so many years. Zhuang Liaoyuan did not want to tell him about Ning Xi's identity because he did not want to remind him of the sad events from the past.

"What? Lingyu's daughter?" Zhuang Zongren's expression changed into disbelief.

"Yes." Zhuang Liaoyuan nodded.

Zhuang Zongren stayed silent for a long while upon hearing Zhuang Lingyu's name. After some time, he said slowly, "But...I saw Lingyu's child two years ago and she didn't look like this"

Zhuang Liaoyuan sighed, "It was not Xiao Xi that you saw. It's pretty complicated. I'll explain to you slowly. I'm afraid that you won't be able to take this much"

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