Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1013

"I really can't take it if you don't keep holding back the truth from me!" Zhuang Zongren snapped.

Zhuang Liaoyuan told the elder the key points, "The girl you saw the last time was not Lingyu's biological daughter. It was her foster daughter. She took home the wrong child from the hospital and only realized it when her child turned 18"

"So, the child that saved me is Lingyu's biological daughter?"


"I remember it was an important event. Why would she bring her foster daughter instead of Xiao Xi?" Zhuang Zongren asked.

"Well...after Xiao Xi was brought back to the city, many things happened. It's probably because she stayed in such a remote area for 18 years, she couldn't adapt to the city life quickly and she did some inappropriate things

"And because of that, Lingyu never liked her, so she sent her overseas to study. Xiao Xi just returned last year, but this child never planned to go back to the Ning family. She had been working on her own

"Over the years, Lingyu has been saying that Ning Xueluo is her real daughter, so Ning Xi was assumed to be the foster daughter"

Zhuang Zongren's temper rose. "Ridiculous! That's her biological daughter! How could she!? Just because she would lose some face, she's not acknowledging her own daughter?"

"You know Lingyu, she cares about her face a lot, especially after she married Ning Yaohua. Just to prove us wrong, she could never allow any flaw of hers to be exposed"

Zhuang Zongren felt tired all of a sudden, physically and emotionally. "Let it be, many years have passed and I've already accepted that I don't have a daughter like her. It's just...that innocent child has suffered so much"

"That child is really diligent and hardworking. She's got a sharp mind as well. She started her own fashion studio. Oh, Keer's dress that she wore at the dinner the last time was given by her!" Zhuang Liaoyuan comforted.

Zhuang Zongren's expression softened, then he said in excitement, "I wonder why this child has such talents in marksmanship. It's as expected of our bloodline...have you talked to her about joining the army?"

Zhuang Liaoyuan expected this from his father. He replied helplessly, "Father, I suggest you drop the thought. I've talked to her about it long ago, but she already has something else in mind."

Moreover, someone would never agree to it

Recently, Ning Xi had spent most of her time in the studio, which had gotten into a little trouble.

Spirit Studio's business grew bigger and bigger and more employees joined them. They had now became a completely independent production.

With Spirit Studio's growth, there were bound to be people who would be jealous, especially their top competitor, History.

David tried really hard to find out who the designer behind Spirit Studio was but because Gong Shangze's own creative space was a separate area from the rest of the company, aside from core members such as Han Momo and Qiao Weilan, no other employees had ever seen him before.

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