Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1020

"I found out when I visited the crew on the second day of the shoot," Jiang Muye yawned as he scratched his head and answered honestly.

Then, Ning Xi's expression changed.

"Ahem..." Ning Xi squinted and looked at Jiang Muye, then she cracked her knuckles and walked over to him.

"Blondie, you come here..."

"I...I'm not going to!" When he saw Ning Xi's dangerous expression, the sleepy Jiang Muye was instantly clear-headed. In fact, he regretted everything now. Damn it, he had said the wrong thing!

"How dare you not tell me when you knew all along!?!" Ning Xi had her hands on her hips as she roared, then she jumped over and started beating him up.

"I was forced to! My uncle threatened me! Why don't you blame my uncle instead of only hitting me?! Hey! Not the face..."


When he saw that Jiang Muye was getting beaten up too, Lu Jingli looked pleased that someone was suffering together with him.

Moments later, the four of them sat at the dining table together. Apart from the four of them, there was, of course, the little bun too.

When he saw that Little Treasure was not shocked at all about Ke Mingyu and his Mommy holding hands, Lu Jingli was even sadder. Even Little Treasure knew! Indeed, he was the last to find out!

However, Lu Jingli had regained his energy soon because Ning Xi had made them a fresh batch of hot pot. Even though he had dropped one pot and had even got beaten up, he was in luck that he got Xiao Xi Xi's personally cooked hot pot instead!

After Ning Xi brewed the base ingredients for the hot pot together, she went to her room and brought down some bottles.

Then, Ning Xi sat beside Lu Tingxiao and started to wipe the cooperative Lu Tingxiao's face.

Jiang Muye kept his head down to eat. After all, what the eyes do not see, the heart would not grieve over.

Lu Jingli curled his lips and asked, "Xiao Xi Xi, what are you doing? Why are you wiping these feminine products on my brother?"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "What feminine products? Men's faces are very important too! Besides, this is a set of skincare products that I specially bought for your brother. His face willdefinitely be uncomfortable from being covered up for so long,so I'm just giving him a skincare massage. Ahh...it feels quite good..."

When the little bun heard her, he instantly looked up and poked his little face with his stubby fingers while looking anticipatedly at his mother.

Ning Xi smiled and reached out her hand to touch the little bun's soft face. "Mmm, baby's little face feels even better!"

Lu Jingli replied, "I think I'm full already..."

Jiang Muye indicated that ever since he had found out that Lu Tingxiao had gone to the extent of disguising himself to shoot a movie with Ning Xi, he was numb to everything. He could not even bring himself to lose his temper; his rival was too savage!

After Ning Xi finished with Lu Tingxiao's face, she fed the little bun and looked suspiciously at Jiang Muye. "Blondie, how did you notice that Ke Mingyu is Lu Tingxiao? You even noticed it before Little Treasure and me! That doesn't make sense!"

"I..." Jiang Muye was about to say something when a sharp cool gaze suddenly locked him down.

How dare he say that it was because Lu Tingxiao was jealous of her and Zhuang Keer, thereby revealing his flaw...?

"Just...I just simply found out. Why do you ask so much?! You've already beaten me up!" Jiang Muye answered half-heartedly, then started to stuff his mouth with food.

Jesus, it was already hard enough to get a good meal. Such torture to the heart and body!

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