Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1025

"Mmm, have more fun." Lu Tingxiao tousled the girl's hair.

Ning Xi suddenly felt sad that Lu Tingxiao had to work despite it being the weekend. "Sigh, I suddenly feel that it's too mean to leave you alone. What can be done about it...?"

Even though she was going for work today as well, with the current mood, it seemed to have turned entirely into an outing.

Lu Tingxiao pinched the girl's earlobe lightly and said softly, "Compensate me the next time."

Ning Xi blinked. "How about I compensate you now?"

"Enough, you two! There's still an underaged child here, hey!" Lu Jingli started to howl from afar.

Ning Xi tiptoed to kiss Lu Tingxiao's cheeks, then waved goodbye to her child's father.


The little bun was riding this kind of rickety bus for the first time and he was very excited all the way, especially after reaching Taoyuan Village. When he saw the scenery before him, the sea of flowers reflected in the little guy's eyes and his gaze was full of curiosity and radiance.

Even though Ning Xi had the seen the same view three times already and had become numb to it, because she was with the little bun this time, everything felt like a new experience all over again.

"Verdant hills and clear water. There're no traces of being affected by humans at all! Most importantly, there isn't a single person! This is heaven! Oh,oh, oh!" Jiang Muye looked at the green hills and crystalline water ahead and started getting very excited.

It looks he had really been restrained all along.

"Hey, did you tell Bro Ming that you're out today?" Ning Xi casually asked.

Jiang Muye replied stubbornly, "Why do I have to tell him?"

Ning Xi was speechless. It was not sure what sin Lei Ming had committed in his past life for him to be Jiang Muye's manager in this lifetime.

Ning Xi thought about it and at last, decided to still send Lei Ming a message to inform him of Jiang Muye's whereabouts.

"Wow, yummy! So sweet..."

Lu Jingli was already climbing a tree when Ning Xi was not noticing. He had picked a few peach blossoms and he was eating the honey inside the stamen.

Definitely the true colors of a foodie.

Ning Xi walked over to pick some too, then gave some to the little bun. The little bun took a lick and his eyes shone.

"Let's go! The scenery ahead is even more beautiful!"

From her previous three visits, Ning Xi already remembered the routes nearby by heart and knew the spots with the best views and themost fun; she had no issues being an excellent tour guide.

The four of them went on a scenic tour all the way. When noon arrived, Ning Xi found a spot in the forest with a gorgeous view and stopped to begin the barbeque.

Lu Jingli had waited for the much anticipated moment. Finally, he stacked the barbeque pit and then laid out all the food ingredients.

Ning Xi ordered Jiang Muye to lay out the picnic cloth and arrange the cutleries. When she was done, she brought the little bun to chase butterflies and rabbits.

"Blondie! Are you done!? Quickly come over, there's a rabbit here, catch it! Then, we'll have extra food today!"

Jiang Muye laid out the items and looked at the two of them jumping around when he suddenly realized...had he fallen into a trap?

He had practically come to be hard labor! No wonder when he said he wanted to come, Lu Tingxiao did not oppose it at all!

"Catch, your ass! I'm not a dog! How can I catch rabbits!?" Jiang Muye said sharply.

"You're so useless! Help me take care of Little Treasure, I'll go catch it!" Ning Xi said before she ran off and disappeared.

Moments later, Ning Xi returned and she had caught a furry, white rabbit.

Jiang Muye was speechless. "What the hell? Are you even a woman...?"

When the little bun saw the rabbit in Mommy's hands, he immediately ran over in excitement. Ning Xi squatted down and said softly to the little bun, "Want to touch it? Its fur is really soft!"

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